1. $BZQ BBQ w @Partridge

  2. South America ETF list http://www.emergingmarketskeptic.com/emerging-market-etfs-list/latin-america-etfs-list/south-america-etfs-list/ $UBR $BZQ $BZF etc + South America closed end funds list http://www.emergingmarketskeptic.com/emerging-market-closed-end-funds-list/latin-america-closed-end-funds-list/south-america-closed-end-funds-list/ $CH

  3. $BZQ sold from yesterday… not posting buys … but of course… not for most ppl

  4. Latin America ETF list http://www.emergingmarketskeptic.com/emerging-market-etfs-list/latin-america-etfs-list/ $EWZS $ECH $ICOL $EEML $EWW $ILF $BRF $COLX $UBR $UMX $BZQ $SMK $QMEX $GML $BZF

  5. Leveraged short emerging market ETF list http://www.emergingmarketskeptic.com/emerging-market-etfs-list/emerging-market-leveraged-etfs-list/emerging-market-short-etfs-list/ $EDZ $YANG $RUSS $EMSA $YXI $EUM $FXP $BZQ $EEV $SMK $JPX

  6. AberdeenAM $LAQ mgr: Brazil “looks to be slipping into a recession http://www.emergingmarketskeptic.com/aberdeen-laq-manager-brazil-looks-to-be-slipping-into-a-recession/ $BRZU $UBR $BZQ $DBBR $BRXX $FBZ $BRAQ

  7. Leveraged emerging market ETF list (Bullish/Short) http://www.emergingmarketskeptic.com/emerging-market-etfs-list/emerging-market-leveraged-etfs-list/ $EMSA $YXI $EUM $XPP $UBR $EET $UMX $UXJ $FXP $BZQ $EEV $SMK $JPX

  8. Complete Brazil ETF list http://www.emergingmarketskeptic.com/emerging-market-etfs-list/latin-america-etfs-list/south-america-etfs-list/brazil-etfs-list/ $DBBR $BRZU $BRXX $FBZ $BRAQ $BRAF $BRAZ $EWZ $EWZS $BRF $UBR $BZQ $BZF

  9. #Brazil also likely headed lower. Watch @ 13:45 mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZ0jHTmSXKs&feature=youtu.be&t=13m45s $EWZ $BZQ

  10. $bzq last shares sold

  11. $BZQ we will hold some overnight... ready to lose ... partial... $$$ made nice

  12. $BZQ yep 11 pound trader is crashing brazil … scalp #4 closed

  13. $BZQ when works feels good… :) scalping ...

  14. $BZQ old GF is back to sing

  15. Observation: ProShares UltraShort MSCI Brazil is back over the 200 SMA this week. Nice hold at $70. $BZQ

  16. Brazil consumer confidence falls in Nielsen survey $BRAQ $EWZ $BRZU $EWZS $BRF $BZQ $UBR $BRXX $DBBR $BRAZ $BRAF $FBZ

  17. $BZQ - http://www.trade-ideas.com/ticky/ticky.html?symbol=BZQ - Might need a medic...we have a bleeder - Running down: -0.36 in 56 seconds

  18. Closed $BZQ swing trade for +3.4% and parallel ETF Replacement Strategy for +8.3% using $EWZ puts. Good start to the week. #ETF

  19. Subs taking over +3% profit on $BZQ trade today -- and parallel $EWZ put options. #ETF

  20. With overall market $SPY still navel gazing, our $BZQ $ERY trades are still progressing. #ETF

  21. @Partridge: $EDZ $BZQ as always Mar. 25 at 5:49 PM #timestamp --> we do - the other guy not so much :))

  22. $EDZ $BZQ as always

  23. Mystery Chart revealed: ProShares UltraShort MSCI Brazil ($BZQ)...up a solid 7% today off of the B/O level.

  24. $BZQ - http://www.trade-ideas.com/ticky/ticky.html?symbol=BZQ - There it is, the pullback...time to get set - Running down: -0.57 in 87 seconds

  25. $BZQ - http://www.trade-ideas.com/ticky/ticky.html?symbol=BZQ - There it is, the pullback...time to get set - Running down: -0.69 in 77 seconds