1. Due to current market conditions... discontinuing operations in Brazil $EWZ http://www.icfi.com/regions/americas/brazil $BZQ

  2. do stocks like $BZQ and other ETF s not trade during pre market and after market?

  3. $BZQ has some catching up to do...

  4. $BRZU $BZQ Still long 10k BRZU $6.91 *GRIN*

  5. $BZQ $BRZU BZQ on a cliff. A little push and $BZRU gains 20% in a blink. Cheers!

  6. $BRZU $BZQ Parabolic buy and sell signal about to signal with this pair. Oil rally/weakening dollar should help BRZU. Still long 10k BRZU.

  7. $BZQ show me 118

  8. $BZQ Does anyone know if Brazils central bank went up a .25 point or a .50 interest rate?

  9. Subs: SELLING $BZQ +41.00.....COVERING BALANCE $KMX +10.60.....COVER 1/4 $ALV +9.50, COVER $BBY +2.70

  10. $BZQ bingo 108. Show me 118

  11. $BZQ yo quiero 108 and 118

  12. Solid returns on $FXP $EEV and $BZQ last week. Now that all the bad news is over, expect the market to rebound. Bearish bets off for now.

  13. $EWZ $UBR $BZQ ............

  14. get ready $BZQ next ride to some good returns

  15. $BZQ show me 108...

  16. $BZQ @Partridge would have never stumbled across this alone

  17. $BZQ 100 baby... 8 to go

  18. $BZQ BOOM 98!!!! NEXT PT 108

  19. $LABD $bzq take me... to.... THE VOLCANO!!!

  20. $BZQ show me 98...

  21. $DJIA $spx $qqq $labd $uvxy $bzq sitting tight lets see what happens

  22. $BZQ 95!!!! IM A PIG GIMME 100

  23. $BZQ How f-ing fabulous is this one?? BZQ for the win!

  24. $BZQ the chihuahua says: yo quiero 95

  25. $BZQ choo chooooo