1. $BZQ we have closed our only hedge today .. we hedge with cash for remainder of this red tape

  2. $BZQ closing our hedge... our longs and our shorts delivered today!

  3. $bzq as always ... Shave .. No entries or exits as you know :))

  4. Psigma’s Gregory: Avoid economies with current account deficits http://www.emergingmarketskeptic.com/psigmas-gregory-avoid-economies-with-current-account-deficits-fe-trustnet/ $EZA $TUR $BRZS $EWZ $BRF $EWZS $BRXX $BRZU $BZQ

  5. @Felipillo, Sold my $DGAZ...Looking to Short Brazil. $BZQ.

  6. @Abogaux: $PBR BLOOMBERG Petrobras to be declared bankrupt by bondholders as early as March! http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-12-29/aurelius-urges-petrobras-bondholders-to-register-default-notice.html $EWZ $BZQ

  7. @TickerFisher $pbr is gonna be nationalized when it comes down. Everyone informed knows. In which dimension are u? $EWZ=collapse, buy $BZQ

  8. @TeachNTrade I made a lot of money since sept shorting my coubtry via $PBR Puts and $BZQ Inverse 2x $EWZ Etf. Watching $BBRY

  9. @valuehunterman I also told everyone here to trade $BZQ When it was at 60 for a profit of 30% while bbry drifts and goes nowhere

  10. ETFs Bear (DEC 17 2014) RUSS $ERY $FM $BZQ $USMI $DUST http://buyandsellshares.blogspot.pt/2014/12/etfs-bear-dec-17-2014.html

  11. @NoleKsum @benrab Consider $BZQ

  12. $RUSS Keep an eye on $BZQ

  13. $BZQ Crickets in here, why?

  14. @yani @binks my trade at the moment is bank on Brazil s collapse $BZQ has gone up from 61 to nearly 100 with me on board and the collapse

  15. @marc_hav Meanwhile $BZQ In the sky and $FRO Exploding. The fall of the market is in the air, remember me again

  16. @xpdtr26 $BRZU Nops, $BRZS And $BZQ, Dilma and the bolivarians will make Brazil collapse

  17. @JanineK You wonder where? $SQQQ $TWM $SDS $BZQ Or cash, simple like that. People don t have to b long to make money

  18. @ManagingEmotions Told y! I bought $bzq @ 61 and bought $por puts in september

  19. @jbeckinvest Better $BZQ $SDS $TWM $SQQQ

  20. @marc_hav $BZQ Up 30% since I told u about it and $bbry.. Same place

  21. $BZQ OK baby SOLD MORE... love when longs and shorts work on the same day... 1/5 left

  22. @ManagingEmotions I made bank in $bzq from 61 to 81, and thats an $ewz inverse 2x ETF

  23. @ManagingEmotions You were the same holding a big position in $EWZ ? Gosh, you are on the wrong side babe! Short this and go long $BZQ

  24. $BZQ weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! boom boom.. sold some

  25. @marc_hav Oh I read another thing, am driving, more concerned with making 20 dollars out of 60 on $BZQ