1. Brazil ETF Tumbles on News of Campos Plane Crash http://y.ahoo.it/Q7GuU974 $EWZ $BZQ $BRZS

  2. $EWZ bullish as long as it stays above 20 EMA. Price below $47 area = good $BZQ opportunity. http://y.ahoo.it/45q09r4a

  3. $BZQ quiet trade.... very quiet.... sold 1/2

  4. $EWZ everything related to Brazil should just die till fall $BZQ

  5. More Downside Ahead For The Brazil ETF? http://y.ahoo.it/bY2smICh $EWZ $BZQ

  6. $TZA $RUSS $EDZ $BZQ no exits for you.. if you trade it - you should have enough knowledge to find it yourself.. otherwise - stay out

  7. $EDZ $BZQ Kevlar is a good thing

  8. @Partridge: $SPX you never listen do you.. hey my twit your money $EDZ $BZQ $BIZ $UVXY bye bye Mar. 11 at 1:13 PM writing was on the wall

  9. $SPX you never listen do you.. hey my twit your money $EDZ $BZQ $BIZ $UVXY bye bye

  10. $BZQ we added and scalped.. no exits/entries will be posted.. experienced trades only

  11. $EDZ my dog will not be selling more today $BZQ $BIS

  12. $EDZ $BZQ we will remain net short until the discipline improves $BIS

  13. $BZQ Kevlar removed

  14. $BZQ another 1/4 out

  15. $BZQ lol

  16. $BZQ Partridge sells 1/4 .. ST price is wrong

  17. $EDZ $BZQ thin kevlar helps on days like today

  18. More Downside Ahead For The Brazil ETF? http://y.ahoo.it/tPOQEgzk $EWZ $BZQ

  19. $edz $bzq MOAR KEVLAR

  20. $EDZ $BZQ kevlar was active today.. you know hat to do

  21. $BZQ all friend is back... notice

  22. Watching The UltraShort Brazil ETF For A Potential Buy http://y.ahoo.it/BhRv4eeo $EWZ $BZQ

  23. Shorted $BZQ pre market, expected a dip from the 52 wk high, low liquidity stock, but nice easy trade!

  24. $BZQ is also a beautiful chart. Brazil $EWZ is coming unraveled just before it is time to host the World Cup.