1. $CACH Don t fall for the trap of buying this to catch a 35% swing. Offloading all those shares is a nightmare

  2. $WTSL $DLIA $ANV $RSH $CACH $ANV http://r-i-i.org/RII-%20Alert%20-%20Never%20Buy%20Stocks%20in%20Bankrupty.pdf

  3. $CACH up 25% YES it s alive!

  4. @netOfied: $CACH Is this stock dead now? Anyone knows? at 0.0069 it is dead no bounce no hope just dead.

  5. $CACH make a move some dang

  6. $CACH Is this stock dead now? Anyone knows?

  7. $CACH You giving up too soon. Go make my money now.

  8. Use those $CACH gift cards if you ve got them. http://blogs.wsj.com/bankruptcy/2015/03/09/cache-gift-cards-expire-early-next-month/ #bankruptcy

  9. @konikpolny $CACH......$1.19 now, let s see it break $1.25 When ?

  10. $CACH......$1.19 now, let s see it break $1.25

  11. $CACH So the deal is to close a percentage of stores and liquidate all the inventory in those stores. then attempt restructure of business?

  12. $CACH Euphoria omg the liquidation deal is already out no white knight, no hope

  13. $WTSL $CACH $RSH http://wiki.fool.com/What_Happens_to_Stock_Prices_After_Exiting_Bankruptcy%3F

  14. $CACH - company wants to stay in business... Hmmm. If they can pull it off, this will be the ride of the century. Buying here ;)

  15. $CACH - white knight in the 11th hour ?

  16. $CACH the captain is going down with this ship.

  17. $CACH Ow well.

  18. $CACH $18M Liquidation Deal so that is the end. Which is the worst for shareholders. http://www.law360.com/articles/627088/bankrupt-clothier-cache-wins-nod-for-18m-liquidation-deal

  19. $CACH You and $WTSL go make me my money. I m sick of you two being too lazy. Get up.. that s an order soldier!

  20. $CACH so any news on this dead cat? If they found a buyer it might spike today...

  21. $CACH latest news (halfway through the article) http://blogs.wsj.com/bankruptcy/2015/02/27/forward-motions-helena-diocese-seeks-approval-of-abuse-victim-compensation-plan/ Lets see what happens on Monday.

  22. $CACH this one is slowly and steady dying not a roller coaster more a walk to the grave

  23. $CACH How is this bullish sir?

  24. $CACH robertmoreno14 = euphoria be aware soon 0.00X

  25. $CACH loving it. Get in now folks.