1. @MaxRoth wow you play it big Max. What about companies like wet $WTSL or $CACH? What s you take on them?

  2. @Euphoria wait you bought 205k shares of $CACH?

  3. $WTSL What is the problem of these companies.? I think they have to restructered. They must use internet more. No need much stores. $CACH

  4. $CACH - this will trade above $1 on any buyout news!

  5. $CACH - when it dropped 50% yesterday it was a good deal... Now another 50% and I m going wow how many shares can I get my hands on!?!

  6. $CACH on the chopping block BK

  7. $CACH back to ¢18 no bk ;). Bloomberg is full of crazies

  8. $CACH ok. I bite. Guy, gotta play lotto..

  9. $CACH .03 to .06! .03 to .06! .03 to .06! Come on Obama, get it together.

  10. $CACH - $1.50 price target on a buyout ;). I m betting no bk next week. I just love Bloomberg and their crazy predictions ;)

  11. $CACH - bought 205k here ;).

  12. @bostox keep charting that baby :). It sure is undervalued... $CACH is another one trading less than 1% revenue on hearsay ;)

  13. @RoseTrades I wouldn t sweat it unless you have a better place for the cash right now.... I bought $CACH at ¢5 today. Maybe easy 100%

  14. @brbpab94 I bought some $CACH at ¢5 this morning... It got thrown out with the bathwater this morning on hearsay ;). I love the naysayers!

  15. $CACH Another Retailer bites the dusT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rY0WxgSXdEE

  16. Deals of the Day: $AVP, $DG, $CACH, $AMZN http://thudderwicks.com/2015/01/avp-dg-cach-amzn/

  17. $CACH What was with the new target update of 1.3$ I just read about yesterday quick turnaround

  18. $CACH That s what happens when you buy a blouse for $150 and look like you went dumpster diving at Big Lots.

  19. $CACH Maybe the perfume was they re last line of defense.. That got shot down real fast

  20. $CACH Thanks Obama, another one

  21. $CACH I believe in a BK reaper now. Lol that s 3 companies in a week.

  22. $CACH This should be fun...

  23. $CACH hope the source that doesn t want to be identified is real.

  24. $WTSL Do you like crazy volatility? Do you like taking risks? Than do we have the right stock For you. Come on down to $CACH Tomorrow:) lol

  25. $CACH I wonder if $WTSL $CACH And $RSH Will merge into one giant company. A shirt that self sprays perfume and is battery operated.. hmmm