1. $CADY Almost at .02. Time to load up lol

  2. $GBSN $CADY really has nobody else out there not taken 200% profits on this

  3. $GBSN , like $CADY it s been an ATM I m 3 month cycles

  4. Notice of Exempt Offering of Securities, items 06b, 3C, and 3C.1 http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/no/summary/?id=2414811 $CADY

  5. $CADY is about to go up after this new announcement, first of many to come. Company is coming out of the hole!

  6. $CADY Just had a huge announcement today! This will be at $3-5 in a year from now. Get in quick

  7. $CADY Lol we re getting close to .01

  8. $CADY is this company dead? Their revenue just dropped off the face of this earth.

  9. $CADY Major run coming.

  10. $CADY this sure imploded

  11. $CADY Digital Caddies Completion Successful Callaway Advertising Campaign overwhelming 71% respondents view video ad http://digitalcaddies.net/digital-caddies-announces-completion-of-successful-callaway-advertising-campaign-winners-of-callaway-alpha-815-announced-during-recent-pga-show/

  12. $CADY Tijeras Creek Golf Club In Orange County California Selects Digital Caddies Interactive Screen Technology http://digitalcaddies.net/tijeras-creek-golf-club-in-orange-county-california-selects-digital-caddies-technology/

  13. $CADY Westin Kierland Resort & Spa Selects Digital Caddies Technology Screens To Be Installed On Club Golf Car Fleet http://digitalcaddies.net/the-westin-kierland-resort-spa-selects-digital-caddies-technology/

  14. $CADY Wigwam Golf Resort Selects Digital Caddies Technology interactive screens to be installed on 3 golf car fleets http://digitalcaddies.net/wigwam-golf-resort-selects-digital-caddies-technology/

  15. $CADY Digital Caddies To Begin Advertising Golf Channel Brands, Golfnow And Golf Advisor, To Its On-Course Audience http://digitalcaddies.net/digital-caddies-to-begin-advertising-golf-channel-brands-golfnow-and-golf-advisor-to-digital-caddies-on-course-audience/

  16. Big news from $CADY today adding @CallawayGolf to platform #validation #watchlist

  17. $CADY another nice pop today

  18. $CADY Digital Caddies Launches Auto Dealer Activation Program, Luxury dealers/brands to advertise directly platform http://digitalcaddies.net/digital-caddies-launches-auto-dealer-activation-program/

  19. $CADY PGA National Resort Expands Digital Caddies Technology To All Its Golf Courses http://digitalcaddies.net/pga-national-resort-expands-digital-caddies-technology-to-all-its-golf-courses/

  20. $CADY Digital Caddies New Feature Upgrade Caddie Graphix ,High-quality graphics option available to courses & golfers http://digitalcaddies.net/digital-caddies-releases-new-feature-upgrade-caddie-graphix/

  21. $CADY seems as though investors are positioning for something. Maybe some solid sales orders put in for spring.

  22. $CADY Sprint Continues Outperform Expectations Combine Tech and Services Benefit Golfers,Course Operators Advertisers http://digitalcaddies.net/sprint-continues-to-outperform-expectations/

  23. $CADY Former Publisher Golfweek And http://y.ahoo.it/OfmShOW4 Joins Digital Caddies Adds Advertising Influence To Network http://y.ahoo.it/orU1Cb0n

  24. $CADY Digital Caddies Continues Growth In South Carolina National Golf Management Myrtle Beach a top golf destination http://y.ahoo.it/YfJvCHWo

  25. $CADY Digital Caddies Introduces Platform To Top Advertising Agencies In New York,DPAA Advisory Board Meeting Feature http://y.ahoo.it/LTAfZnrN