1. $CAK Honestly thought this would go to the 0.30s. Good job to everyone who bought in the 0.40s.

  2. $APP The panic should be subsiding soon... Check out $CAK just jumped up 25% from its dip. Patience and knowledge is key.

  3. $CAK So glad I added at .43 this morning. What a run!

  4. $CAK Wow. Wow. Wow. That was an unreal 20 minutes... a lot of money coming into this stock at these bargain prices.

  5. $CAK Told you!!!! See my post from 9:05 this morning and look at the chart.

  6. $CAK Camac is jumping all over the place. Shot up $0.07 from one second to another. Bullish!

  7. $CAK This stock is about to explode. The people selling are selling tiny amounts for tiny profits and the buyers are buying big amounts.

  8. $CAK Don t miss this time to buy.

  9. $CAK time to get in?

  10. $CAK big LOLZ here. Called it

  11. $CAK big LOLZ here. Called it

  12. $CAK Unreal action here.Never foresaw a dip like this coming

  13. $CAK Double bottom on Williams % and stochastic RSI with rising RSI

  14. Breaking: SMALLCAP #stocks trading UP on STRONG 150%+ AVG VOLUME $VVUS $ELOS $CAK $LION ++ (hit View Results ) http://y.ahoo.it/0yZ1hQ9R

  15. Breaking: Top ENERGY #stocks trading UP on STRONG 150%+ AVG VOLUME $BKEP $CAK $PWE $TRP ++ (hit View Results ) http://y.ahoo.it/DsdLYsri

  16. $CAK this is nightmare now. losing All the profit and sacre to buy in more. dont know how low can it go...

  17. $CAK market cap still outrageously high for a company that s never done anything

  18. $CAK Market is giving them no value for Oil because everyone is shorting oil now.

  19. $CAK The analyst gave 0.45 value to their Oil rights that they have and they gave another 0.50 to the prospect of Oil on their land.

  20. @Hashtag_Bullish No, you still didn t read the analyst report correctly, that is a fact. Oil is weak, that is why price is weak. $CAK

  21. @Hashtag_Bullish: $CAK analyst report told you black and white this is valued at .45. Seems that s where it s going < told you last week

  22. $CAK If this is headed for a reverse split, what opportunities exist? And what is a potential investment strategy? Long 15k shares @ .60

  23. $CAK I don t know what s going on here but I don t like it one bit.

  24. $CAK Looks funs. Think I ll jump in shortly.

  25. $CAK oh wow drilling delayed til january. well that explains it