1. $CALI closed GREEEN with Heavy volume at the last minutes of after market. I expect major spike Mon. Follow this stock and you will c $QQQ

  2. $SPY $QQQ Nasdaq stocks posting largest volume increases 19,633.7%inc for $CALI http://finance.yahoo.com/news/nasdaq-stocks-posting-largest-volume-230355039.html $CALI is valued only $9mil mkt cap!!

  3. $CALI Monday this will have one more spike and will fail to make it and finally crash

  4. I said it earlier today and I ll say one more time incase you missed. $UWTI $WTI and $UGAZ peeps u know me well. Long $CALI will hit $3 soon

  5. @Domentrading: $CALI time to short!!! go bears FYI it s up in the aftermarket and almost even with yesterday s close. VERY BULLISH... FYI

  6. $CALI time to short!!! go bears

  7. @Stockrider1111 $CALI Mentioned by ultimate stock alert yesterday, therefore after the pump only dump to the hell 9mil mktcap makes 250m+

  8. $CALI Mentioned by ultimate stock alert yesterday, therefore after the pump only dump to the hell

  9. $CALI Mkt cap 8mil 2010 made $250mil+ n become a leading growth Co. in China expanding Internet indy and its world leading auto market.$SPY

  10. My $UWTI $UGAZ Peeps, you know me well. Check out $CALI !! just look at the 15-min chart this will head to 3 next week. Follow the money

  11. $ENZN $VLTC $CALI take a $LOOK


  13. $CALI Up from here...reverse and bottom in place

  14. Alerted Long: $ENZN $LOOK Alerted Short: $CALI $ANY $CALI, all in my morning newsletter this morning!

  15. $MCP why does this movement remind me of $CALI from yesterday ? Shot up .40 EOD after retesting the whole dollar mark resistance

  16. $CALI I ve been in stocks like this . Word to the wise , it s only down 10%. Take the small loss and move on to $cprx on the bounce

  17. Is $SINO todays new $LOOK and $CALI?!

  18. $CALI flush coming .. I knew I should have shorted. Darn, missed that one

  19. noon trades recap $look +15% $cali +13% $gevo +3% $ehth +4% $cers +5% @justamoneymatter

  20. $CALI going to continue to bleed unfortunately I feel. May short this today.. Watching

  21. $CALI: Torus Research Locates Undervalued China Auto Logistics; Analyst ... http://stocknewshour.com/torus-research-locates-undervalued-china-auto-logistics-analyst

  22. http://profit.ly/1MqbIh $CALI Short at 2.25

  23. $CALI this will flush at EOD IMO . Staying clear till Monday.

  24. @TradingForLife2014: @TradingForLife2014: @walts: $CALI $chop $amcn $tcpi @china bull 2007 and 2015.GL

  25. Long $CALI you hear me. The cheapest stock with market cap of 10mil and does over 400mil rev. Best in $SPY