1. $CALL a few more shares at 6.95. Yes, I m a mascicist.

  2. thnx for 10k shares more of $CALL below $7. see ya at the top;-)

  3. $CALL chart..http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=call

  4. $CALL chart. Low floater pos can get a nice short squeeze. imo

  5. Accumulating $CALL down here at $7

  6. $CALL unpredictable and stagnant

  7. $CALL covered short 1/26 at 7.31 for + 1.92 (late post)

  8. $CALL it is 7.35 now tomorrow by the closing time will be 8.00

  9. $CALL I believe is going to hit the $8 by tomorrow

  10. $CALL This will be at 7.80 very soon

  11. $CALL this is the bottom

  12. $CALL buying buying buying before it s too late

  13. $CALL I think this is the worst of it buying now is good investment

  14. $CALL Can someone explain why this dropped heavy today?

  15. $CALL It s magic is getting jacked!

  16. $CALL 60% of market cap in cash and cash equiv? Yes please. We need somebody to captain this ship since Dan passed away

  17. $CALL 125MM market cap, amazing. Invest 64MM to buy 51% of float and get control of 75MM cash. Looking for a partner :).

  18. $CALL Got my 7.08 buy filled. Next buy at 6.58. I thought the bottom was at 7.58. Apparently I was wrong.

  19. $CALL announces beta testing on U.S. texting APP and America/Mexico APP http://marketsdaily.com/super-micro-computer-inc-nasdaqsmci-sees-q3-eps-46c-52c-consensus-43c-overseas-shipholding-group-inc-nyseosgb-magicjack-vocaltec-ltd-nasdaqcall/

  20. $CALL breaking down :(

  21. The trade really is sell $CALL and sell $EGHT and Buy $VG. The charts say so. Major reversal from years of the opposite. VG = Strength.

  22. $CALL Link to PR http://www.vocaltec.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=892119

  23. $CALL Beta testing on texting app announced by MJ. A bit late but we shall see

  24. $CALL Pop ((10+) anticipated by month s end. Telefonica partnership expanding (NOT a Buyout). Smart money coming in.

  25. $CALL what day is the trial with Net Talk next month?