1. buying more $CALL

  2. @OMillionaires $call Short term have to settle in at lower levels. Revenue decline too fast need to stabilize b4 turnaround.

  3. $CALL I love the thinning traded volatility. Wild stock. Former demand becomes supply & vice versa. But always seems 2 bounce from low 8s.

  4. $CALL looks like it s gonna take a dive

  5. @Lumadu you mean hapless tilson, gy called $CALL and $SODA 6 months ago

  6. Twinleaf Management holds an allocation of 27.7% in $CALL in his Small Cap Value Investment Portfolio

  7. $CALL Nov_20 Stock of the day:$CALL (Oversold , PT=15.50 +90%); $PLUG,$KING,$EBAY,$YHOO,$BABA,$BA,$JNPR,$T,$VZ,$TMUS,$S,$JCP,$FSL,$TU,$UAL

  8. $CALL Nov_20 Stock of the day: $CALL(Way Oversold, PT=15.50 (+90%) and 2015 growth in Latinamerican deal with Telefonica $TEF; $TSLA,$X

  9. $CALL Fundamentals:75M on hands(50% Market Cap.),no debt, profitable,175K new users Q3+LatinAmerican deal with Telefonica means UNDERVALUED

  10. $KING 3 days stuck @16.00 ... I dont think its going higher , sold 1200 shares @15.97 , best choices $CALL , $SALE , $CSIQ ,good luck

  11. $CALL Really not seeing how this could go much lower due to fundamentals, but this is important area http://stocktwits.com/message/29411492

  12. $CALL This price break is def not good. Holding DEC 7.5 puts.

  13. $CALL $100M revenue addition ( from telefonica ) on top of current $90M revenue in next 3 Q s . would be back to $15+ by April 2015 ..

  14. $CALL they bought $3.3M worth of shares through options from Jan to Sep 14. They will add 2 to 3 million subs in next 3 Q s from telefonica

  15. $CALL 8.39 higher she wants

  16. $CALL chart. buying more down here... http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=call

  17. back in $CALL at $8.34-$8.32. easy $$$$

  18. $CALL Mr. Vento, please show some confidence and buy your own stock... #tonedeaf just sayn

  19. $CALL magicJack Deals store is up.Got an email for it.Looks good.Novelty products.They are now selling drones.Really.

  20. $CALL Slow short sell off? Ideally, we are seeing some housekeeping by shorts before upward momentum. SMS launch should also get traction.

  21. $CALL always traded around 10 P/E or under. 2013 EPS was over $3 + Tilson pump = PPS 25. 2014 EPS is .80, so what do you expect?

  22. $CALL Seems a bit hypocritical since 50% of the statements were current mgmt.

  23. $CALL Telefonica deal, Tilson as Bull, cash, no debt...why sub $9? Answer: Management makes poorer decisions than Derek Carr under pressure.

  24. $CALL

  25. $CALL Nice move