1. $CALL Whatever mr market! Grind for days to lose it in 2 min.

  2. Tilson Up 8.4% In Q1 With Gains From HLF, CALL, SODA; Buys Fannie Mae http://y.ahoo.it/hAbYRZ0h $HLF $SODA $CALL $BRK.A $BRK.B $FNMA

  3. $CALL Stealthy move, everyone has fallen asleep and moved on. Chart wise, what a beautiful setup! Love to see a HOD close

  4. $CALL The war chest is in play, loaded and ready for the run!! Buckle up, patience as usual paying off!

  5. $CALL @OMillionaires Exactly what I was thinking. Whoever is manipulating 100 shares every morning is definitely MMing.

  6. $CALL finally back over $20 - needs to hold (ironic that it s first day without a bid paint in the pre-market? )

  7. $CALL some serious trading money in the last 15 min

  8. $CALL Buy STOPs were triggered.

  9. $CALL Lookin good.

  10. $CALL is it time for the b/o?

  11. $CALL OPENING SELLER OF 5000 MAY $17.5 PUTS $35

  12. $CALL The move is upon us, chart has done its job, now it s time for the push and it will be a blindside move!buckle up, up we go!

  13. Twinleaf Management holds an allocation of 36.3% in $CALL in his Small Cap Value Investment Portfolio

  14. $CALL Like to see the 50d hold going into the weekend. Perfect gap fill back to support level, consolidate then run. Being long isn t easy!

  15. HIGH PUT VOLU $DBD 2312% $ZTS 1727% $IDIX 939% $BZH 861% $CYTK 697% $RDN 533% $EWH 439% $CALL 432% http://y.ahoo.it/sPT1f07x

  16. $CALL Market Makers will not allow this to close above $20 today lest many Calls (mine included) trade in the money. A true casino. JMO

  17. $CALL Consolidation day right above 50 day, next week should be take off time, 22 in sight soon

  18. $TWTR Dont forget $CALL my friends, about to be huge!!

  19. $CALL Shorts are 40%, Tilson on board, new app, great hires, and I think u get the point. Time for the market to WTFU!!

  20. $CALL What is not to like w this stock both fundamentally and technically?? closed the gap, regained 50dma on close, PE is 5, profitable!

  21. $CALL Everyday PM 100 share 5% lower than AH price.

  22. $SPX $CALL $TWTR love how every headline is bull market is over, aging bull market. If it s that simple to call the top, load shorts, lol!

  23. $CALL I see our phantom trader is back at it in the PM, lol

  24. $TWTR Don t be short over night, squeeze to 50 tomorrow. $CALL

  25. $CALL no volume