1. $CALL So what happens to lawsuit now that Borislow died?

  2. $CALL magicJack founder Dan Borislow died last night of a heart attack at 52 years of age, Bloomberg reports,

  3. $CALL Seeing 11.80 s in the future here.

  4. $CALL Tislon s multibagger was little premature...-48% since he made the call

  5. @scheplick: Dedicated to stocks with high short interest $CALL $INVN $SODA $DDD $IRBT $WWE $UBNT by @Rodenas http://y.ahoo.it/3mIZFGkj

  6. Twinleaf Management holds an allocation of 32.1% in $CALL in his Small Cap Value Investment Portfolio

  7. $CALL it s not a short squeeze if the stock is going down. duh.

  8. $CALL reports earnings in 18 days (I think), best to wait and see what results look like

  9. $CALL best to wait for full seller capitulation before buying. It may look cheap now, no reason it can t get a whole lot cheaper

  10. $CALL I hope this can go to $12, I would buy lots. I think it is already at a discounted price.

  11. $CALL If the planned turnaround works this is worth well above $30 a share.

  12. $CALL volume kicking up..

  13. Short Squeeze Alerts $KEYW $TEAR $CALL $CLF $WLT $GTAT $SFY $KWK $PVA http://y.ahoo.it/304JEo7L

  14. $CALL up 4.80%

  15. $CALL ITM calls seeing a lil steam »» 1590 CALL Jul-14 12.5 C  100% Ask  (IV=101.3% +79.6)  OPENING 

  16. $CALL going - time for some BEAR pudding ~~ @DougKass

  17. $CALL Strange action today in this today...

  18. $CALL Low vol break out. http://y.ahoo.it/Z77BVZBm

  19. $CALL nice to see green for a change. still long on this

  20. $CALL P. O. S.!!!

  21. $CALL like i said.

  22. $CALL This stock runs like a crazy girlfriend. Great vol eod. Above still stands, but bull candle at EOD bullish.

  23. 5-star analyst Timothy Horan from Oppenheimer reiterated a HOLD rating on $CALL. Timothy has a 77.3% success rate http://y.ahoo.it/pyMdIH2B

  24. $CALL 1.4 million calls traded for every put contract yielding a 0.70 out/call ration; a 90 day record

  25. $CALL Unusual call buying today, expecting huge upside. 7400 Jan 15 $20 strike price calls bought & over 1000 Aug 14 $15 strike calls.