1. $CAT Stopped at resistance. Don t see china helping this out next week. Short 300 shares.

  2. Some interesting long setups to look at: $RDS.A $WMT $CSX $SAVE $CAT $CFR $CMI $CREE $XYL $FINL $TEX

  3. $CAT sell sell sell

  4. Covered my $CAT for a 6% gain. I m done shorting. All in cash.

  5. $CAT H&S on daily; likely to retrace under 60. Love to root for American co but unfortunately this going down before up.

  6. $CAT Actually holding up well considering we are down 300+ points on the DOW

  7. $CAT Come to papa 55

  8. $CAT Shorting this

  9. $BTU results terrible, BR probably in Q2...only good thing is spending less on capital...bad news for $JOY & $CAT & $KMT

  10. Should I Buy Or Sell Caterpillar ($CAT) Stock? 3 Pros, 3 Cons | InvestorPlace http://investorplace.com/2016/02/caterpillar-cat-stock-3-pros-3-cons/#.VryQb9uv6ac.twitter @investorplace

  11. $CAT will this retrace back to under 60.

  12. $SPX DEAD CAT bounce .... the new mantra. if i had a nickel for every time.... $SPY $CAT $DOG $DBC $USO $UNG $ES_F

  13. $CAT s coxswain s sailed course ta the horizon set by the pilot. little sloppy but fast approaching the waypoint.

  14. now ain t no time ta jump aboard $CAT. wait for fair weather.

  15. 4 Consistently High Paying Dividend Stocks With Growth Potential $PM $T $VZ $CAT Also $AMT $FTR $MO $S $TMUS http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/4-consistently-high-paying-dividend-stocks-with-growth-potential?post=85442

  16. $CAT as previously stated this puppy is heading towards sub 40$ level

  17. DOW Biggest Losers. Signals $DIS, $IBM, $CAT, $INTC, $KO. http://www.istockpicker.com/

  18. $cat world recession, slow down everywhere, read it, sell this and all land construction.

  19. $CAT

  20. My new post for @seeitmarket. $CAT $CINF

  21. $CAT $CINF

  22. $CAT Daily approaching pivot and 20ma below, key level of 59.80 comes quick $dia $spy $joy.

  23. 2 Trade Ideas Amidst The Stock Market Whipsaw http://www.seeitmarket.com/2-trade-ideas-amidst-the-stock-market-whipsaw-cat-cinf-stocks-15307/ via @seeitmarket $CAT $CINF

  24. Surprising mkt strength on Ms. Yellen - FED Chair comments today. If it wasn t for $dis $IBM & $cat the Dow would be up? Putting 1/3 in.

  25. $CAT has a yield of 4.9% but its not perfect