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  2. Nice save today in $CAVM

  3. $CAVM pocket pivot as the 50d holds

  4. $CAVM never really honored the 50d. after last months wide move this pullback doesn t seem that damaging as long as 48 area holds.

  5. $CAVM Cavium and XPliant Introduce a Fully Programmable Switch Silicon Family Scaling to 3.2 Terabits .. http://y.ahoo.it/zYRr45Z5

  6. $CAVM is arm wrestling the prior B/O level while the BB starts to sqz http://y.ahoo.it/cQPrbdQI

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  9. $CAVM pullback to the 10wk today, interested to see how it closes the week

  10. $CAVM what is wrong here?

  11. Cavium s PT raised by Wedbush to $65.00. http://y.ahoo.it/3c4WlYwO $CAVM

  12. $CAVM Cavium going to the cave !

  13. Many stocks setting up in both primary bases & secondary patterns. Here s a sample: http://y.ahoo.it/ydCcZ1BD $bx $enbl $gmcr $aapl $cavm

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  15. Cavium CFO Arthur Chadwick Sells $2,361,725 in $CAVM http://y.ahoo.it/iNClLe7u

  16. Insider Transaction: $CAVM Automatic Sale at $55.57 per share of 42500 shares by Officer Chadwick Arthur D on 2014-09-04.

  17. Cavium s VP Finance & Admin CFO just cashed-in 42,500 options http://y.ahoo.it/f0AyySOb $CAVM

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  24. $CAVM nice shake and bake.

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