1. Gainers-2 $CJES 23%, $EXXI 21%, $DNR 19%, $VPCO 19%, $PFMT 18%, $CLF 18%, $PWE 17%, $LNCO 17%, $CBAK 17%, $EPE 17%, $ORIG 16%, $LPI 15%,

  2. $CBAK took a small long on the 8-K @ $2.82

  3. $CBAK: New SEC Filing for CBAK: Form 8-K, No. 0001062993-15-005285 http://stocknewsflow.com/1117171_000106299315005285_0001062993-15-005285

  4. ENTRY INTO A MATERIAL DEFINITIVE http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary/?id=2066806 $CBAK

  5. Watching 9/25 $ACI $BTU $CANF $CBAK $EGO $GORO $IAG $PPP $PVG $RIC $SAND

  6. $CBAK $HPJ

  7. @PennyStockResearch: Top stocks on watch $ASTI $VVUS $ASTI $RCPI $CBAK $ACI $WGBS #stocks #watchlists #profits #trading

  8. Top stocks on watch $ASTI $VVUS $ASTI $RCPI $CBAK $ACI $WGBS #stocks #watchlists #profits #trading

  9. @PennyStockResearch: Stocks to watch $XGTI $VGGL $RADA $CBAK $GBSN $HOTR

  10. Lithium forklift battery upstart $FLUX Webcast Thu Sep 10 @ 9:30 am in NYC http://fluxpwr.investorroom.com/events#past:2015:9 Peers: $ENS $PLUG $ZBB $CBAK $HPJ $ULBI

  11. Friday s Top Losers: $VNCE -44% $ACI -16% $STXS -15% $CBAK -13% $ALN -11%

  12. $HPJ Hpj friends, $cbak stock will rock ,its already overtake hpj, make some profits buy today, i mentioned last week when it was $1.70s

  13. $HPJ At this stage, what s the harm of putting half into $CBAK? Historically, its had very nice bounces. (Wow up 21%!!! in a bearish mkt).

  14. Gainers $PSEM 37%, $CRK 30%, $MM 30%, $ALTV 27%, $VLTC 26%, $NCS 21%, $MEI 19%, $CRDS 18%, $HELI 18%, $GEF 15%, $CBAK 15%, $IDN 14%,$NAV 14%

  15. $CBAK sold for 35% on the week. Bought at $1.50 Monday. Think we will see a bug down market day again Monday and I may revisit

  16. $CBAK i have been watching $cbak and $HPJ for last 6 months , i know their behaviour, it will be over $3 , iam talking about cbak

  17. $CBAK will be soon $3, look at the pattern, i wish buyers from $hpj to invest, trust me u will earn profits in one week, just take advantage

  18. $HPJ $CBAK at 2.08 like hpj, i recovered my 30 % loses by buying $CBAK 2 days back @$1.60s who cares abt fundamentals, all u need is $$$

  19. $CBAK $HPJ $ACI $PTN $ACI great move>> $!! & $FORD stronger Vols 12.5 millionS

  20. $HPJ if you want to recover your loses quicly, buy $CBAK , i did its working. Check it out

  21. $CBAK 2 more cents and she flys! $1.90 is launch point...for today atleast

  22. $CBAK think we ve got a runner today with this one. the stocks magic number has always been 8% to %70 days. As soon as u see 8% BUY BUY BUY.

  23. $SIXD $CBAK $HPJ $ACI $PTN keep @ dip 4swing $!!

  24. Lithium Forklift Battery co $FLUX Power presents @SeeThruEquity Sep 10 @ 9:30 am http://finance.yahoo.com/news/industrial-lithium-battery-innovator-flux-124800506.html Peers: $PLUG $ENS $BLDP $CBAK $HPJ

  25. $CBAK will be $2.50 next week. trust