1. July 28 2014 Runaway Gap Ups http://y.ahoo.it/ZEVsz3Sa $TRLA $CBAK $DPW

  2. $DEJ $PLNR $BLDP $MNDO $CBAK few cheapies with nice charts

  3. #stocks strong stocks moving http://y.ahoo.it/xESg1vYu $CBAK $FNHC $UIHC

  4. Daily Scorecard | Momentum Trading with RaginCajun http://y.ahoo.it/6ErXJIy4 $VNET $CBAK $GRPN $KORS $WUBA $TSLA $JKS

  5. $CBAK Any thoughts on a move back up to test highs this week?

  6. Traded these $23,000 $LLNW $NLY $BIOS $WPCS $BIOF $CBAK $XGTI $LOCO $AMZN $TSLA (5 points) tradeday take look click http://y.ahoo.it/TOdsExdq

  7. Alert results: $ACRX +4% $CBAK +2% $CCCR +13% $DPW +1% $EDAP +18% $NQ +1% $SUMR +4% $WPCS +42%

  8. $SUMR & $CBAK have a good day..8%+

  9. $CBAK pigs can fly ya know

  10. I m out $CBAK +.15 can t stand the grind anymore, take it up boyz

  11. $CBAK out 4.41 +.12

  12. $CBAK intraday momo setup.. potential end of day move here if it can take out highs... http://y.ahoo.it/MRqk4aPn

  13. $LLNW $NLY $BIOS $WPCS $BIOF $CBAK $XGTI $LOCO $AMZN $TSLA beautiful $23,000 tradeday - take a look http://y.ahoo.it/Yo7ZEQRD

  14. We hold rest of $DANG..$CBAK moves nicely today, my friend funds are interested in #Battery

  15. $CBAK trade idea continues to work

  16. $CBAK printing corfirmation of china ev / alt energy space $KNDI etc

  17. Breaking: Top #stocks < $5 #trading UP by STRONGEST RELATIVE VOLUME $CBAK $XGTI $CYRN $AXTI $SUMR +more (click VIEW) http://y.ahoo.it/MDFh35TF

  18. Breaking: Top #technology #stocks #trading UP by STRONGEST RELATIVE VOL $TRLA $CBAK $XGTI $CYRN $Z +more (click VIEW) http://y.ahoo.it/s6RnsC1L

  19. Top 5 #microcap #stocks #trading UP by STRONGEST RELATIVE VOLUME $CBAK $XGTI $CYRN $AXTI $SUMR +more (click VIEW) http://y.ahoo.it/6z4gDawo

  20. @tradespoon: Gainers: $DPW +24%. $FDO +24%. $CCCR +23%. $VISN +21%. $TRLA +13%. $CBAK +12%. $IMMY +9%. $GLMD +9% Nice..:)

  21. Gainers: $DPW +24%. $FDO +24%. $CCCR +23%. $VISN +21%. $TRLA +13%. $CBAK +12%. $IMMY +9%. $GLMD +9%.

  22. $CBAK continuing to base nicely

  23. $CBAK Thank you for listening!

  24. $CBAK Can some of you help buy the large block at $4.31? I can t buy it all.

  25. $CBAK Any ideas how high this could go today?