1. 5-Star Superstock Picks for JAN 3, 2014: $CBEH $NLS $CLRO

  2. $CBEH back on the pinks today. Currently 0.73

  3. $cbeh .. oh Lord

  4. Another long halted China stock $CBEH to trade on pinks tomorrow. $SUF also delisting, will be $SLPH

  5. $SCEI seems to follow exact movement and news as $CBEH. Halt to take effect or resignations come up. $1.50 Target

  6. $CBEH ggggggaaammme over KPMG OUTTTT. That's all they had left.. A halt is actually good for them. $CBEH would be at 0.25 RIGHT NOW

  7. $WATG $CBEH - Rodman drops coverage on both those names for tomorrow. ROFL Rodman continues to hurt people w these names and then dropem

  8. $CBEH might have life http://y.ahoo.it/zwNJCCjm but will be on the Pink

  9. $GFRE $CBEH $ABAT $FUQI hit peace comes out. waited for bottom HIGH volume block purchase on bid and then waited for slight news SOLD simple

  10. $CBEH glad I was able to come out with a gain when blue horse shoe spoke that day. This is simply game over from here. never hate the player

  11. Chinese Energy Boom Boost Revenues for $LLEN and $CBEH http://y.ahoo.it/bqTa96B3

  12. @BU_Bulldog the nasdaq is requesting additional info regarding the late submission of the 8k filling. $CBEH not fraud but doesn't look good

  13. @BU_Bulldog $CBEH is a T12 halt - Additional Information Requested by NASDAQ

  14. $CBEH halted by Nasdaq - next Chinese RTO fraud

  15. @BU_Bulldog $CBEH guess it wasn't today it was looking to pop. But I was expecting the news release to happen. maybe they prefer the weekend

  16. @peoples $CBEH is a blue horseshoe pick eh? Friday Buyday?

  17. $CBEH not looking at anything that may affect it. it has its own agenda and its at 3.22$

  18. $CBEH Zacks Investment Research upgraded shares of $CBEH from an “underperform” rating to a “neutral”.. I just got this. but i told u b4

  19. $CBEH has been cleared and the big guys know. The problem is they always want YOU to know last. Blue horse shoe never fails!

  20. $CBEH told you so . Short squeeze $QING is next!

  21. @BU_Bulldog $CBEH this time target sell is 3.22$ don't ask me how or why please because I can't answer.

  22. yeah $cbeh is moving alright frigging down

  23. @BU_Bulldog $CBEH by the way there is no pumping or whatever this is real! as I said before you'll love me later

  24. $CBEH was talking to you guys at 1.97$ for the final and last time Blue horse shoe loves China Integrated Energy, Inc. enjoy

  25. @BU_Bulldog when I say the words Blue horse shoe loves $CBEH your looking at 50%+ increase.. I never say blue horse shoe unless I know :)