1. $CBK Will be time to buy here very soon. If bottom holds here at $1.01, I will open a position.

  2. $CBK managements (giving a damn meter) must be broke also, it s not reading anything. Tap, tap, tap, tap.

  3. $CBK uncharted territory. Lowest since 1997!! RSI 16.

  4. $CBK http://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Christopher-and-Banks-Reviews-E287.htm

  5. $CBK http://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Christopher-and-Banks-Reviews-E287.htm

  6. $CBK oversold. Don t let wallstreet put fear in u. This is a good company

  7. $CBK 2012 June low of $1.05 was reached this morning, unbelievable. Unwarranted

  8. $CBK not picking on you yits, just saying they had 94 million in sales and not 102. Okay, baseless shareholder lawsuits crush stock values.

  9. $CBK Hell if I knew what the ER next Qtr. Was on a stock, this trading stock thinggy would be easy.

  10. $CBK shareholders need to read the part about forward looking statements at the end of each earnings report. May or may not reflect part.

  11. $CBK is CBK covered by insurance for the Rosen lawsuit

  12. $CBK why is the enterprise value at 6 million???

  13. $CBK now buy and hold

  14. $CBK If you want to find out what type of person you are wall street is an expensive place to do it. :)

  15. Just searched $CBK in Minneapolis on Yelp. Only 3 reviews for 17 stores. 2 1 star. Ouch!

  16. $CBK next stop 99 cents?

  17. $CBK yeah bill I think I m in your camp on that call. Wish I d waited. No crystal ball here, and max ed on my percentage allotment per CBK

  18. $CBK looks like it will retest previous low of $1.05 from June 2012.

  19. $CBK visited store while at mall just to see for myself. Great selection of quality product and amazing prices. Also very good traffic.

  20. $CBK i really dont understand this stock.

  21. $CBK picked up more myself, cost avg. just under 1.30. Hope these markets calm down also. Good season for apparels starting soon.

  22. $CBK picking up more shares at this cheap price...gonna wait a couple months before selling

  23. $CBK look at Ralph Lauren, old navy, gap, all taking beatings this Qtr. Just saying apparel sector slow. Dow down 2,500 points.

  24. $CBK over 85% drop in stock price is crazy even with EPS miss. Worst QTR in Dow since 2011 contributed, amost all stocks hammered this Qtr.

  25. Copperbank Resources Corp Director John Gianni Kovacevic Buys C$760.00 in $CBK http://www.marketbeat.com/stocks/TSE/CBK/?RegistrationCode=SocialMedia-direct&DefaultTab=Insider