1. $CBK not sure about ER, talked to a few customers who shop at CBK today.For what it s worth they informed me they are very loyal to company.

  2. $CBK Do not miss CBK at $1.35 - Strong Buy by Value Digger

  3. $CBK is that there doesn t seem to be much volume associated with rising stock price. For example today 7% increase on below average vol

  4. $CBK it is trying to base a bit before really taking off towards $5 price range. Also forming nice little cup and handles. My only worry...

  5. $CBK means it is WAY undervalued but at current volume levels it seems that CBK does at least have some people s attention. It appears...

  6. $CBK current market conditions, perhaps best to play oversold stocks with good earnings rep. CBK has a P/E of around 1.5 which basically...

  7. $CBK level back in Jun 2012 it went up approx 800% in less than a year. This is like a mean reversion play back to the $5 area. With...

  8. $CBK I predict this will tank further after next Fri s ER

  9. $CBK She s creeping back up...

  10. $CBK Will run out of red ink. In the mean time it may be wise to standby the next couple of ERs.

  11. WARNING: $CBK OPTIMISM indicator (as seen by investors in News & Social Media) is very pessimistic!

  12. $cbk might see an option ex spike

  13. $CBK what will it take to bring consumer to the store and buy the product?

  14. $CBK The Case For Christopher & Banks Corporation - The Case For Christopher & Banks Corporation http://seekingalpha.com/article/3695606?source=ansh $CBK

  15. $CBK will someone buy Christopher and Banks? I something in the works??

  16. $CBK a lot of volume in the first 2 hours hmmm

  17. $CBK change in Controller after the close of 3Q15 is not good news. Perhaps, fresh blood in the front office will yield better 2016 results

  18. $CBK getting closer to $1 again

  19. $M $WMT $JCP $SHLD $KR the link again with all the analysis about DEBT-FREE and grossly undervalued $CBK:http://www.valuelinepro.com/july-2015#anchor1

  20. $CBK glad I sold this back in June

  21. $M $JWN $WMT $KR article for all who can t separate the overvalued ($JCP) from the super undervalued retailers ($CBK):http://www.valuelinepro.com/july-2015#anchor1

  22. $CBK if walmart ER is bad tomorrow CBK might sink further?

  23. $CBK I m assuming their earnings will miss estimates just like most of their retail counterparts.

  24. $CBK http://www.marketnewsvideo.com/article/201511/cbk-insiders-vs-shorts-cbk-CBK11132015dtcins.htm/

  25. VP of Christopher & Banks Corporation just picked up 8,992 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=2183467 $CBK