1. $CCCL I think it closed $1.41! That s a progress :D

  2. $CCCL I just opened a position at 1.38

  3. $CCCL maybe 2 in this month

  4. $CCCL construction is 9% of china s GDP. $CCCL will trade over $2.00 in summer

  5. $CCCL I am still holding and will not leave CCCL for less than $1.65!

  6. $CCCL can do a vggl. 2.15 test eventual

  7. $CCCL come on. I want to get out here

  8. $CCCL Come on, move up please, don t be lazy and stay there.

  9. $CCCL I made a bad trading with this one. I have to suffer now. well, this is the game

  10. $CCCL Hello CCCL! Are you there?

  11. $CCCL You need to be 1.60 EOD!

  12. $CCCL nice and slow upward mvmts, I like. but small vol today, though.

  13. $CCCL i hope i could get out from Hell soon

  14. $CCCL I got in at 1.58. :(

  15. $CCCL I need this thing to get to 1.90 so I can wipe the blood off my portfolio from yesterday.


  17. $CCCL good luck to those who bought over 1.70

  18. $CCCL any chance we see this get back to 1.80 today?

  19. Watchlist for APRIL 15 $MPO $CCCL $VGGL $UPIP $EGY

  20. #daytraded #stocks : $JPM $GBSN $CHOP $BCLI $BRCD $ORMP $CCCL $ZIOP $TEDU $NVGN went 20/22 for profits of +$1231 all posted on Stocktwits

  21. $CCCL Tomorrow you will have to open higher than $1.50. Have a good night everyone.

  22. $CCCL tomorrow, I will get more profit here :). happy trading

  23. $CCCL This is another set-and-forget. See you in a month on this.

  24. $CCCL 1.37 low, hitting R1.

  25. $CCCL bloodshed