1. $CCCL This should go back up towards $2 eventually

  2. $CCCL next earnings scheduled for early/mid june.. thats my exit strategy..

  3. $CCCL Still holding but might average down if it goes below $1.30s

  4. $CCCL Does anyone know what the earnings date is for CCCL?

  5. $CCCL my money is save!

  6. $CCCL up in pre market

  7. $CCCL expect near 2, hopefully 2.09 tomorrow.

  8. $CCCL nice confirmation

  9. $CCCL looks confirming 1.35 resistance from upside.

  10. $CCCL 1.35 has been a strong resistance from 4/14 but broken yesterday. Now not work.

  11. $CCCL nice set up for skyrocketing.

  12. $CCCL Still holding my shares bought at $1.40. I have hopes and I am sure this will go up soon. Just need some patience.

  13. $CCCL I got in this one without looking at the chart (an uncharacteristic mistake on my part)...

  14. $CCCL just sold at 1.32..(dropping the current bid down to 1.27...temporarily)...taking a .07 loss...easy to make back swinging...gl2a

  15. $CCCL Learnt holding always pays back ...

  16. $CCCL Where is the bottom of it?

  17. $CCCL China stimulus will help; liked it either way. Good R/R. Loaded up.

  18. $CCCL loading up. Will pop over $2 ala Vggl

  19. $CCCL painful

  20. $CCCL Should I buy more or wait to sell my 2K I bought @ 1.40? This stock neeeeeeds patience.

  21. $CCCL: New SEC Filing for CCCL: Form 20-F, No. 0001144204-15-023823 http://stocknewsflow.com/1470683_000114420415023823_0001144204-15-023823

  22. $CCCL spread about .04, got some more at 1.28, figured Y not since 1.21 is a pivot point. Vol so low though...so...low....

  23. $CCCL Did you load up on the dip?

  24. $CCCL what is fair value ? Thinking of loading up

  25. $CCCL I think it closed $1.41! That s a progress :D