1. Gainers-3 $CCCL 10%, $PLBC 10%, $RCPT 9%, $FLL 9%,

  2. Crushed $ in $CCCL last week, just crushed it in $JRJC, out of both... back in $NQ... here s to the Chinese trifecta!

  3. August 18 Earnings to watch before the bell http://y.ahoo.it/UV12QrQH $FSYS $CCCL

  4. Earnings announcement: $CCCL is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Mon, Aug 18 2014

  5. $NQ longs, check out $CCCL. Was halted for no 20F, now relisted with 20F 1Q solid and 2Q releasing Monday. On the up and up.

  6. $UVXY @ in 31.39 and $CCCL $GPRC WL

  7. $NQ Get back in under 6.20 at the first sign of reversal. In the meantime $CCCL is looking really nice. 20F done and earnings coming next wk

  8. $NQ $CCCL Well that was ezy $. Check it out...

  9. $CCCL $NQ ... are these brother and sister each other.. same 20F issue

  10. $NQ Hop on $CCCL They have a 20F and investors already liquidated... At least check it out.

  11. Will be interesting to see if resumption of $CCCL has anything more than anecdotal affect on the $NQ discussion.

  12. $CCCL To resume trading tomorrow after being halted for 3 months for failure to file 20F in timely manner $NQ

  13. $CCCL just like newl

  14. $CCCL halt

  15. $NEWL $CCCL http://y.ahoo.it/xekJ0mbn

  16. @jwlawrence06: $NEWL Could be halted a while...look at $CCCL, been halted since May 1st. and FU halted for half year

  17. $NEWL Could be halted a while...look at $CCCL, been halted since May 1st.

  18. $CCCL Ugh, this is pissing me off. I hope they start trading again soon, so I can liquidate.

  19. $NQ Just look at $CCCL. They couldn t get their financials act together. Now paused (halted) pending getting their act together. Sidelines.

  20. $CCCL I ve never had this occur to one of my holdings. Is this likely worthless??

  21. @justinpowell91 @TrendSetterBetter Look at the present example of $CCCL which is halted at the moment.

  22. $CCCL China Ceramics Announces Receipt of Nasdaq Non-Compliance Letter & Opportunity To Submit A Plan .. http://y.ahoo.it/lCFpbswe

  23. $CCCL my little gamble in this one looks threatened as it is halted

  24. $CCCL dont know, but it can be a bad one if you compare the previous ones

  25. $CCCL earnings date here?