1. $CDII $350MIL contract on 1MIL CAP. should be around .55/share mathematically.

  2. $CDII I used etrade

  3. $CDII let me bow to you.

  4. $CDII lost so much on AZES and GBSN -- trying to make it back.

  5. $CDII wish i could see lv2 data on this

  6. $CDII Holding 300,00 shares to $0.10

  7. $CDII Scottrade here.

  8. $CDII c mon this should be so much higher!!! Rocket fueling up!

  9. $CDII riding from .017.. lets go .50! :)

  10. $CDII set HIGH LIMIT SELL ORDERS. As a community that s growing, we can prevent people out of $CDII My example:

  11. $CDII If you get enough friends to gamble 100 (err invest) it can prop this bad boy up to .1

  12. $CDII I am definitely holding.

  13. $CDII in at .021 and .027 see how this plays out

  14. $CDII why the restriction

  15. $CDII where is the real time stock price at

  16. $CDII

  17. $CDII sold for about 1k profit

  18. $CDII what he said! Important!

  19. $CDII quick quick!! GET ON BOARD before it hits .04!!

  20. $CDII Is anybody actually holding overnight?

  21. $CDII Nice .32, I was about to buy a .242, but my broker restricts purchasing of this stock.

  22. $CDII Mindblown right now

  23. $CDII Yesterday When I said take a look it had 83 watchers! %2000

  24. $CDII 0.04 soon. watch outtt

  25. $CDII This will open at .10 tomorrow and will climb to .20 by Friday. Contrat =.55/share