1. @leopoldtrader73 Love your take on $CDXS. nice work

  2. $CDXS Lol stock dips at very last 30 sec. Why?

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  4. @Banon93 Great job on $CDXS. It is indeed an undiscovered gem with intrinsic value of $4.8 and should head there in 2 yrs or before. GL TYT.

  5. $CDXS, $VMEM and $IRDM swing ideas are posted in my page. You can follow watch here https://www.facebook.com/pages/JCL-Capital-Management/340432516115721

  6. $CDXS DT s piling on looking for gap-up tomorrow.

  7. $CDXS Obama signs spending. I ll including 5.4blion for Ebola fight. Think that has something to do with it???

  8. @Banon93 Hard to hold on for more when you re already up big. Let s hope $CDXS starts getting more recognition.

  9. @nNetwork I think $cdxs is really an undiscovered gem. People starting to take notice

  10. $CDXS Google has the price up 9.5% to 2.5. What s going on?

  11. $CDXS BB are tight. Stock coiled. Insider buying 2.35. No debt. No need to raise money. Growing company. Just needs a spark

  12. $CDXS Hoping to see a pick-up in the volume this week.

  13. $CDXS Lol this board is like a morgue. Come on guys wake up!!!!

  14. $CDXS Omfg how??? 2.21???

  15. Best stocks under $10 (Dec. 05): $ADNC, $APRI, $ZAGG, $HMPR, $CDXS, $GSV http://www.stock1010.com/quote.php?symbol=ADNC

  16. $CDXS Very insightful!!!! http://finance.yahoo.com/mbview/threadview/?&bn=3d8f5023-b754-347b-a41e-527c8d8cee38&tid=1417658194532-4cd538c2-5e2a-4f28-a65a-5265d2865ad5&tls=la%2Cd%2C0%2C3

  17. $CDXS CEO market is slow to realize our turnaround

  18. $CDXS Codexis announced it has developed a novel enzyme therapeutic product candidate for the potential treatment of phenylketonuria

  19. $CDXS Looks like it s up 12% after hours at 2.59...... Hmmmm :-)

  20. $CDXS http://www.globenewswire.com/newsroom/ctr?d=10109825&l=2&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwsw.com%2Fwebcast%2Fldmicro7%2Fcdxs

  21. Nasdaq down over 1% and $CDXS moves up... Seems like a bullish idea

  22. $CDXS Sudden gap down seems strange.

  23. $CYTK @Meddoc2006 Thought so. Glad you found that delete button because your response made zero sense. $CDXS and $CYTX long!!!!

  24. Insider Transaction: $CDXS Purchase at $2.35 per share of 20000 shares by Director Yang Patrick Y on 2014-11-18.

  25. @Banon93: $CDXS Also really like chart http://stocktwits.com/message/29462812 $CYTK