1. Recap of this week trades and setups http://www.upstockstrading.com/2015/04/recap-of-this-week-trades-setups-and-alerts-in-the-chat-room-4/ $CYTR $GBSN $VLTC $SYRX $GLUU $HAVE $BLDR $TRVN $CDXS

  2. $CDXS this has been some serious fluctuation the last week. Wow.

  3. $CDXS very low volume

  4. $CDXS Here we go!

  5. $CDXS Rough morning. good time to buy more

  6. As expected $CDXS broke out above the Engulfing Bar.

  7. $CDXS Setup with entry & target http://www.upstockstrading.com/2015/04/upstocks-daily-newsletter-dskx-mvis-cdxs-gbsn-gluu-vimc-cmcm-cldx-trov-nymx%e2%80%8f/

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  9. These were our setups for today http://www.upstockstrading.com/2015/04/upstocks-daily-newsletter-dskx-mvis-cdxs-gbsn-gluu-vimc-cmcm-cldx-trov-nymx%e2%80%8f/ $CDXS $CMCM $MVIS $GLUU $CLDX $TROV $NYMX $GBSN

  10. $CDXS @blankstare yes!!!!! How about that 5.06!!!! On the road back up to our beloved 5.65+

  11. $CDXS beast. the company I work for had a sales call with these guys a while ago and they said they were expanding quickly.

  12. $CDXS it s very low volume today so far. This is how this stock rolls.

  13. $CDXS If it breaks 4.9, I think it s gonna take off.

  14. $CDXS $5 eow

  15. Watch-list for 4/23 http://www.upstockstrading.com/2015/04/upstocks-daily-newsletter-hive-fivn-agi-capn-spcb-cara-vltc-tour-adxs-mcp-bspm-%e2%80%8f/ $DSKX $MVIS $CDXS $GBSN $GLUU $VIMC $CMCM $CLDX $TROV $NYMX

  16. $CDXS made Engulfing bar, so lookout for a breakout above 4.91. (unlikely but...) a break below 4.38 could be bearish

  17. $AVEO $CDXS and $ZGNX treating me right :-)

  18. $CDXS here we go! 5$ here we come. Easy peasy.

  19. $CDXS Big push here. Looks like a nice reversal...

  20. $CDXS doubled my shares at 4.60

  21. $CDXS I love codexis. It just moved too fast. It always corrects. Not sure why some people are so surprised at how far it went back. Normal!

  22. $CDXS touching middle bollinger..wheres the bounce?

  23. $CDXS got greedy didn t sell at 5.60 but I still made a few buck plus trade cost.I m buying back in around 3.60

  24. $CDXS man I bought this at the wrong time. Jeez

  25. IBD Top <$10 $HCKT (98) $RTIX (97) $COWN $CRWN $LOAN (96) $GLUU $SCLN (95) $CDXS (94) $BGCP $CPIX $CYAN $HBIO $IG $SPF (93) $ELMD $SYUT (92)