1. remain long $SLXP (new leader and solid week +14.5%), $TRN, $FB, $PRXL, $CELG, $MEOH, $IDTI, $AAP (not looking good)

  2. $CELG Nice setup here. Like the high volume buying today after strong bounce off 50 dma. Remain long 95 October calls.

  3. $CELG Just garbage baba opex. Monday this is in breakout mode

  4. $CELG Messed up close. Opex??

  5. $CELG This is just getting started. 100 next week

  6. $CELG Nice recovery

  7. @smarterthanyou For $CELG?

  8. $BABA Check out $celg and $gild 😈

  9. Martin Investment Management holds an allocation of 4.4% in $CELG in his Best Ideas Investment Portfolio

  10. $CELG OCT 95 calls outpacing share price today. Not complaining but go figure. IV still at 23.

  11. $CELG Looking for good entry point. Clearly holding and no BABA effect here... Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!

  12. $CELG Very bullish on this. Baba will b done. Goin straught up.

  13. $CELG We morons selling. Laughable

  14. $CELG Why would you sell. Unreal. Buy oct 95 s you ll b happy person.

  15. $CELG will pick up some more on an intra day low.

  16. $CELG i m out for a 32 percent profit on my calls.

  17. $CELG Breakout to 100 engaged. Goin much higher

  18. $CELG sept 14 84 strike calls in the money, free leverage.

  19. $PCYC Still watching with much interest. $CELG $PCYC $BIIB $YHOO $NOC $LMT $RTN

  20. $BABA Having any second thoughts about baba?? Them bring your positive thoughts to $celg and $gild heck come on over to $pcyc

  21. $CELG SUPER strong. May add more today on the run to 100

  22. @njdevil419: $CELG Forget baba. Soon as it opens celgene gilead are what you want to buy.

  23. Placed alerts at 94.50 in $CELG, could get a move if SPY finds support.

  24. $CELG Huge move setting up here. It s fantastic

  25. $CELG Love the way this is setting up. Big move coming.