1. $GILD $CELG skreli dude should be made to do Walk of shame GOT style for playing the fifth smh

  2. $CELG - great covered strangle stock, selling both the calls and the puts. Reducing cost basis playing the range.

  3. $SGNL We need this to happen. If $CELG paid a multiple of 10 for Signal they could buy them for 60 million. #pennies

  4. $CELG it s time to buy this biotech gem http://ophirgottlieb.tumblr.com/post/138681570314/the-secrets-out-its-time-to-buy-this-biotech


  6. RECAP 2/4 Chatter: $CELG - $BMY $VRX - Hillary DOJ $CCL - Norovirus $MAT - $HAS

  7. $SEDG $NXPI $ABMD $BWLD $CELG congrats to we holders. Patience is rewarded when you re in the right ones.

  8. Here U have it for the day $SEDG $NXPI $ABMD $BWLD .. $CELG not much but will go higher

  9. $CELG We heard these same rumors late last year... don t think there is much to it, but would be a heck of a combined company.

  10. $BMY $CELG Only a rumor but if it was too happen, that would shake up the entire pharma biotech industry and index.

  11. $GOOGL respect constitution government exists to serve the people $IBB $GILD $CELG $HAL $AAPL

  12. $GOOGL $IBB $GILD $CELG congress suks like them gettin skrelied-get the f-- out peoples lives-blowhard government-wants control everything

  13. $CELG trile top b/o today. daily hammer Yday. weekly hammer, to 109 110 ma50 next. P&F hs 118 PT

  14. BristolMyersSquibb Declines Comment on Rumored Takeover Talks With Celgene $BMY $CELG

  15. $SPY - Healthcare check stocks above prior 15 minute bar high $XLV $UBIO $CURE $CELG $BLUE

  16. $IBB the 4 horsemen are moving up... turn around in Bio? $REGN $BIIB $CELG $GILD

  17. $CELG holding strong

  18. $BMY $CELG rumor, waiting on any truth.

  19. Which ene cousin will reign supreme - Celgene or Centene? Check out the epic 5-year battle: http://stockchoker.com/compare/?s=CELG&t=CNC&d=20110204&a=5000 $CELG $CNC #stocks

  20. $BMY ,$CELG,Unconfirmed Market Chatter of Potential Bristol Myers Bid for Celgene

  21. $CELG Bristol-Meyers takeover rumor

  22. @howardlindzon Take a look at biotech stks. they R up a lot $BIB $REGN $CELG $BIIB.. etc

  23. $BLUE $CELG Clean runs. No trade.

  24. $CELG retail investors finally getting some revenge and relief from this politically induced bloodbath.

  25. $GILD $CELG i think investors found out how serious is drug pricing.😂😂😂😂.