1. @Sixth_Sense Biopharmas have greatly enhanced my lifestyle: $ACT $VRX $BIIB $CELG $RGEN $LCI $JAZZ $GILD to name a few. Scalp Swing or Hold

  2. Martin Investment Management holds an allocation of 4.3% in $CELG in his Best Ideas Investment Portfolio

  3. $BWLD and $CELG showing relative strength, last couple days. #PharmaceuticalWangs

  4. Redwood Investments LLC holds an allocation of 2.3% in $CELG in his US Equity Large Cap Core Investment Portfolio

  5. Banu Simmons holds an allocation of 3.7% in $CELG in his Long Only Sector Rotation Investment Portfolio

  6. Analysts Give Average Rating of Buy to Celgene $CELG http://y.ahoo.it/0TucB448

  7. Elliott Wave Setups Top 5 Biotech Aug 01: $BIIB $ILMN $GILD $CELG $REGN - Big 2 before 3 setups http://y.ahoo.it/ptztLgaK

  8. @WaveGenius: Top 5 Biotech Update/Setups - $BIIB $GILD $CELG $ILMN $REGN ... 3 opportunities http://y.ahoo.it/9rQSSwve Take notice @craigwi_

  9. ETF Impact On Biotech Earnings $GILD $BIIB $IBB $BIB $CELG http://y.ahoo.it/ucYHe5MA

  10. Elliott Wave Coverage past 1/2 Hr: $BIIB $REGN $GILD $CELG $ILMN $GS $V $MA $BAC $C >> http://y.ahoo.it/MUW2uiWl

  11. Top 5 Biotech Update/Setups - $BIIB $GILD $CELG $ILMN $REGN - Deep 2 before 3 opportunities http://y.ahoo.it/O4BveBUo

  12. $CELG evening star??? looks bearish temporarily...

  13. Make sure to check out our weekly #Biotech roundup! $BMRN $ALKS $GILD $CELG $BIIB $PCYC $PBYI http://y.ahoo.it/qjgCOGUf

  14. $CELG Any news? What s going on?


  16. Impressive strength from $CELG


  18. Fear & Greed index hitting 14 this am so panic is in, adding to $AAL, $EJ, $AXAS, $HK, $BX, $CELG and $QIHU for LT http://y.ahoo.it/hQ7cAgBZ

  19. Win, Lose and Draw for my Earnings season. Could be much worse and I continue to like all of these names, going forward. $TWTR $BWLD $CELG

  20. @MistraKnowItAwl: New rule. If you quote your own StockTwits message, you die and go straight to hell. $TWTR $CELG $SPY

  21. New rule. If you quote your own StockTwits message, you die and go straight to hell. $TWTR $CELG $SPY

  22. @ChasetheDream Biotechs are different though...I m long $CELG $GILD. They re still cheap at their current levels

  23. $CELG Why it falls over?

  24. $CELG a bull flag break-out with a not so friendly doji, anyone???

  25. @afmarko99: $GILD $CELG $AMGN should keep sending $IBB even higher Money makers today!