1. $CEMP https://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02569541?term=Cempra&rank=2 Additionally,the Taksta PHII/III in Refractory Bone or Joint Infections is starting w/a prim. compl. Jun 17

  2. $CEMP https://www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02570490?term=Cempra&rank=3 Taksta (CEM-102) PHIII starting in ABSSSI w/a projected Feb 17 completion-Spreads risk to have 2 PHIII assets.

  3. $CEMP dont claim to know what price this will hit, but if as many smart people are buying at this level as I surmise, +ve p3 will be v good!

  4. $CEMP added at 27.7

  5. $CEMP wild swings last 2 weeka. Still consolidating today around 27.8 w ibb somewhat stable n overall market +ve looking to initiate swing

  6. Exercising patience after last Friday s rally is paying off nicely, still looking for $OMER & $CEMP adds, toying w/a $BLUE entry.

  7. $CEMP interested in where we open tomorrow

  8. sold ~ 2/3 $CEMP 28.75 from 28.07 avg on trade

  9. $CEMP Can anybody give a good explination as to why $CEMP is twice as volatile as $IBB or any of the other biotechs I follow? Thanks!

  10. $CEMP Off the lows a 1.50. I m not selling any. Zaks can blow me.

  11. Sold all biotechs except $CEMP, long $BIS as a hedge.

  12. $CEMP Death by ETF. Lord have Mercky!

  13. TOP% _LOSERS: $EXAS -45% $IDSA - 22% $RDWR -22% $TANH -20% $TCS -17% $CEMP $ILMN $SRPT $ADXS

  14. $CEMP Where is our buy back? Sold yesterday at $33.50. Looking at $26 thoughts?

  15. $CEMP added

  16. added $CEMP 27.51

  17. $CEMP stopped out at 30.. Waiting for re-entry

  18. $CEMP going back on sale?

  19. Trader’s Buzzers: http://www.newsoracle.com/traders-buzzers-acorda-therapeutics-inc-nasdaqacor-cempra-inc-nasdaqcemp-ptc-therapeutics-inc-nasdaqptct/5485/ $ACOR, $CEMP, $PTCT

  20. $CEMP - studebaker, zacks is not a real analyst company.

  21. $CEMP - the price was UP after hours, according to Nasdaq.

  22. $CEMP thats it, it s over fellas. Zacks just downgraded $CEMP

  23. $CEMP stocktwit app messed up

  24. $CEMP What s with the heavy price action up after hours? Spilled milk or a ninja in the night?

  25. @Think4self http://www.barrons.com/articles/three-pharma-picks-that-could-double-or-triple-1444070308 $BDSI $RPRX $CEMP is my list