1. $CEMP GodhamcityCapital Prabha says SOL-U data still on track for mid-year. Shouldn t be any delays. Simple, quick treatment in this trial

  2. $ZIOP $cemp both babies went to ER Mon complaining chest pain, had cardiac arrest on Wed, resuscitated & stabilized now. still in NICU

  3. Small starter swing position opened on $CEMP today

  4. $CEMP Cempra will update enrollment in phase III (CABP) IV-PO conversation on April 2015. Anyone know the exactly day?

  5. $NLNK $CEMP $AMRN Here s what s happening today

  6. $CEMP it s time of a trading day for MM... Cemp PPS cant be dropped if one invests based on its fundamental value. Patience will be paid off

  7. $SGYP coming back, $CEMP still a ways off the highs. Currently up 250% on CEMP. Breakeven on SGYP

  8. basically an end of quarter flush with a test of 10 week MA lines on weekly charts $juno $cala $cldx $ziop $CEMP $CLDN just naming several

  9. momos up, squeezes not much $CLDX $CEMP $ADXS $XON $KITE

  10. $BDSI Securing full profits from low 12 s off bounce&taking adv. of some sell off opps(entered $CEMP)-Still like co.-Good Luck!

  11. $CEMP White house needs at least 2 new antibiotics..why have to continue using toxic antibiotic like colistin? http://in.reuters.com/article/2015/03/27/us-usa-health-superbugs-idINKBN0MM2YA20150327

  12. $CEMP goin right back up

  13. New doc on $nflx regarding decline efficacy of current antibiotics + rise of superbug called Resistance . Makes me think of $CEMP $TTPH

  14. $CEMP $TTPH White House crafts first-ever plan to fight superbugs http://in.reuters.com/article/2015/03/27/us-usa-health-superbugs-idINKBN0MM2YA20150327 via @Reuters

  15. $CEMP big discount and buying opportunity in my opinion.,, IV and gono updates coming soon.


  17. Scan results - 50 DMA Support today: $VRNT $ARW $ENTG $FHN $MTSI $MPWR $WERN $BAM $CAVM $CEMP ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/18/equities?selected_date=2015-03-26

  18. 5 Days Down http://www.dailystockplays.com/5-Days-Down-2015-03-26.html $NVAX $ISIS $ZTS $ARNA $ACHN $VVUS $UNH $LVS $VRTX $PPC $CLDX $BMRN $CEMP $SAVE $INCY $MAC $PPHM $MDCO

  19. $CEMP i can be out of any stock overnight but not CEMP....

  20. $CEMP Still not getting back in. Not done bleeding IMO.

  21. $CEMP CEMP entered oversold area and at ma-50 great add time

  22. $CEMP think of how many catalysts Cempra gonna announce in the next 30 days? why is Cempra looking for hiring in regulatory/comercial?

  23. $cemp sold out 31

  24. @kunal00: $CEMP hot here http://screencast.com/t/VygpteogW support on daily coming into the squeeze zone intrady.

  25. $cemp pivoted 31.80 s . one by one they all going