1. @padg11 indeed, someone took them all. Need more of that $CEMP

  2. $CEMP Was that a huge buy at close I see for $434k shares ?

  3. $CEMP Research Analysts’ Recent Ratings Updates (all upgrades) for $CEMP http://www.americanbankingnews.com/2015/01/26/research-analysts-recent-ratings-updates-for-cempra-cemp/

  4. Long $CEMP $AAPL $ARWR $MNKD. lets go..

  5. Anatomy of a Trade $CEMP $DENN ~new blog post~ http://tradervancouver.com/2015/01/26/anatomy-of-a-trade-cemp-denn/

  6. MT @23aloha: Biotech Tweets of the Week (Jan 19-23) http://www.biotechduediligence.com/tweets2015-01-19.html $XBI $IBB $OTIC $BLUE $SRPT $KERX $CEMP via @BioDueDiligence

  7. @Global_Trader Like $CEMP as well. How are you showing it ready for a breakout? It got creamed on Friday!

  8. Good breakout setups for next week: $LJPC $RDUS $OVAS $CEMP $AE $ISIS $FEYE $BCEI $CVTI $CTAS $ZLTQ $PANW $SHPG $TSRA $CBPO

  9. $CEMP http://money.cnn.com/quote/forecast/forecast.html?symb=CEMP love the stock price forecast & analyst recommendations sections...


  11. $CEMP Finally bought this gem. I have been eyeing this one for sometime. $ALNY $MNKD $TKMR $ARWR

  12. $CEMP Oh sorry I thought someone said something. Back to complete silence.

  13. @padg11 $CEMP Loved the close. I have increased my position 50% this week. This is one of my main biotech plays for 2015. Huge potential.


  15. @Think4self They re following the IBB, $CEMP isn t taking that much of a kicking, secondary offering price supporting it.

  16. $CEMP Doesn t change anything for long term, IBB taking a breather

  17. 2 for 2 short so far $ISIS $CEMP.

  18. $CEMP moob!

  19. $CEMP looks to be next.

  20. Signs of profit taking in BIO #stocks $IBB $BIB $KITE $JUNO $CEMP $CLVS $GILD Chart posted on $RDUS assure profit http://stocktwits.com/message/31215573

  21. $CEMP Weak day

  22. @Think4self $SRPT,$NAVB,$CEMP strong around support, will DD more for breakout watch. Like $TKMR,$CLDX,$RXII and penny land $RNN all trying

  23. $CEMP still have that 8EMA on Daily chart supporting it s a$$.

  24. $CEMP almost lod. Sweet.

  25. $CEMP $ISIS all look vulnerable here.