1. $CEMP past 23 trading days 17 green 6 red glad I am long

  2. My trading last 30 days,$dwti B85.65-S109&115 $ABMD b $68.8-s $74.23 $CEMP $19&18- s $24 $faro $24.9-s $28, $hznp 17.5-19.03&20.43, more..

  3. $CEMP $IBB $FBT $XBI Biotech fighting 100 day moving averages. $CEMP ticked over 200 DMA and slammed into a supply level $34.12-$36.06.

  4. $CEMP Seems called for again!

  5. $CEMP Black Friday Buy!


  7. $CEMP happy thanksgiving to all! πŸ” πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  8. $CEMP πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  9. my Friday watching list ☞ $LGIH $CEMP $OPK $WWE $POWR $ABCD $PRAH $DXCM $ALGT $CEVA $SKX $ADHD $ADPT $CHRS

  10. $CEMP this thing keeps popping money. Love it!

  11. $MGNX $TGTX $DVAX $LBIO $TTOO $CEMP $OMER $RLYP $BLCM $MSTX Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! Great way to go into the holiday.

  12. $CEMP We re lighting green candles on the table tomorrow. I am thankful for my family, my country, and my Cempra. Happy Turkey Day everyone!

  13. $CEMP glad i got rid of my 60 day sell order for 33 before the dip. those would be gone by now.

  14. $CEMP so Oct 16th data release drama; it was all a nightmare dream. Noise & naysayers cost me some $ that day. That s trading sometimes

  15. $CEMP I m glad I m better at identifying winners than I am at timing them...loaded up more at 32.99.

  16. $CEMP damn should have waited

  17. $RLYP going the way $CEMP went...gradually.

  18. $CEMP damn.. I am smacking myself that i did not buy more...

  19. $CEMP SPARTA!!!!! !

  20. $CEMP Another day another dollar...

  21. $CEMP recent new job openings also

  22. $CEMP Love this stock!!

  23. $RDUS $RCPT $CEMP $FPRX $BLCM $TGTX $OMER $RLYP some huge 2015 play. There are others play, but keeping it quiet for members. Ready for 2016

  24. $CEMP 23% of float short 7 days to cover...blue skys ahead

  25. $CEMP http://www.vice.com/read/a-gloomy-conversation-on-how-our-most-potent-antibiotics-no-longer-work?utm_source=vicefbus