1. Quarterly Schedule of portfolio holdings of management investment companies http://y.ahoo.it/qZRvyJkf $CHI

  2. Longs to be bought on strength: $DVA (careful with earning announcement) and $CHI

  3. $CHI Grab everything you can under 14.00. imo.

  4. $CHI nice buying opportunity imo.

  5. $CHI 14.00 SHARES GOING.

  6. $CHI The 14.00s are going now. Look for a rally today.

  7. $CHI Buying opportunity here imo. 13.97.

  8. $CHI Huge buying opportunity here. imo.

  9. $CHI a buy into the close imo.

  10. $CHI on the verge of breaking out here imo. 14.01 is a great entry imo.

  11. $CHI Breakout coming.

  12. $CHI Buying opportunity here imo.

  13. $CHI 14.03s up.

  14. $CHI Breakout coming imo.

  15. $CHI Breakout happening now.

  16. $CHI 14.01s going. Breakout imminent imo.

  17. $CHI after 14.01 she breaks out imo.

  18. $CHI going to rock out of the gate today. 14s coming babay.

  19. $CHI, grab some before the close imo.

  20. $CHI should run hard after 14.02 is broken. IMO.

  21. $CHI the 14.03s are going.

  22. $CHI 14.03 up.

  23. $CHI Volume alert. She s gonna run folks. imo.

  24. $CHI only 100 shares left at 14.00. Then we run imo.

  25. $CHI Once 14.00 is broken she runs imo.