1. $STO $WFT $VDE Hedge funds’ oil shorts reach peak for the year: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/2a22f08a-920f-11e5-94e6-c5413829caa5.html #FT $CHK

  2. $CHK .01 away... bummer. Perhaps tomorrows EIA report will be compelling enough to send us back up to around 5.80!

  3. $CHK I like to see Oil go up for more organic reasons like supply and demand rather than one time move higher on an international incident

  4. $CHK I love this one!

  5. $CHK hey Ukraine don t worry about Russia turn off THE NG tap, we can send you plenty soon.

  6. $CHK what a dream come true!

  7. $CHK Finally Oil is going up. Everyone is bullish on Saudi Comments.

  8. $CHK What s your avg?

  9. $CHK .50 s is the new bottom???

  10. $CHK tomorrow open on this will be interesting. ..power traders ride will continue ...till they see 30 to 40 % profit margin 😊😊😊

  11. $CHK finally broke my avg cost.... YES! Green for the day and hopefully green for next month! Long

  12. $CHK I truly hope shorts cover, don t want you to have bad feelings over the holiday.

  13. $XRX $CHK the only way $xrx moves up is if there is a total c-suite purge

  14. $CHK PS. You can t have my shares to cover either

  15. $CHK hoping for a nice end of day cover rally!

  16. $AUY $EXXI $CHK $PVA $HK $SDRL $REXX - πŸ’ͺ Power Hour

  17. $CHK higher lows forming.

  18. $HAL $SLB $XOM $CVX $PXD $CHK $DVN $UWTI $OIL - all are easy shorts. Oil is jumping on silly fears that the rest of the market disregarded

  19. $CHK in swing at 5.40

  20. $CHK The Force is strong in this one :)

  21. Josh,Pete & M.I.F. stay the course. Every time $CHK gets to the 5.50 - 5.75 range, buy big with long expiration dates.

  22. RIG, another Icahn holding, wants filling gap back to 17.30 from AHs following that solid earnings beat. $CHK $LNG $FCX

  23. $CHK looking to take small swing position today on a pullback.

  24. $KMI $LINE $CHK

  25. $CHK but hey. If it creates an international incident that makes oil go higher. Than by all means. Go through the airspace