1. $CHK Jun 13 Put Buy 5466 at .93

  2. $CHK oil tanked. Well holding up good.

  3. @SmarterAnalyst: $CHK Oppenheimer Maintains Outperform on Chesapeake Energy Following $500M Capital Budget Cutting http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/03/25/oppenheimer-maintains-outperform-on-chesapeake-energy-corporation-following-500m-capital-budget-cutting/

  4. $CHK somebody else thinks buyout could be coming-why would he up his stake?Because he knows hes going to make money - http://investorplace.com/2015/03/carl-icahn-chk-stock-chesapeake-energy/#.VRWdwvnF9wY

  5. Vista IM holds an allocation of 1.0% in $CHK in his Core Holding Investment Portfolio

  6. Bottom for oil/energy stocks? Talking with fund manager David Miller, who tracks insider trades. Insider buying at $CHK $MRO $SWN $BBG $TDW.

  7. $CHK @pietjepuk: @ibex I bought this recently @ 13.61... putting it on the shelf without a stop. I d do again but can only like once ;)

  8. $CHK VERY BULLISH! Wiped down that wall at 14.10! I smell a great green close imo :)

  9. $CHK about to go major R/G this will explode if we get past open!

  10. $CHK bullish flag on the daily

  11. $CHK Big Hedge funds planning out LONG attack on all these shorty hedge funds..Right now in final phase before pig roast

  12. $CHK inverted hammer candle stick. Great sign!

  13. $CHK broke through 13.99 resistance.. YELLEN speech coming.. Let s get some more fire!!

  14. $CHK Icahn buys with his hedge fund money, most likely not his own

  15. $CHK never buy on the hype, sell the hype buy the dip

  16. $CHK dollar gaining strength...WTI dropping...CHK will dip again

  17. $CHK buy fear sell the cheer

  18. $CHK @BioCash the type of people that LOSE MONEY are the type that DONT KNOW HOW TO TRADE, and TRADE WITH EMOTION.

  19. $CHK @BioCash keep illegally manipulating. CHK check a chart and you ll see the support was touched today.

  20. $CHK told you fools rush in get slaughtered first

  21. $CHK just waiting for $12 to buy

  22. @skitrader27 all out the remaining $CHK this morning. Reentry below 14 for half the shares. How you looking?

  23. @BioCash $CHK told you Icahn was losing his shirt...still is let me guess you sold so now you re going to bash!? LOL JESUS..

  24. $CHK told you Icahn was losing his shirt...still is

  25. $CHK held highs from days ago.. Support is in with WTI stayin stable