1. $CHK nothing is green today. Expecting $CHK to follow suit

  2. $CHK Hmm... contact law firm, let rumors fly, pick up several hundred $mm of bonds at fire sale prices..(lets hope they re that smart)

  3. $CHK I bought in at 2.26 thinking this will bounce.... Let s see what happens

  4. $CHK 2 days ago prev close was 3.06. Scare sell yesterday brought close down ~33%. Buy in.

  5. $CHK nice calls...

  6. $CHK #the one stop rubbish news platform #rumors by the bucket #feb 24 come faster

  7. 2/9 Trade Plan - $TSLA $NFLX $NUGT $SIEN $CHK $ETE $WMB $VHC $GGP $TRXC - http://mintcapitaltrading.com/daily-watch-lists/29-daily-scan/

  8. $CHK interesting move due to Bernstein see a better risk/reward in other names than CHK but maintains market perform and $7 PT

  9. $CHK #weather watch as well [Northeast braces for snow, strong winds & floods

  10. $CHK

  11. $CHK 2.16 now PM

  12. $CHK 100k sell at 2.10 PM lol bullish where?

  13. $CHK it is easier to go bankrupt than to fight and be the last ones standing. It gets worse before it gets better. Feb 24 #lawler #icahn

  14. $CHK lawler isn t hired to declare chapter 11, Icahn can raise the white flag alone. lawler s career is pegged here, so he ll do all he can

  15. $CHK just my opinion. Fed bail out = more government control = their plan all along.

  16. $CHK I m still a bull but shaken by yesterday- need to see the numbers Feb 24 before more insights but till then I ve a word on lawler

  17. $CHK Yesterday s rumor generated to buy back near-term ( 16- 18) maturities with $4B revolver at HUGE discount? If so, buys TIME. Brilliant!

  18. $SPY $OIL $ETE $CHK $WMB the 19 trillion the US has? Isn t that something. Really? 19 trillion in debt sounds like the US gov is more BK?

  19. $SPY $OIL $ETE $CHK $WMB I think it s extremely funny how the media wants to pick on companies with a smidgen of debt compared to the

  20. $CHK I see bidders looking to try n get in around $2 but cannot.. Should ve loaded yesterday.. May open up @ 2.10

  21. The Daily Shot And Data - February 9, 2016 $NMR $CHK $DB $EZU $GLD $OIL $COMP $TWTR $SPX http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/the-daily-shot-and-data-february-9-2016?post=85266

  22. Bernstein Sees Better Risk/Reward In Names Other Than Chesapeake, Maintains Market Perform And $7 PT $CHK

  23. $CHK oil green

  24. Lehman Event -like, CDS-derived risk on the horizon (via Chesapeake)? I was asked this today $CHK bit.ly/CHKBKF

  25. Premarket Top % Gainers: $CTIC 31% 22K Vol, $ETE 11% 6K, $CHK 7%, $BSI 5%, $BITI $FAZ $AUY $UCO $SAN $OPK $FCG $NOK $VOD $BT $SBGL $UWTI