1. $CHK will run and stay above $8 today, shots cover i would say ;)

  2. $CHK what a dummy I am... lol going to sell @ $8.. short term trade. Price action was so goofy yesterday, thought something was up???


  4. $CHK 6% decline last 2 hours of trading. what can you do?

  5. End Of Day Scan: Bearish Doji $BIL $HLX $CHK $CBI $HILL $AGO $RTK $GSBD $NEON $NHF www.DailyStockPlays.com

  6. $CHK one Democrat closer to getting decimated

  7. Josh,Pete & M.I.F. [Rick holds his PT.$FCX 7$, $CVX 65$, $RIG 9$, $SDRL 5.50$, $CHK 4.50$, $COP 39$ & $XOM 67$, WTI 32$] HOLDING ALL SHORTS

  8. A Brave New World For Natural Gas? $UNG $UNL $CHK $LNG http://etfdailynews.com/2015/09/01/a-brave-new-world-for-natural-gas/

  9. $DNR $HAL $CHK very happy to sold them yesterday.

  10. $CHK 207 million shs. short (7% of float)...some covering earlier. Everything else related to NRG way down.

  11. $CHK not enough volume to hold the trend

  12. $CHK my hunch is that when those knuckle heads in d.c. get back they will pass oil exports bill

  13. $CHK $LINE $RRC only oil/ gas cos green today

  14. $CHK chart is setting up nice .

  15. $CHK Winter is Coming for you Shorts!

  16. $CHK might test the day s high during power hr

  17. $CHK nat gas is up but usually this trades with oil even though it should trend with gas

  18. $CHK wow, I m finally making money off $CHK again... Today of all days...

  19. $CHK All you have to do is BUY THE MOTHERF ING DIPS!!!

  20. $CHK either not rationale or someone knows something... partnership/Joint venture or good news for NG this week...

  21. $CHK wow up when oil down... ill take it.

  22. $CHK wtf is going on?!

  23. $CHK another huge buy block

  24. $CHK hmmmmmmm?

  25. $CHK We need the mother of f.ing short squeeze to squeeze these pimply shorts into submission.... they will get theirs soon!!!