1. Bullish ADX Crossovers 1/3 $ABC $AIZ $BERY $CASY $CE $CELG $CHL $CMO $CVBF $DE $DGAZ $DVAX $EL $EMR $EXAS $FB $FIS http://y.ahoo.it/qUgjLslj

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  3. Prudent Value holds an allocation of 3.3% in $CHL in his Prudent Value Investment Portfolio

  4. Make sure you check out our China roundup before Alibaba s IPO! $BIDU $SNP $CHL $SOL $CHA $GS $BABA http://y.ahoo.it/g0AZpIpL

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  7. $AAPL $CHL Almost ready 4 China launch.. http://y.ahoo.it/yUu6PayX

  8. $AAPL One Step Closer To iPhone 6 Launch In China http://y.ahoo.it/W45xAThn $CHL

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  11. @applelongandstrong Chinese New Year is apparently like Christmas here, so that should be the goal just like last year s $CHL deal.

  12. Covestor holds an allocation of 0.9% in $CHL in his Yield Investment Portfolio

  13. took a little more $CHL short off 61.61.still think tests 58/60, but so hard to stay short anything in the Global Ponzi.so take some profits

  14. China Mobile starts to actively promote iPhone 6 in China regions. One more BIG promo. IMO launch Oct.1~16 $AAPL $CHL http://y.ahoo.it/iv2w1pBy

  15. $AAPL I don t believe the stock is going higher because of the China Mobile news.......remember the $CHL delay yesterday? I do.....

  16. @WeSeekClarity: $AAPL I dont get this why did it do so bad today? // iPhone6 not yet approved by China gvt, $CHL cutting subsidies,

  17. $AMX Looks At $T And SoftBank To Sell $17.5 Billion Assets http://y.ahoo.it/Lknz0qsv $SFTBF $CHL $TI $DTV

  18. @harryzimm2013 @Professional @RealFanboy101 iPhone 6 China Launch May Be Delayed Until 2015, http://y.ahoo.it/avFyjv5P$CHA $CHL $CHU $AAPL

  19. iPhone 6 China Launch May Be Delayed Until 2015, Apple, China Mobile Sell Off http://y.ahoo.it/uNblq4MD$CHA $CHL $CHU $AAPL

  20. $CHL Huge growth in data service will come at a cost which was highlighted today, that and the Typhoon helped knock this down today. Long+

  21. $AAPL : China Troubles Weigh In On Stock http://y.ahoo.it/aW1CoenB $CHL $SSNLF

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  23. China Mobile Eyes Long-Term Growth, But It Comes With A Cost $CHL http://y.ahoo.it/YphYUsds

  24. $CHL iPhone 6 ad... http://y.ahoo.it/Nk9kGRn8

  25. $CHL sold 1500 Last week