1. One of the bigger recent insider buys was yesterday s $1,031,157 purchase of $CLB, according to this list http://y.ahoo.it/Wmp4EmHP

  2. Westport Fund Q2 2014 Commentary http://y.ahoo.it/mcdxiwpm $UHS $BBBY $FST $STT $CLB $BRO $FRO $ZBRA

  3. Core Laboratories CFO Richard Bergmark Buys $1,031,170 in $CLB http://y.ahoo.it/pDg207j6

  4. Core Laboratories N.V. s EVP & CFO just picked up 7,000 shares http://y.ahoo.it/G6n5IiB0 $CLB

  5. Core Laboratories upgraded by Guggenheim to buy. $185.00 PT. http://y.ahoo.it/Dw5m3Zs8 $CLB

  6. $CLB Does anyone know if CLB does major business in Russia/Ukraine?

  7. $CLB Core Laboratories N V files Form 10-Q (Quarterly Reports) SEC Filing.. http://y.ahoo.it/td7UOeAz

  8. Core Laboratories N.V. Just Filed Its Quarterly Report: EARNINGS PER SHAREWe... http://y.ahoo.it/fCGWr3ZG $CLB

  9. Looks like $CLB has been repurchasing shares. The drop in share count ranks them #228 on this buybacks list: http://y.ahoo.it/KeUgz64d

  10. $CLB I am holding LONG V, GILD, CLB, WFM, FEYE, TSLA... My portfolio is RED RED...

  11. $CLB Oh man down again... when Hedge funds are buying?? Institutions are own over 90%...

  12. Move Toward High Quality Stocks For Late Stage Bull Market (27 Stock Selections) $ABC $ADP $BAX $BEN $BF-B $CHRW $CLB $COST stks.co/i0qkz

  13. @PatInTheHat @SeekingC $CLB I mean May 12th, not 9th

  14. @PatInTheHat @SeekingC $CLB this move doesn t make sense to me either. It should have been priced in following their warning on May 9

  15. $CLB 2013 Q2 Earning was $1.32 2014 Q2 Earning is $1.35 but almost same $$$... which mean...CLB is oversold...

  16. @1nvestor: If you think $CLB holds Support (or maybe overshoots a little) then consider the Aug 155/160/145 Risk Reversal CS

  17. $CLB finally some meaningful buying volume

  18. $CLB what the hell is going on with CLB. Was the CC that bad

  19. Interesting responses stated wrt $CLB earnings call transcript http://y.ahoo.it/fpuFNdD2

  20. $CLB Big hands keep selling it whenever it bounce... Inside info??? CLB is a good value company though..

  21. @1nvestor looks like if 150 doesn t hold, 142ish is decent level $CLB

  22. $CLB - http://y.ahoo.it/GEW2bP1A - Tidal Wave Volume - Currently at 5 x average daily volume.

  23. If you think $CLB holds Support (or maybe overshoots a little) then consider the Aug 155/160/145 Risk Reversal CS

  24. $CLB no bounce at all. Very disappointing

  25. $CLB Cant imagine it will stay down for long. Benefits from both new shale plays as well as enhancing production of older sites.