1. $CLDX still holding above $20, and short interest up 450k. Just love the smell of a burned crispy short. Hope we can hold above $19.50

  2. $CLDX I ve paid my dues, time after time

  3. @XKNG: $CLDX just called, she says she wants her pump back < Still short still hurting....

  4. $CLDX just called, she says she wants her pump back

  5. $CLDX perking... come on up up up

  6. $CLDX Watching that 19.50 level for support


  8. $KNDI $SUNE $CLDX $AA this market doesnt know what it wants... Revised positive GDP and it goes red. Meanwhile bad news causes it 2 go green

  9. $CLDX yes! Come on down some more

  10. $CLDX 65M took it up so it s ok if 300K volume bring it down 60 cents.

  11. $CLDX any technical gurus thoughts on current chart. Pullback and how far below $20 could it drop...thoughts...

  12. $CLDX open gap to $25 but losing strength here, dangerous candle yesterday, could sell some here, +61% at the moment

  13. @Think4self Some Biostocks that needs to move this week $SGEN,$HALO,$RPRX almost everything is moving these day. Winners $RNA,$FPRX,$CLDX

  14. Can $CLDX be the next $REGN? $1.8B market cap. Pipeline here: http://www.celldex.com/pipeline/pipeline-overview.php

  15. WL tomorrow: $TSLA $KMI $CLDX $INO I got hammered by $HABT I will watch it for a better entry this week.

  16. $INO sold trading shares at $10.45 in AH - holding long core position although liking my other biotech $CLDX more

  17. got $CLDX 2 mos ago and making $50K right now...got $OPK for a year now & still waiting to break even..#gettingimpatient #doyourmagicfrost

  18. $CLDX The battle is on https://www.tradingview.com/x/Y3xDZH6O/

  19. $CLDX Great read on Immunotherapy. http://finance.yahoo.com/mbview/threadview/?&bn=ef145a6a-8faa-3c06-9031-7248813df2f0&tid=1416861027130-5b10f43e-f391-46ce-a053-8f688865ecd1

  20. $CLDX Obvious target is that gap at 28.5 from end of February for starters


  22. @zorbs99 @JohnWelshGhost Why do you think they don t need cash? $CLDX

  23. $CLDX I got lucky and bought this at $14 before rindo clinical update. Too bad didn t have $ to buy 10x more shares.

  24. $CLDX Amazing company with deep pipeline and strong cash balance, good data... Well below its ATH, what s not to like?

  25. $CLDX Green time