1. $BMRN $VRTX $CLDX, hope u got some on my posts near the open, now bouncing, buy the dips going forward

  2. $CLDX has 12 million shares sold short and they will cover ahead of May oncology meeting

  3. $CLDX how low this can go

  4. $CLDX should bounce right here

  5. $CLDX expect today to print a higher low compared to 4/16 & at prior weeks support. Adding shares

  6. $CLDX POS

  7. $CLDX this is what happens when you (meaning ME) dont sell when it hit $16...

  8. @zorbs99 Here you go. $cldx TA matters. That being said I love this longterm and would be shocked not to see +25 Y/E http://y.ahoo.it/bdJ4CpLw

  9. $CLDX unbelievable!! This crap just never ends. So where are all the expert chartist prediction people now?

  10. $CLDX Down over 7% on nothing but fickle attitudes

  11. $CLDX ugh... ugly

  12. $CLDX do we close at $16 today or head lower….

  13. $CLDX you don t think cldx will be over $19 by ASCO? I would hold those overpriced calls.

  14. $CLDX oops call buy order from yday was GTC instead of day... owning some overpriced 19 may calls... if anyone wants some :)

  15. Freedom 35 Top Long Stock Pick $CLDX April 23 2014 http://y.ahoo.it/1t6W76Fh

  16. $CLDX from like it here

  17. Stocks to Watch for April 23, 2014 http://y.ahoo.it/L2YcEb5e $AVEO $CLDX $GEVO $GILD $GS $NVDA $VHC

  18. $ACAD even $CLDX , nice bounces now after full reset lows achieve

  19. WOW to the biotechs, but they are still far lower in value now than when I sold them... $CLDX $MRNA $PGNX $ICPT

  20. $CLDX updated chart. What a call folks !! http://y.ahoo.it/S8SDF1gs

  21. $CLDX Needs to hold above 16. This Ping Pong match is becoming tiresome to watch

  22. $CLDX Still WAY oversold.....needs to get back into the 20s; catalysts will push this back to 30s

  23. $CLDX - this is broken for now technically. It needs to prove it first before any longs can be established

  24. $CLDX should be back above $20 heading into May ASCO

  25. @Keynesonomics Great timing on that call! $CLDX