1. $KITE plus other BIOS Ex. $CLDX $NVAX $VTAE losing their ability to now stay in flight. Chart previously posted $STUDY http://stocktwits.com/message/32050775

  2. $CLDX What are some upcoming catalysts and efficacy predictions?

  3. @SmarterAnalyst: $CLDX Cowen Comments On Celldex Therapeutics Following Initiation Of varlilumab/Opdivo Phase I/II http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/01/30/cowen-comments-celldex-therapeutics-following-initiation-varlilumabopdivo-phase-iii-trial/

  4. Some nice percentage gainers for us that we re now avoiding. $KITE $CLDX $NVAX $VTAE $TUBE $TRUE Party is most likely over, at least for now

  5. $CLDX Cowen Comments On Celldex Therapeutics Following Initiation Of varlilumab/Opdivo Phase I/II Trial http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/01/30/cowen-comments-celldex-therapeutics-following-initiation-varlilumabopdivo-phase-iii-trial/

  6. $CLDX Setting up for a 20ema test next week.

  7. $CLDX I will take profits when it goes to $80 http://seekingalpha.com/article/2837576

  8. @zorbs99 $CLDX not many good stocks worth holding in a down market. This is an exception.

  9. $CLDX It is only a profit... when you sell. $-)

  10. $CLDX do we hold $21?

  11. $CLDX 7 months back, but this guy says it best. CLDX A Big Cancer Player http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?video=3000279633

  12. @zorbs99 $CLDX traders are actually shorting this stock. High risk little reward doesn t make sense. Turn on you and get burned.

  13. $CLDX ICPT SI is 30%, up 30% $51AH yesterday because of a early breakthrough therapy designation from FDA. I am expecting same with CLDX.

  14. stocks that climbed out of recent Boxes $AFFX $AKRX $AMAG $AMPH $ANIP $BIIB $CELG $CHRS $CLDX $IPHI $ISLE $KITE $QURE $SMCI $TASR $VRX $ZLTQ

  15. $CLDX wow ICPT shorts are in a bit of hot water AH with that FDA breakthrough.... big ouch.

  16. $CLDX SEC update Blackrock added 3 million shares. Not to shabby.

  17. Added $CLDX at the close! $BIIB will lift the $IBB & $BIB tomorrow!!!

  18. $BIIB Beats Estimates! ...hopefully this means a green day for $IBB tomorrow and all the followers.. $ACHN $FOLD $CLDX... ...$MSFT?? :)))

  19. @lauro1 $CLDX Manipulating a great stock. Taking out all the stops clearing any money on the table. This should have ripped this afternoon!

  20. @ajbrzoz: $CLDX Dr. John Sampson of Duke University on the topic of immunotherapy http://blog.braintumor.org/immunotherapy-qa-dr-john-sampson-part-ii/ $CLDX https://twitter.com/ajbrzski/status/560603474476285952/photo/1

  21. $CLDX I can t believe this is down after news this AM with BM. Anyone know why?

  22. DONE FOR THE DAY $CLDX +.67 $GENE +.26 $BABA+.33 $GENE +.04 $TSO +1.65 $GENE -.82 SLOPPY trading to end the day on $GENE

  23. @Snowball2013 hammer chopped away. so it goes. $CLDX

  24. @Canuck_Technical_Trades: $CLDX hammer

  25. $CLDX hammer