1. $CLDX OI for maturity 02/19/2016. 7.00 Highest put. 15.00 Highest call. http://maximum-pain.com/options/open-interest?s=CLDX&urk=CLDX https://twitter.com/Maximum_Pain_cm/status/698640610555613185/photo/1

  2. $CLDX OI for maturity 02/19/2016. 7.00 Highest put. 15.00 Highest call. http://maximum-pain.com/options/open-interest?s=CLDX&urk=CLDX https://twitter.com/Maximum_Pain_cm/status/698630352768663552/photo/1

  3. $CLDX Insiders began accumulating Aug, 2015. Rintega Phase 3 results due soon. Pps jumped after Healthcare Conf Thur, Feb 11, 2016. Squeeze?

  4. Watchlist for Monday, February 15 $NK $GILD $JUNO $ZFGN $GALE $CLDX $TWTR $VRTX $CMRX http://fonsietraderblog.blogspot.pt/2016/02/watchlist-for-monday-february-15-nk.html

  5. Stock chart setups for the week ahead http://www.ac-investor.blogspot.com/2016/02/stock-chart-setups-for-week-ahead.html $BBRY $CLDX $GRPN $NK $RMBS $TWTR $VHC #daytrading #investing #chartsetups

  6. $CLDX i meant CDX110+temo should therefore >> temo alone in ACTIV trial. As a bonus they added GM-CSF! That s like steroids for immune sys.

  7. Our DCF has $CLDX available at a 32% discount - thoughts??:

  8. $CLDX Sorry for the posts if it seems confusing. But basically, deduction of past results suggests we will have a positive study.

  9. $CLDX Temo+Avastin was worse than Avastin alone in recurrent GBM.

  10. $CLDX then it stands to reason that CDX110 will be superior to Tomozolomide, with better side effect profiles. Interestingly

  11. $CLDX is superior to standard (Avastin) and Avastin was equivalent to standard therapy (tomozolomide)to newly dx GBM (study in 2014)

  12. $CLDX expressed the EGFR target v. standard therapy. Typically, newly Dx cancer are more responsive initial therapy. If CDX110+standard

  13. $CLDX CDX110 targets. ReACT trial data clinically significant (p<0.05) for progression free survival at 6 months in recurrent GBM that

  14. $CLDX reviewed the study designs again on clinicaltrials.gov. Important to note ALL patients expressed the EGFRvIII target that

  15. $CLDX last pop before execution some time this month. Fair value $2.50

  16. $CLDX Yeah we are at the mercy of the big boys. What do we know. As long as we get the bread crumbs off their table we should be satisfied

  17. $CLDX HOD !! Very nice day..... Added $NK to my swing long list. Indicators are starting to turn up.

  18. $ACHN $CLDX $AGIO $JUNO $BLCM $ARIA $ALNY So glad I was able to sell that kidney last week!!!

  19. $CLDX is this just market sentiment? Quite a swing we ve had in the last week. Public catching onto conference details.

  20. $CLDX groping for a bottom on the dailies ...but it is tough go right now .Needs news/volume and sector bounce ...

  21. $CLDX peopleneed to take $ off sideand buy bo across board time we get the BULL back

  22. $CLDX finally some good news in bio icpt aquisition talks i had a small share at 100 was light but nice eeffect on sector . etf good too

  23. $CLDX IF this goes well... You don t want to miss this rocket launch. Just check the past few years and he moves it makes

  24. $CLDX You deserve to be in the teens.

  25. $CLDX very nice... eyes on $VRNG volume is picking up. $SWKS long at 57.22 avg price