1. $cldx flag is tight like a tiger. added more today on the dip...waiting for a break to the upside

  2. $CLDX End of Day Scan: Bullish Pullback

  3. $CLDX think this is going back up tomorrow


  5. Stocks like $FOMX , $NVAX $CLDX make highs at the end of day while $BLUE make lows what a POS

  6. Buy $CLDX at low price today, tomorrow will be above $18, this week will be $19.

  7. $CLDX now we wait for the next catalyst

  8. $CLDX never did like ex Enron CEO running NWBO, Hedge fund dumps sick amt of $$$ into company, waste of money, they should switch to CLDX

  9. $CLDX April, Starfund hedge fund Woodford pours another $40M into NWBO “ Now, Woodford brings in ex-FBI Elliott Leary probe into company.

  10. $CLDX

  11. $CLDX I am expecting to touch $19 soon/ this week, anyone else?

  12. Still holding $CREE $CLDX $POT $JOY $AKAM come listen to the broadcast to find out when I sell

  13. $AAPL L & $FB short via calls & commons + $SPY Puts. $SRPT short. $BABA long weee. LL $LABD wee Loser is $CLDX . PrecisionTrade365.com $$$

  14. $CLDX Use 18.6 as trigger for next long trade. target 19.56 (150 SMA)

  15. $CLDX like the bounce back. Traders who sold. See ya. They come and go

  16. $CLDX that s a spooky move. I lost money.

  17. $CLDX out all positions..first half 10% second half 8%..goodluck longs

  18. $CLDX pretty close for break out

  19. $CLDX cross $18.50!

  20. Early morning watch list on catalysts: $ORMP $PIRS $CBLI $CANF $AVXL $PRSN $CSIQ $CLDX - chat with our traders free in our free chat room.

  21. I ll be adding to $CLDX on any pull back. $FOSL should continue to fill the gap. $DNKN is improving.

  22. $CLDX into the gap, may want to test gap fill/200dma, inverse H&S pattern

  23. $CLDX is a BUY with 94.7% upside to current price of $17.75 based on averages of all analyst ratings/targets http://manyratings.com/CLDX

  24. $CLDX $MCUR $VLTC $AKBA $KERX $CSTM - Nice work!

  25. $CLDX