1. $CLDX I follow acad, imgn & cldx. Acad and imgn are up big, but I got tricked into buying cldx and am in the red. Funny.

  2. $CLDX up .50 early AM on no shares traded....and now. this stock is so baffling

  3. $ARWR $cldx $ent $isis Weekly Cloud

  4. $ARWR $CLDX $ENT $ISIS Weekly Ichimoku Cloud Better Picture 14.6 low res 17.3 up to Break Cloud

  5. $BAC $BDC $CASY $CLDX $FSI $GEVO Bullish harami patterns to trade for next week

  6. Closed the week with these longs: $AA $AKS $CLDX $GE $HRB $JNJ $KO $V

  7. $CLDX http://y.ahoo.it/ivq9QY8U

  8. $CLDX Where is the volume?

  9. $CLDX Showing legs, I like her for September.

  10. $GALT running - FYI $REGN $IBB $CLDX folks

  11. $CLDX so how will shorts drive cldx down today.Not expecting a green day .Need news update on trials

  12. 4 Bio-Tech Stock Shooting Star Patterns to go short on http://y.ahoo.it/bUzFtREl $PFE $TMUS $ISIS $CLDX

  13. $CLDX 3 days running shorts at 17 area & again today, $IBB rolls over this goes back where it belongs

  14. $CLDX so much for the short term uptrend.

  15. $CLDX forming new downtrend. pb to 15 seems likely to me, if not 14

  16. $CLDX I just bought some more...I think we hit $18 today or tomorrow.

  17. $CLDX bullish move !

  18. $CLDX trying to hold $16. Shorts trying real hard to pull cldx down.

  19. $CLDX Still has great upside in since 12.6 http://y.ahoo.it/B4Bfg9u0

  20. $CLDX I d really like to add some at 15. too much down pressure over 16 for me right now

  21. Doing Some Light Selling | Trading Algorithms with The Fly http://y.ahoo.it/BJovGIm2 $YELP, $CLDX

  22. $CLDX , Sometimes buy and hold is better approach than looking at doji all day,.

  23. $CLDX

  24. $CLDX roll just like yest from 17 area...will keep taking these

  25. @sogenerous still going to keep shorting $CLDX