1. Watch-list ( Setup with entry , targets ) For 3/3 $ADNC $ARO $GBSN $AVEO $NRX $BIOC $CLDX $HART http://www.upstockstrading.com/2015/03/upstocks-weekly-newsletter-spy-apdn-hart-at-vip-nptn-gbsn-cycc-angi-cybr-stem-eyes-aveo-unxl%e2%80%8f/

  2. Starting the week strong with $XOMA $CLDX $GILD $PFNX. Good luck everyone. Happy Tuesday!

  3. $CLDX Too much upside! Going to add to my position in the morning. Wanted to see the close above 27 for confirmation.

  4. $CLDX Cdx-301 could end up being a widely used drug in any type of situation where an augmentation of the immune system response is desired!

  5. $CLDX CDX-301 related abstract out.Pretty interesting.Circulating precursors of human CD1c+ and CD141+ dendritic cells,keeps getting better

  6. $CLDX calm down tiger no body is racing, i haven t got in full position yet. 52 wks high should be in the bag, imo

  7. $BX $CY $INVN $CRUS $CLDX $HOV Side Trades on the sunnyside today.

  8. $CLDX lets see one more run today

  9. $CLDX close over $27 today. $29 coming? Thoughts.....

  10. $CLDX Im holding

  11. $CLDX Volume is OK. Biotech sector is hot.

  12. $CLDX $CLVS having a North party invite $PBYI in.

  13. $CLDX wagging my tail yes

  14. $CLDX been pumping it every sub $19 dip.. weee $30 baby

  15. $CLDX Clap clap ......

  16. $CLDX Any one ready to sell at 27 ? Dont think ....

  17. $CLDX will be 28 soon. just watch

  18. $CLDX !!!

  19. @Volpinacci JAZZ yeah,, 170 like a fortress on it.. My $CLDX looks like dream come true.

  20. $CLDX Green means GO!

  21. $CLDX :)

  22. $CLDX still holding. I will sell at 27. I told u 10 percent in coming days

  23. $CLDX On my watch list. Already rolling with $CEMP

  24. $CLDX Early Stage 2 continuation http://stageanalysis.net/forum/showthread.php?tid=15&pid=6953#pid6953 http://stocktwits.com/message/33361837

  25. @pbnoj @cody1422 I am talking about the recent PO by $CLDX