1. stop out $cldx Flat

  2. $CLDX stock just plain awfull.

  3. $STML & $CLDX are both trading at $14 from (47 and 38 highs in 2013). I think both have potential to hit 50-100 by or before 2016-2017

  4. $IG Does not follow the crowd, it leads: $MACK, $CNAT,$CLDX,$ARWR,$FPRX,KBIO,$FOLD,$GALE,$RXII,$OPK,$MNKD,$INO,$ARIA$ADHD,$TKMR,$DRTX,$ATRS

  5. $CLDX this is rocking? lol

  6. $cldx rocking!:) trying to hit H~O~D

  7. $CLDX - http://y.ahoo.it/sJnvC6Ec - This company s HUGE Quarterly Rev Growth explains the move today! - Up 3% for the day.

  8. $CLDX so IBB had to go up 1.4% for this one to turn green 0.07%? lol

  9. $cldx red to green

  10. back in $cldx got $xiv starter pos

  11. Parabolic Sar Sell Signals 2/3 $BDSI $BIDU $BLOX $BRCD $BRCM $CAG $CAMP $CASY $CLDX $CTRX $CTXS $DATA $DLPH $DSKY http://y.ahoo.it/Eg99rEhr

  12. $CLDX will wait until Fed s, then baba ipo

  13. Biotech losers today (w volume): $ACHN $NPSP $ARWR $EXEL $SYN $EXAS $ACAD $BDSI $CYTR $CLDX $JAZZ $SRPT $ZIOP

  14. $CLDX Need to get back in. Maybe into long-dated options.

  15. Trying Link again (Short Interest, Biotechs) : http://y.ahoo.it/UGTGqPPA $CLDX $KERX $ICPT $SRPT $ARIA

  16. RT @TomSilver39 CS Top10 Biotech Co s w/ the Least & Most Short Interest: $CLDX $KERX $ICPT $SRPT $ARIA pic.twitter.com/RMCOQTe2x7

  17. $CLDX wow!!!

  18. $avnr took gain 1/2 $cldx stop out earlier

  19. $AVNR Few stocks r trying to make for a good week $NPSP,$CPRX,$RARE. GLTA $MNKD,$INO,$ARIA,$ACRX,$ARWR,$CNAT,$CLDX,$GILD,$TGTX,$DRTX,$ACHN

  20. $CLDX the upside here is hit or miss, but its worth playing. 2016 calls are my preferred strategy, then 2017 calls once they are available

  21. $CLDX if $ITMN is worth 8B on 1 drug for IPF, then CDX-1127 alone could be worth 8-9B or 100/share. Let alone breast/brain cancer drugs

  22. $CLDX 2015/2016 will be insane - monster data pivotal trials those years. 2 ph3, multiple ph 2. Stock could be 100+ by 2017 if data all good

  23. Longs, cost basis: $AA $12.02 $AKS $10.07 $CLDX $15.58 $GILD $107.46 $GE $26.91 $HRB $33.61 $JNJ $83.54 $KO $36.78 $TWTR $52.38 $V $175.95

  24. Closed the week with these longs: $AA $AKS $CLDX $GE $GILD $HRB $JNJ $KO $TWTR $V

  25. $CLDX another red day in cldx land.