1. Closed the week with these longs: $AA $CLDX $GE $GLW $JNJ $KO $V

  2. Pretty much got our assets kicked this week! But only 2 stops triggered, $XCO Wed (8% loss) & $JDSU today (6% loss). $CLDX could be next

  3. $CLDX cldx get the sh$$t out of your pants!! Lets try to close above $13 for a day?

  4. @rahagar Here is mine $SD, $DATA, $CLDX $MDWD.....

  5. #biotech #buy #stocks $OXGN $ZGNX $CYCC $ABIO $VSTM $ARWR $RGDO $PGNX $EVOK $AGEN $CLDX $IMMU and others http://y.ahoo.it/R2e5AwXU

  6. $TSL $YOKU $CLDX Buy now before the mkt rebounds tomorrow!

  7. $CLDX I watched this go over 14 yesterday and was upset I had sold at 13.55. I just want to thank everybody for letting me get in at 13.12.

  8. $CLDX it s coming, i hope you are all on board now. Train is heading north.

  9. $CLDX i am in!

  10. $CLDX 20% gain on 2 day hold puts... Loaded up on calls. Out by the weekend! Watch out next week bc of the conf call

  11. $CLDX good entry here

  12. $CLDX I own 0 common, stock is a dog. Dec 2014 & sep2015 catalysts. Stock now 1/3 of what it was in fall, mkt has little confidence in them

  13. Got 10 $CLDX 2016 $13 calls for $5.00. Think this is best way to play it. If gets to 38 again before 2016, option to $25-30+ for 500%+

  14. $CLDX 300 millcash, deep pipeline w/2 late stage products, 90% inst owned and only 1 bill market cap. Wake up street!

  15. $CLDX Ramping up for commercialization with promotions. http://y.ahoo.it/mirp6umT

  16. $CLDX Celldex Therapeutics Announces Senior Leadership Promotions.. http://y.ahoo.it/dvJvaiUW

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  18. $CLDX seems bottomed. LONG

  19. $CLDX move up AH!

  20. $CLDX any idea on catalyst time frame?

  21. $CLDX bought up puts to catch the fall... rose way too quickly.

  22. $CLDX isnt this fun! told you guys

  23. Mannkind Corporation (MNKD) Sinks As Biotech Has Rough Day http://y.ahoo.it/RIwj2PQV $MNKD $NFLX $CLDX

  24. $CLDX Bottom is in for the short term... up we go from here today.

  25. $CLDX I wish I had more money to buy some more at this idiotic price!