1. $CLF http://www.mining.com/bhp-iron-ore-ok-already-well-stop-expanding-14241/ $BHP says its going to rein in Iron Ore expansion. Price recovery anyone?


  3. Thanksgiving Top Trades Review – Using Options To Reduce Risk & Increase Profits $GSK $CAT $USO $AAPL $TZA $CLF $EWJ http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/options/thanksgiving-top-trades-review--using-options-to-reduce-risk-and-increase-profits?post=53427

  4. Midday Gainers, November 21: $NGVC , $EIGI , $CNV http://www.bidnessetc.com/29662-midday-gainers-november-21-natural-grocers-by-vitamin-cottage-inc-ngvc-endu/ $CLF $BID

  5. $CLF easy down easy up. Cray stock. http://stocktwits.com/message/29539726

  6. those will expire worthless should sell puts not buy free easy $$ @ddierkin: Bought some $11.00 $CLF puts heading into the close.

  7. Bought some $11.00 $CLF puts heading into the close. Think we re headed for a consolidation of the last two days of gains.

  8. $8.50 calls were 10Cents 14xbagger @TheGoose: Guess I should have bought some $CLF lotto calls on the open yesterday. Nice move. Gap filled

  9. Pre-Market Movers For November 21: $CLF , $BID , $SPLK , $GME and $GEOS http://www.bidnessetc.com/29641-premarket-movers-for-november-21/

  10. $CLF wooohooooo

  11. $CLF Next level of (R) 10.30 followed by the 50D @ 10.45 https://www.tradingview.com/x/hrovnBwA/

  12. $CLF In beast mode, the big $ just stole from all the longs that were scared and shaken out. Buying back hand over fist.

  13. $CLF update stocktwits

  14. $CLF no kidding... big boys trying to pin it right on 10 to steal it.

  15. $CLF Be nice...clost above $10.00

  16. $CLF going for the $10 pin

  17. $CLF go get 10 again!

  18. $CLF Hold on to your shorts maybe another bank will say they re short on Monday

  19. $CLF Big Boys setting the tape up for Monday!! Heavy bids coming in here!!

  20. $CLF sprint looks to want to start a run for the shorted to death fans of you

  21. Stocks with good weekly options, Nov 28th: $DDS $GDP $RUBI $CLF http://sfoscanner.com/pages/cache?id=u20q166

  22. China rate cut is a currency war against Japanese Yen. people have no idea. all commodities will go up, yes including crude $cl_f $FCX $CLF

  23. $CLF just cant hold the 50% retrace line. See my levels video http://brooklyn-trader.com/media/

  24. @mesmoothsailing here s the effect rate cut had in China. meh $CLF $WLT http://stocktwits.com/message/29530732

  25. China rate cut news will pump up iron ore and copper. maybe more on copper. will see on Monday when shanghai opens $clf $fcx