1. $CL_F MONDAY 7:00 AM ET-3:00 PM ET LIVE FUTURES CLASSROOM, LIMITED ROOM http://www.rhinotradegroup.com/

  2. Crude Oil (WTI) - Technical analysis trends $CL_F $OIL $USO http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/03/crude-oil-wti-technical-analysis-trends_6.html

  3. $CL_F: Bloomberg: El-Erian: Demand Won’t Push Oil Back to $100 Per Barrel: http://stockcomments.com/cl_f-bloomberg-el-erian-demand-wont-push-oil-back-to-100-per-barrel/

  4. $CL_F note my last 48.60 target never got hit… was off by 5 cents few days ago… might be next week

  5. $CL_F daily. Crude Oil daily. $USO $OIL $SCO $UCO $DTO $DNO $UWTI $DWTI http://stocktwits.com/message/33667269

  6. $TVIX Uh oh Dennis Slothower warns us that the Market is CRASHING IN 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $SPX $SPY $ES_F $NYA $CL_f

  7. $CL_F ... http://stocktwits.com/message/33666496

  8. $CL_F Crude showing signs of a slowing free fall in both the daily and intraday charts. Bullish coming week expected http://stocktwits.com/message/33664946

  9. $CL_F Crude showing signs of a slowing free fall in both the daily and intraday charts. Bullish coming week expected. http://stocktwits.com/message/33664946

  10. $CL_F Had a good run of trades past month. I do not want to get carried away. It s a good time to take a break and reflect on past month.

  11. Very strong move into USD today. $GC_F $CL_F $NQ_F down.

  12. $CL_F not inventory build, not rig count - it s the strong dollar. thats a bit tough to fight

  13. $CL_F big overshoots on top of selling news - wild wild west. Bold wild traders in the pits. adjusting to the style.

  14. $CL_F so far 52 to 48.5 is the range, we explored lower, found support, now hopefully explore higher next week, if not, stop will be taken

  15. $CL_F Not too terrible a close, hopefully get a bounce to 50.7+ & will get out at breakeven first...& then wait for next set up

  16. Closest to $CL_F live prices. The Crude CFDs. Bookmark these for $UWTI $DWTI http://www.dailyfx.com/crude-oil & http://www.cx-portal.com/wti/oil_en.html

  17. $CL_F IF we break 48 & stay below, will close cashflow long for $1,700 loss per contract reduced a bit by scalp gains, it is what it is

  18. $CL_F Taking home full core ,cashflow long from 50.69 into weekend...will have to see if bounce next week to get out of cashflow long

  19. $CL_F Oh, look where we found support. Importan (Kijun) for monday. http://stocktwits.com/message/33659706

  20. $CL_F wti had a higher weekly close, w higher low/higher high. prefer a nice steady step. fast rise can not be trusted.

  21. $CL_F will hold longs avg 49.4 for 2-3 days, just as having faked the rally to 52 on this Wed.

  22. $CL_F Huge squeeze higher going to mid 60Level fast.

  23. $CL_F $ES_F $AAPL I will be doing a free webinar tuesday march 10 4:15 est https://ninjatrader.omnovia.com/register/81161425651547

  24. $CL_F no more action after 3pm. r we done for the day?

  25. Where Do We Put All This Oil? http://managed-futures-blog.attaincapital.com/2015/03/06/where-do-we-put-all-this-oil/ $CL_F $USO $OIL $DTO $SCO http://stocktwits.com/message/33655996