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  2. $EXXI $UWTI $CL_F still think we see 41.5X to move to near 44?

  3. So far, it seems death cat bounce $USO $JJC $UWTI $HG_F $CL_F

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  5. $CL_F 32 $HG_F 1.5 $GC_F 950 $DX_F 135 $SPY 192 -FY 2016 ;) $GC_F $GLD

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  9. $cl_f king salman is NOT off to a good start....i predict a palace uprising very soon

  10. $cl_f i was bullish from 4270 so could be very wrong about 4200 also so just scalping now

  11. $cl_f well CL market wants to hold onto 4200 for awhile


  13. $CL_F 4210.stop.toppy

  14. $CL_F big bounces off of 4193 ...good support imo

  15. $UWTI heading toward center of gravity $uso $uco $dwti $CL_F

  16. $CL_F only obs: 2x (42.41-41.92) = 41.43; 161.8 (42.75-41.92) = 41.41 = -100 t move; 41.41 = last Fri rth low. big area here 41.90-.94 imo

  17. $UWTI if you have not tihing of $35 oil now is the time to revise your decision $dwti $uso $uco $CL_F

  18. $CL_F current low = aTL rth only D 1116 & 11/23 low

  19. $CL_F in a nasty bear flag on the daily

  20. $CL_F 42.stop.bottomed-out

  21. $CL_F i don t like these levels as much as normal following shortened days, but breakout short number 4today 41.94. often good S 1st touch

  22. $CL_F bottom is in

  23. $CL_F if we break 42.41 today.. it is going to break 43 by the close

  24. $CL_F late now but note how good 42.41 was p/m, 50% rth only D continuous contract last 13 days. all this global news, remains balanced imo

  25. $CL_F 42.23 has been the bogey since 11/24