1. Heating Oil Calendar Spread Gearing for a Possible Breakout - http://y.ahoo.it/F1zidzfi $CL_F

  2. $CL_F $QM_F hourly with daily pivots for Sun-Mon http://y.ahoo.it/zwKGq4Ur

  3. $CL_F $QM_F ... realized G/L +4.300 QM points (+$2,150 less ~$54 commish) since switching to QMU4 on 7/15/14

  4. $CL_F $QM_F EOW status: flat QMU4 and short (1) CLU4 8/15 98P at 0.38 which is currently slightly ITM (unrealized loss) but (cont)

  5. $CL_F Anybody holding over the weekend?

  6. $CL_F wow 97.43

  7. $CL_F to ye who took me out of short .92, i think u should take money at .43, lol. ah man better traders shook me out of nice short.

  8. $CL_F next week unless chopping at these areas overnight or patterns say no, first touch plan: short 97.88 (again), long 97.31

  9. $CL_F unlucky into close: short size .88, rule don t fight break of 2:20 est 5m stopped .92 loss. hit lmt short .81 but no fill, drop 30+

  10. $CL_F didn t hv much today. 97.28, 97.09 solid, failed brk lower, nice cup to 97.86 into close http://y.ahoo.it/oCAAjksw

  11. thx for the gifts $cl_f $gc_f #$es_f !!! have a great weekend everyone!! oh yeah, hey $maroon, what about $gbp/usd?

  12. $CL_F 30M - bearish channel, stuck below 123.6 & monster fork bottom(yellow) - hard to be bullish http://y.ahoo.it/qDjBfZEm

  13. Posted Earlier Today: Crude Oil: Brent versus WTI as posted on Aboutdotcom. http://y.ahoo.it/JrOHUfzU $CL_F $XLE $OIL

  14. $CL_F nears a possible short term support level. http://y.ahoo.it/0EnczzDk http://y.ahoo.it/NUzmHCww

  15. September Crude pit session just closed--24hr levels HOD 9810 LOD 9709 Last 9772 -0.46% $CL_F $ES_F $TLT

  16. Crude headed into pit session close in 5 minutes will have numbers on close $CL_F $ES_F $SPY $TLT $TBT

  17. $CL_F if I had to bet I d say ETH will see 98+ despite profit taking

  18. $CL_F wonder if it has enough steam to break overnight highs above 98 going into the close. That would be nice

  19. @spiderbyte87: $CL_F 97.89 and this turns bull, but for now 96.55 is on deck. .. starting to lean toward bullish into next week.

  20. $CL_F stupid w patter on 5 mins playing out..booo

  21. $CL_F Price action holding the lows and making repeated attempts at 97.50 was bullish short term . ;)


  23. $CL_F Not luving the short side anymore..looks ripe for an upward correction. may b not now but soon

  24. $CL_F had one decent opportunity to enter after the open..I m done with CL unless something crazy happens

  25. $UGAZ, $KOL, & $CL_F http://y.ahoo.it/DvV5OyI7