1. $CL_F Learned that lesson the hard way. An article I did on the subject: http://www.thefibdoctor.com/2014/10/22/wrong-stay-wrong/

  2. $CL_F Word to the wise. Followed what I thought was going to happen instead of what I could see. Pure Greed, turned 2 day 12K profit into 3K

  3. $CL_F Bears rolled over dead. Bulls in control and higher powers driving this upwards and the USD down. Needs more than just Glut to turn it

  4. $CL_F $CL - Great Results - Must watch the video in this article....

  5. Weekly outlook IMO: Credit liquidity/ contraction, oil liquidation, currency pressure, shipping squeeze in play. $SPY $ES_F $TVIX $DXY $CL_F

  6. $USO Forget the #Oil Glut. Prepare for the gasoline glut http://ibankcoin.com/maven/2016/04/29/forget-the-oil-glut-prepare-for-the-gasoline-glut/ $OIL $OIH $XLE $SPY $UWTI $DWTI $CL_F

  7. We knew #Oil will rally regardless the outcome of Doha meeting April 17 http://elliottwave-forecast.com/technical-blog/what-to-expect-from-doha-meeting-this-sunday/ #elliottwave $CL_F

  8. $CL_F > 47

  9. Reviewing this week s energy fundamentals http://www.blackgolddisease.com/2016/04/fundamental-friday-29-april-2016.html $OIL $UWTI $DWTI $USO $UCO $XLE $XOM $BP $CVX $CL_F

  10. Crude Oil in 2016... Feb 11: -30% YTD Today: +24% YTD $WTIC $CL_F

  11. $CL_F monthly #bullish

  12. Weekly change in net spec Oil ($CL_F) futures modest, but the trend and divergence to price clear:

  13. $WLL $cl_f $ETE $WPX $OAS $BCEI Shorts have been guaranteeing crash every day for 2+ months. Seems to me Long has worked better.

  14. $CL_F opinion only not based on FA, TA or industry info: tape felt bullish 2me this wk. Still think ppl are buying anywhere just to be in.

  15. $USO #Oil’s wild ride set to continue after April’s big climb http://www.marketwatch.com/story/oils-wild-ride-set-to-continue-after-aprils-big-climb-2016-04-28 $OIL $OIH $DWTI $UWTI $XLE $SPY $CL_F

  16. $UWTI $DWTI $CL_F Closing thoughts and trading plan going into month of May. Credit to @maxwellschuler 4originalidea

  17. $CL_F #crude $OIL #oil $USO A Look Back at Our Oil Call and method http://www.jenkinsrm.com/a-look-back-at-our-oil-call/

  18. $CL_F #crude $oil #oil $USO A Look Back at Our Oil Call and method /http://www.jenkinsrm.com/a-look-back-at-our-oil-call/

  19. $CL_F personal opinion: when someone posts +5 figure pnl without having posted entries, usually selling something. That s fine, but block.

  20. $CL_F bet your bottom dollar that money managers dumped their contracts to retail today. Money managers are going to have he ll of a weekend

  21. $CL_F ill buy .91 on sunday

  22. $CL_F .............. In the meanwhile Greenback is el stinko

  23. $CL_F hi-4 hour - last 4 worked out ok

  24. $CL_F while it did go down today it also went up in the early AM and while it slide it did not stay down & finished almost unch not bearish

  25. $CL_F EOM now over with whew ... new highs usually occur within a day or so of the new month so be prepared