1. $CL_F Oh, guess I was .22 cents too high of my 47 target. Not too bad!

  2. $CL_F dollar up, CL up, ES up, friday woo woo

  3. $CL_F Closing shorts here at .55 not good enough for me to hold over the weekend but I m still biased lower. Have a great one crudies!

  4. $USO The Crude #Oil Rush Of 2016 Is Almost Over… For Now http://www.seeitmarket.com/crude-oil-rush-2016-almost-over-now-15639/ $XLE $UWTI $DWTI $SPY $OIL $CL_F

  5. $CL_F Is it an HP or DELL Printer ...or is it just CReative Accounting ..NO ONE Understands Monetary Economics ..TRADERS are the WORST ;-)

  6. $CL_F i m in my usual trap this doesn t make any sense ie +75% from the year s low #ishouldknowbetterbynow

  7. $CL_F Is this the 2:28 dude?

  8. $CL_F @hap317 noted this area earlier this morning, same as current, right shoulder

  9. $CL_F 2:28 dumper today

  10. $CL_F when we fall out of this ascending wedge we will fall hard! Still holding $46 and picked some more shorts on pop yesterday. Monday

  11. $CL_F EUR.USD being a big exception

  12. $CL_F biased magnet 44.65, but can also see move either way = soh here 4me.

  13. Futures..2 weeks to confirm if 50MA/100MA death cross will happen. If confirmed, SPX dome target 1650 $ES_F $CL_F

  14. $CL_F from 43.54 - 45.34 the 50% fib is approximately 44.44, which was hit at 12:45 CST and also is the bottom of the wick of 1 hour candle

  15. $CL_F run up to 45.25 area ? Every risk asset seems to be rallying now

  16. $CL_F Print that money let the Dump begin

  17. $CL_F dunk it.

  18. $CL_F this will be under 44 on the next S&P pullback

  19. $CL_F possibly these inverse usd/s&p moves are sending the correlation algos a bit crazy

  20. $CL_F this market is going nutso atm for some reason be very careful trading.

  21. $USO $CL_F $UNG $NG_F. I did not get filled on the natural gas futures calendar due to some permission issues I am handling with IB. FYI

  22. $CL_F nasdaq coming to life. FANGs bit me in the a$ss yesterday

  23. $CL_F another failed rally attempt, short this garbage

  24. $CL_F update h&S 5m...looking good but right into vwap.

  25. $CL_F Do you guys see what i see!!