1. $CL_F another trap for bulls

  2. The Daily, 26Mar. http://www.sdfanalytics.com/2015/03/wti-crude-daily-26mar.html $CL_F $USO $STUDY

  3. $CL_F broke out of wedge to the upside. Waiting to see if it runs to 51.

  4. $CL_F playing on.55 -.65 area

  5. Crude Oil (WTI) hits 52.45 and turns down $CL_F $OIL $USO http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/03/crude-oil-wti-hits-5245-and-turns-down.html

  6. $CL_F I am Still In S side

  7. $CL_F trapping all..

  8. CRUDE Oil chart analysis: $CL_F $USO $OIL

  9. $CL_F Absorbing the buys,otherwise My stop

  10. $CL_F I think it is only a guess game

  11. $CL_F S@.65 .Now tight st

  12. $CL_F out all@.65 frm .10 Long

  13. $CL_F price trying to break out of 15m wedge. i m passing trades inside value. prefer dump but break either way fine

  14. $CL_F out. +22

  15. $CL_F watch that 1m hammer


  17. $CL_F hunting the stops

  18. $CL_F long from .24

  19. $CL_F going long from here .35

  20. $CL_F they re not having any of that at 50.5

  21. $CL_F -1@50.38 -> 50.19

  22. $CL_F this product loves .40 & .65

  23. $CL_F ovn action respecting levels extremely well. that s what we wanna see. nice aTL bounce 50.07

  24. $CL_F st @BenCBanks

  25. $CL_F L@50.10