1. from feb 8 lol $CL_F $USO @LetsTrade99: looking @ $CL_F bottom in 2009, expecting something similar this time $USO http://stocktwits.com/message/32392177

  2. $CL_F $USO can test 44 or below to shake out some longs and suck in shorts before reversing higher as well.

  3. as expected $CL_F $USO continues to trade in a range with support holding at 48.50. constructive but no touch for me http://stocktwits.com/message/33348411

  4. $CL_F Crude Oil Weekly Chart - For 3 weeks in a row $55 has been resistance. Big level to watch. $USO http://stocktwits.com/message/33348207

  5. What happens when storage is filled? Dropping the price isn t going to create demand. Any press on how close we are to full capacity? $CL_F

  6. Has there been a time in history that storage for oil ran out due to oversupply? Doesn t seem like any drop in price fixes problem? $CL_F

  7. $CL_F Any insight on the Chinese interest rate cut and its effect on Crude? Seems like that would be bearish as the Yuan devalues.

  8. $CL_F: Financial Times: Shale oil transforms rural Texas: http://stockcomments.com/cl_f-financial-times-shale-oil-transforms-rural-texas/

  9. $UWTI @Kris12 Yes. Here are some more graphs. UWTI seems to correlate closer to $OIL than $CL_F (0.9977 vs 0.9736). http://stocktwits.com/message/33346514

  10. “You are a slow learner, Winston. $CL_F daily. Crude Oil futures daily. $USO $OIL $SCO $UCO $DTO $DNO $UWTI $DWTI http://stocktwits.com/message/33345267

  11. This is the Daily Crude. http://www.makenatrading.com/crude-oil---daily---updated-02282015---930-cdt.html $CL_F

  12. Daily Crude. Suggesting a move higher but should be limited by the weekly graph. http://www.makenatrading.com/crude-oil---weekly---updated-02282015---930-cdt.html $CL_F

  13. $CL_F so, 50/50 chances of down, 50/50 of up..it is what it is, either way I gotta plan to minimize losses or max gains, that s all I can do

  14. $CL_F IF mkt breaks lower, will have big book losses, but will eventually trade out of them...it is what it is....eventually will be ok

  15. $CL_F Anyhoo, long full core, long full overlay & ready to buy more longs for cashflow next two weeks & maximize $ IF oil moves higher to 55

  16. $CL_F social media trader & all of them are losers who cant make money watch the 5 min tape & do intraday TA & chase all the time

  17. $CL_F That is the ONLY place we can use TA or brains..just to calculate the R/R & stops & PO...NOT to guess where mkt gonna go, impossible

  18. $CL_F it is ALWAYS a 50/50 probability of mkt moving up or down..if it goes down we lose $1.1, if it moves higher we make $5 or $6, simple

  19. $CL_F If we trade mathematically like we do at blackjack..it is a $1.2 wager that could pay off $5 or $6 with a 50/50 probability up or down

  20. $CL_F we have the two bookends, & price is nearer the stop than it is the resistance...so if we take thinking out of it & put a bet

  21. $CL_F we have a hard stop 48.4 that has been well defined by the mkt finally after Friday s action ,we have well known resistance at 54

  22. $CL_F But, we do know now after Friday that we have a pivot low..48.5, 47.9 & 48.5, so we now have a well defined stop at 48.4 finally

  23. $CL_F It is impossible to figure out whether mkt will drop below 48.5 & stop us out or whether it heads higher & how high it goes

  24. $CL_F If we shut our thinking & noise down & said long 49.5, stop 48.4, PO 55..is that mathematically an asymmetric bet? yes it is

  25. $CL_F so, we have a $1 or $1.5 stop..thats the risk & possible reward is $5 or $6..that is as good a risk/reward ratio that we get