1. Heads up! Only 7 hours remain for single instrument $ES_F $6E_F $CL_F $GC_F and FREE for LIFE $YM_F indicator data http://y.ahoo.it/muTPTzZR

  2. $CL_F bought back a couple of the short $96 calls i sold friday.

  3. $CL_F Restart ToS...

  4. consolidation triangle, gonna break the low $CL_F

  5. $CL_F Spoke with ToS and they are experiencing a slowness in the pc platform...no ETA for fixing this issue

  6. bakbo Aug. 29 at 7:42 AM bakbo Aug. 28 at 9:35 PM $CL_F 9410.worst-case.target Bullish ... FSB.P! Bullish

  7. $CL_F waiting at 95.10

  8. @alexanderkuznetsov I d be surprised it that is today, maybe tue or Wed, i think downside will be limited maybe 40t if that $CL_F

  9. $CL_F I think we are looking at 80 more ticks of drop

  10. spike on Saudi pipeline set alight after shots fired at security patrol-sources $CL_F

  11. $CL_F What is going on with the ticker in ToS today is slow as molasses

  12. $CL_F Here we go...

  13. WTF $CL_F

  14. SS add 9472 stop to 9474 $CL_F

  15. $cl_f $gc_f $es_f ..suweet oily legs w a dash of momo n progressio!!

  16. $CL_F 94.72 may be sticky

  17. 10t stop $CL_F

  18. short 9468 $CL_F

  19. @abuzaid: $CL_F down 1.25, why??? $HK $AXAS $SD $GDP $WRES $HNR $ENSV is a strong dollar to blame?

  20. $CL_F down 1.25, why??? $HK $AXAS $SD $GDP $WRES $HNR $ENSV

  21. $CL_F So apparantely,analysts on bloomberg now say that the crisis in Ukraine is bearish for crude LOL

  22. $CL_F Beginning of a leg down? Or just profit taking on its way back to 100?

  23. New Article written for Seeking Alpha: Crude Oil http://y.ahoo.it/EEzakWHQ $CL_F $OIL $UCO $SCO

  24. Futures pre-market: $ES_F +2.45 to 2003.95; $NQ_F +10.20 to 4092.20; $GC_F -19.40 to $1268.00; $CL_F -1.34 to $94.62

  25. $CL_F watching ovn low 94.77 as R