1. $CL_F Lots of sell-zones overhead, the hardest part will be patience to wait for them. targets at channel-lows.

  2. Nuclear deal with Iran ‘reached on all key aspects’ – Lavrov http://rt.com/news/245505-lavrov-iran-nuclear-deal/ $CL_F

  3. $CL_F If supply increases and demand is unchanged, then it leads to lower price and higher quantity. Don t make it harder than it is folks

  4. $CL_F any bounce because of Yemen will be short lived. Over supply will squash any b.s news sooner than later.

  5. $UWTI soon they may 10 -->1, that will be more money to make by shorting it. $DWTI is expensive. $OIL $CL_F

  6. $CL_F #CL_F Beautiful neutral day type today. Buy support and sell resistance

  7. $CL_F Interesting move the first minutes of the AH market

  8. SPECIAL Closing Bell #HappyHour 3/31 #Dow tanks $DJIA Iran killng #oil $CL_F & anannouncement from #ModernWallStreet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4MIQmcIcd8&index=1&list=PLa_QP0x5ICMWCVXmnuDrNWKIO4bceuSfc

  9. This is a 25-year Chart of Crude Oil WTI $CL_F We ve NEVER seen this before... Except that we have, six years ago.

  10. $CL_F http://ryanoilusa.com/wti-technical-analysis/

  11. $CL_F Bearish

  12. $CL_F Morning Trading Report Bias-2 Long Price above Daily (RR) and Target-3 at $48.79. The days high was $48.76.

  13. $CL_F $UWTI teleprompter reader

  14. $CL_F $UWTI What s going on w/ Fast Money , where is Lee at and who is this blonde chick!? Lee was always knowledgeable and not just some

  15. $CL_F It s general mess at the moment : API, EIA, Yemen, Iran deal

  16. $CL_F distillates +0.018M

  17. $CL_F Gasoline -4.1M

  18. $CL_F there has got to be more to the report than just 5.2 M..can someone post the whole thing

  19. $CL_F $DX_F Dollar tearin up the place like it s goin out of style.

  20. $CL_F or I might cash out tonight given the dump...

  21. $CL_F S from .80 will probably hold until PM tomorrow morning.

  22. $CL_F I m not finding any new news on Yemen.

  23. $CL_F Short 47.85, stop 47.98, target 46.97. I ll hold this through the evening if not stopped.

  24. $CL_F big boys waiting for bearish api to squeeze the new shorts. what coincident timing

  25. $CL_F This is why I don t play these reports.. always better to fade IMO, but you gotta know when and that can cost a bit in the process.