1. $CL_F $UWTI $TLT The widow makers? http://seekingalpha.com/article/2861936-respect-the-trends-in-these-widowmaker-trades?ifp=0

  2. $CL_F Infinity monster squeeze up 10 to 14 before you can blink!

  3. $CL_F Infinity monster squeeze up 20 dollars in day yes

  4. $CL_F textbook day patterns & pa. missed some by small, left too much on the table & slow tape but lots of hot action http://stocktwits.com/message/31964395

  5. $CL_F Not suppose to wear short in the winter and go outside, it s cold HAH!!

  6. $CL_F 4452.stop.toppy + going.vertical-down

  7. $CL_F just got back from lunch I guess 44 was the right entry after all.. patience is all I needed.... http://stocktwits.com/message/31963056

  8. Watching $CL_F closely here. Like how it s above Jan 13th lows. A break through $45 would be nice.

  9. $CL_F Better cover, change of sentiment coming

  10. @AmIdoingitRight U should consider professional help. It would help with ur need 4 approval & need to be right. Worst trait in trading $CL_F

  11. $CL_F S @ 44.60

  12. $CL_F S@4.65

  13. $CL_F looks like my work here is done... gave out more than 200 ticks today and all i get is blocked. Fack all of yall

  14. $CL_F Infinity infinity squeeze up historic reversal up 10 to20 dollars before you can blink

  15. $CL_F will take some profits at 44.75

  16. $CL_F 3.5 s all the way down pattern have held 43.5 may be it for some time we shall see

  17. $CL_F there is +60 ticks from my BOING spot...

  18. NICE BOING $CL_F ... just like we asked. I wonder whats next????????

  19. $CL_F settle guess 44.27 or 43.90. unclear at the moment

  20. $CL_F 44.00 long was some sweet PA. did not take it

  21. @AmIdoingitRight: $CL_F my stream is evaporating by the minute... everyone that just bought the high block me :( yo da man

  22. $CL_F my stream is evaporating by the minute... everyone that just bought the high block me :(

  23. $CL_F this is the way crude is supposed to trade.

  24. $CL_F 2x bear pattern 44.05, passing long