1. $CL_F See chart & analysis @ http://y.ahoo.it/oOVcYTMI

  2. $CL_F trying to form some base. If the $91/92 support is broken crude will target $85. Short closed today. Price rebound likely.

  3. $CL_F flip this weak c&h-ish pattern, back to 50% rth

  4. $CL_F $USO not a bad day with report and slow market for robot autotrader http://y.ahoo.it/iRnqfRJ9

  5. TRADING POSITIONS for tomorrow: +LONG: $SPX /// -SHORT: $GC_F, $EURUSD /// *FLAT: $CL_F, $ZN_F

  6. $CL_F if EU was smart they would be buying CL futures herre

  7. $CL_F when russia cuts off the gas supply to EU crude will explode

  8. $CL_F $USO http://y.ahoo.it/7EM91IZe

  9. Heads up 4 hrs 17 min and counting remain for introductory single instrument $ES_F $YM_F $6E_F $CL_F $GC_F pricing http://y.ahoo.it/dx0OQnBc

  10. $cl_f testing the 93.36 pivot, keep in mind that over the past three report days we finished higher $USO

  11. $CL_F $QM_F limit order to BTO (1) QMV4 at 93.100 in case we head lower http://y.ahoo.it/69lwVN48

  12. $CL_F next buy level 93.33....just in case it reaches that one!

  13. $CL_F bought.... 93.48 get ready to load that TRUCK! full of money

  14. $CL_F 93.44 = 2x (94.24-93.84)

  15. $CL_F aTL from 92.5 ext hours broken

  16. $CL_F $QM_F STC (1) QMV4 here at at 93.500 - leaves me long just (1) QMV4 at 93.900 new theo avg against the (1) CLV4 8/29 95.0C

  17. $CL_F started long .50

  18. $CL_F Starter long at .56

  19. $CL_F Short at 93.98 out at 93.57 5 contracts yes!!!

  20. WTI new Lod; $CL_F -0.20 $OIL $USO

  21. $CL_F stop out at .84... losses... bad execution

  22. All good news for energies? $CL_F http://y.ahoo.it/6BMdR4iB

  23. $CL_F 6 tick gain on 2 contracts... z.z... swing rest 2 contracts...but don t like the price action so far

  24. $CL_F It s dead

  25. $CL_F exited scalp portion at .07... tiny....