1. 27Jun: Selling Interest Through Key Support To Our 2SD Low Expectation, Short Covering There Into Close. $CL_F $OIL

  2. $UGAZ Above $41.75 Clearing $40.00 target with $44.00 insight. $NG_F $UNG - $SPY Oil up too today $CL_F $UCO $USO

  3. $CL_F $OIL

  4. $CL_F Such a good looking short here; am all over it

  5. $CL_F block

  6. $CL_F Going long at pit close really paid off overnight. Out now. Looking for longs after a pullback possibly.

  7. $CL_F 45.80 to 47.70. Hum. Starting a short 47.62.

  8. $CL_F is in the area from where it should pull back in 3 waves at least. Ending 3 waves from the low #CL_F #Elliottwave

  9. $CL_F back to 49+

  10. $CL_F 5m

  11. $CL_F 15m

  12. Todays $Oil #Trading Plan is Out! 2 Strategies & Retracement Zones for Today! http://www.mytradingbuddy.com/markets-analysis/my-trading-buddy-markets-analysis-commodities/cl-daily-trade-plan-june-28th/ $CL_F $WTI  

  13. Technical analysis: key levels for gold and crude https://www.scutify.com/articles/2016-06-28-technical-analysis-key-levels-for-gold-and-crude $GOLD $XAUUSD $CL_F $CRUDE

  14. Elliott Waves calling the rally in $CL_F http://elliottwave-forecast.com/video-blog/elliott-waves-calling-the-rally-in-oil/ #elliottwave #trading #OIL

  15. $CL_F Short-term Elliott Wave Analysis 6.28.2016 http://elliottwave-forecast.com/chart-of-the-day/oil-cl_f-short-term-elliott-wave-analysis-6-28-2016/ #Oil #Elliottwave #CL_F

  16. $CL_F While below 50.54, instrument should still reach 44.75 or even 43.36 - 41.12 area before bouncing #Elliottwave #Oil

  17. $CL_F Instrument should end 3 waves in 47.52 - 48.13 for & start next leg lower or 3 waves back at least #CL_F #Elliottwave

  18. $CL_F one hour bearish divergence http://fxjunkies.co.uk/blog/wti-bearish-one-hour-divergence

  19. $CL_F $CLQ6 Told You .....

  20. $CL_F Possible Norway strike supports crude http://fxjunkies.co.uk/blog/possible-norway-strike-supports-crude-for-now

  21. $uso $cl_f $uwti $dwti oil coming back http://www.marketwatch.com/story/oil-rebounds-after-brexit-fueled-selloff-as-optimism-creeps-back-2016-06-28?mod=markets_twitter_new&link=sfmw_tw

  22. $CL_F sold at 47,14

  23. $USO $CL_F A stronger bounce awaits from 45.

  24. $CL_F long 47.07

  25. $CL_F the weeklies scream sell