1. $CL_F Goin Devil s Advocate for a second here. Everyone thinks oil is going lower on higher supply. Fed notes > stronger econ > More consum?

  2. $CL_F I am still holding long from this morning @ 92.80 - obviously I have a different outlook on things. all depends on your entry.

  3. $CL_F u don t think crude will follow the ES to new highs?

  4. @TCA_Trader $CL_F face it - u either missed the up move today or got killed in it. why scalp short for 10 ticks? take a break.

  5. $CL_F Off the low from January Low. Could it be the beginning of the up trend? Isn t it a little bit too early for seasonal trend?side-way?

  6. $CL_F covered at 94.20..Have the feeling that later I am going to say... should have hold my short

  7. $CL_F 5-20 SMA broken for the first time during the day....

  8. A Global Macro take on Crude, FOMC, and Everything in Between http://y.ahoo.it/O8MGkQKA $OIL $USO $CL_F $CORN $SOYB $ZC_F $ZS_F $FTSE $DAX

  9. $CL_F Nice volume and momentum today. Turnaround round the corner?

  10. $CL_F bias 94.10 at the moment

  11. $CL_F there is this thing called the 5m 20 sma

  12. $CL_F WTH...S@94.37

  13. $CL_F seems like is running out of steam..

  14. $CL_F Time to short?

  15. $CL_F Slow, steady buyers train today.

  16. $CL_F 94.41 +0.96 (+1.03%)

  17. $CL_F Remind myself. Do not step aside when market is moving. Market always likes to surprise. Know your limit. No Risk - No Reward.

  18. Just a heads up these intro rates for $ES_F $6E_F $CL_F $GC_F are only available for about another week http://y.ahoo.it/WXObztqU

  19. $CL_F $USO Seeing price react to the TS # s and Execution/Target Zones in real time is key... http://y.ahoo.it/n7YodteJ

  20. was thinking profit taking for a while, prolly bad idea CT trades today, stop to BE $CL_F

  21. SS 9440 5t stop $CL_F

  22. @Exit_16W $CL_F why not go long then?

  23. $CL_F looking at 28 ... gotta see a topping wedge and a failure to make a new high before any attempts short

  24. $CL_F any takers on my next resistance 94.44 when it was about 75 ticks lower?

  25. $CL_F Made a small long trade from 94.19-94.34 for 15 ticks