1. $CLNE Added some at $4!

  2. $WPRT, $CLNE and $FSYS are all viable plays on the long side. FSYS s activist investor is definitely juicing up the sector

  3. $CLNE I will buy this when they open the stations in Alabama. Still blocked off as of Monday. Sent an email to invest relations no reply.

  4. $CLNE Stock needs Cramer to get back on board and pump this stock.

  5. New England Has a Natural Gas Shortage, but These 3 Stocks Can Help ($CLNE, $KMP, $REGI): http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2015/01/25/new-england-has-a-natural-gas-shortage-but-these-3.aspx#.VMYx7xIX7cU.twitter via @themotleyfool

  6. $CLNE Funny how the cold weather no longer makes the price go up!

  7. Primer on $LNG $GLOG and Nat Gas ( $CLNE $CHK) http://hydrocarboninvestor.blogspot.ca/2013/09/intro-nat-gas-part-4-lng-mar-8-2013-in.html

  8. $CLNE on watch

  9. $CLNE up 5.77%

  10. Natural gas-powered cars are going nowhere fast: http://www.energyandcapital.com/articles/honda-natural-gas-civic-struggles-to-remain-relevant/4726 $CLNE $TSLA $GM

  11. $CLNE In all its time listed on the market, Clean Energy Fuels Corp. has never been this low.

  12. $CLNE http://cleanfuelswork.com/news/daimler-trucks-save-with-clean-fuels/

  13. $vz $bp $SSYS $hmc $cam $SLCA $clne $xone leap calls looking good!

  14. Holding $ANR, $OIL, $CLNE, $NOG, $RIG, $CLNE, $UWTI...Some are 1/2 POSITIONS & will be long term plays. Stalking $DNR, $WLT, $ACI, $KNDI.

  15. Now holding $ANR, $OIL, $CLNE, $NOG, $RIG, $CLNE, $UWTI...Some are 1/2 poisons & will be long term plays. Stalking $DNR, $WLT, $ACI, $KNDI.

  16. $CLNE Not responding with nat gas price, very discouraging!

  17. $CLNE If natural gas is up, why is this going down?

  18. @Intuitiv $CLNE. curious for your thesis if you don t mind

  19. $CLNE Like the Co. Took my loss last yr. Will revisit in Feb.

  20. $CLNE $15+ stock in 2016. If you re willing to wait.

  21. $CLNE is a good idea with good fundamentals and growing infrastructure. http://lh5.ggpht.com/-mZ589hFwpz0/TqjPvlUC-NI/AAAAAAAAKrc/u2OyjhIe3wE/CLNEtruckLNGSept2011.jpg?imgmax=640

  22. Taking a short breather on $ECTE And starting a long position on $CLNE GLTA

  23. $RIG $NOG $ANR $OIL $UWTI $UGAZ $CLNE $FCX. Starter positions. Also $APA $APC $DNR then $ACI $WLT $BTU. LT Plays. GL

  24. Holding $RIG $NOG $ANR $OIL $UWTI $UGAZ $CLNE $FCX. All starter positions. Adding soon along w buying $DNR $ACI $WLT $BTU. LT Plays. GL.

  25. $CLNE Will add shares if this drops below 4.50 - that would be a steal. Hold 3 years - you have a triple. Chart it.