1. $CLNE A short squeeze has not yet happened. I hope it could come soon.

  2. $CLNE - http://www.trade-ideas.com/ticky/ticky.html?symbol=CLNE - Please tell me I am long this stock...Please - New postmarket high. Approaching today s high.

  3. Covered part of $CLNE at stop-loss, losing 30ยข. Sold to open a few Nov:5 p for credit.

  4. $OIL hit 2.5 mo high ($USO builds cup and handle), has helped green co inc $KNDI $BLDP $CLNE $PLUG etc, will continue

  5. $CLNE 200EMA @ 6.12, need to close above that and hold for a few days to establish a new rocket send-off

  6. $CLNE a lot of resistance at 6.35

  7. $CLNE this stock is a beast when it uptread it stay up.

  8. $CLNE Predicting this will climb again based on momentum patterns

  9. Lots of stocks jumping at the open, and then crack $RJET $CENX $SGY $MEET $AREX $ACI $ZINC $CLNE $ORIG $SUNE $DNR ... Got to pick right 1

  10. Some Short-squeeze candidates for Today (10/7) - $BTU, $CHK, $CLNE, $SN, $RIG, $CLR http://finviz.com/screener.ashx?v=211&f=sh_avgvol_o500,sh_opt_option,sh_price_o5,sh_short_high,ta_change_u4,ta_sma50_pa&ft=4

  11. $CLNE another one with great entry, great target, great move Much more patient this time! Also traded $CANF and $EXAS

  12. TakiNG profits on $BTU, $UWTI, $NUGT, $CLNE right now

  13. Short $CLNE at avg 5.68.

  14. $TWTR Very volatile trading today across the market up down and around $msft $chk $csiq $pfe $amd $pgn $eox $CLNE $hd $SHAK

  15. $RDWR $CLNE $CANF $ZINC good moves on this morning. Now waiting and watching for new one

  16. $CLNE up 6.52%

  17. Some Short-squeeze candidates for Tomorrow (10/6) - $CHK, $CLNE, $SN, $WTW http://finviz.com/screener.ashx?v=211&f=sh_avgvol_o500,sh_opt_option,sh_price_o5,sh_short_high,ta_change_u4,ta_sma50_pa&ft=4

  18. $CLNE Very easy ride. If Oil goes down tomorrow then it will go back to 4s

  19. $CLNE has strong momentum going up.

  20. $CLNE Looks set for a big break tomorrow

  21. $CLNE looks strong to break this downtrend

  22. $CLNE up 6.61%

  23. $MXL $FEYE $AAPL $VHC $CLNE $CYBR ... ALL CALL buying with ZERO PUTS ....waitin for the IMMINENT BUYOUT.....SOROS KNOWS!

  24. $MXL $FEYE $AAPL $VHC $CLNE $CYBR WAKE UP!!!!! MXL just raised earnings estimates 80% tute ownrshp and Soro s has > 5% ...only 20M float!

  25. $CLNE shorts covering