1. Chart Updates 27 Apr: $AGEN $ALSK $ANTH $ASTI $CJJD $CLNE $GFA $MY $PFIE $RIGL $SB $SPRT #stocks #charts #trading http://www.tradeunderten.com/2015/04/stock-watchlist-27-april-2015.html

  2. @Cousin_Vinny: $CLNE nice pop into the Kirby - ...What s a Kirby?

  3. $CLNE ...the rush to buy at the close yesterday was Shorts covering(?) or anticipation of Monday PR? BOTHING HAPPENS WITHOUT A REASON!

  4. End Of Day Scan: RSI Over 70 $EWZ $MYL $EWT $COG $CIG $CAM $VOD $CLNE $RDN $YNDX

  5. $CLNE nice pop into the Kirby - followthrough today. http://www.theclosingprint.com/CV_Blog/ibd-stocks-on-the-move/ congrats-Swing. Note the Pocket Pivots :)

  6. $CLNE Cramer whiffs again

  7. $CLNE nice EOD run

  8. $CLNE My bad if it breaks $8 which it did

  9. $ENZN come to $CLNE

  10. $CLNE I will hold over the weekend, If it breaks $3, it will become a new resistance for next week.

  11. $CLNE A great, great stock. The U.S. is blessed with such resources. Not to mention a burgeoning Biofuels industry.

  12. $CLNE up 4 cent in 10 minutes, buy baby buy.


  14. $CLNE will be $aapl in 2004. Over $100 in a year.

  15. $CLNE ...looks like whenever the bid is weak they Sell ~10K into the bid

  16. @JuanToro: $CLNE This is going directly to 10! from your lips to.....

  17. $CLNE Almost 2 months ago, I said: http://stocktwits.com/Intuitiv/message/33385436 -- (+39%)

  18. $CLNE This is going directly to 10!

  19. $CLNE new intraday pivot resistance now is 8.003

  20. $CLNE ...are we getting a squeeze???? Can I get that Eight Dolla Holla now?

  21. $CLNE wow talk about a stock move

  22. $CLNE Flagged twice back to support...time to RUN!

  23. $CLNE new on the High Tight Flag scan this AM http://www.theclosingprint.com/CV_Blog/ibd-stocks-on-the-move/ nice pattern - look at that KIRBY - grinning

  24. $CLNE Bust That 7.82 and give us an Eight Dolla Holla !

  25. $CLNE This is one of the best stocks around. I ve said $16 in 2016 since last year, and I absolutely believe it will reach that level.