1. $CLNT $CRVP $IGS $XRS - Shares - Candlestick (Gravestone doji) - http://sellshares.blogspot.pt/2014/11/shares-candlestick-gravestone-doji_24.html

  2. Better jump into $clnt if volume comes in pre market Monday ....could open $4.40-60 . WL $baba $eyes $cdzi $jrjc

  3. @marcus20434 Why do you think $CLNT is a pump? P&Ds usually trade in the millions, CLNT rarely trades 100K in a day, avg vol just 20K

  4. $CLNT China pump and dump. Short this garbage to $2.

  5. $CLNT News buzzing from China HQ.Buying more in Monday pre market . Could open above $4.50 . WL- $spex $bdr $cdzi $nvee $gpro $eyes $baba

  6. $CLNT Volume coming in.Looking to run. WL $spex $gpro $cdzi $eyes $BIDU $jrjc $BABA

  7. $CLNT China has pumped their economy with a rate cut on interest rates hopefully we get a run here soon.. http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/11/21/china-economy-rates-idUSL3N0TB3VW20141121

  8. @ACTOFCONGRESS $CLNT Need that break above $4.20 with more volume on Friday for mini run to $4.50-60 . $bdr $eyes $cdzi

  9. $CLNT its got to run to $5 possibly $6 or more in the next several weeks.

  10. $SPEX watching for that move.. Watch $clnt & $asti could run with volume

  11. $CLNT Anyone remember the Stock master general from the last big pop , what ever happened to him ?

  12. $CLNT had revenue increased over 11% this Q to $20.1mil..Market cap only 15mil!! Only 3 mil float!! $CANF $BABA $JRJC $CDZI $EYES

  13. $CLNT I mean seriously what changed from when you were in the $60 PPS range till now ?

  14. $CLNT OOOPs $4 holler .. But what the heck $40 sounds better LOL

  15. $CLNT Lets go CLNT $40 dollar holler time .. gives us a run up !

  16. $SPEX Prospectus states not allowed to sell securities at this time!!! Watch $CLNT also for run

  17. Watch $clnt as it might run with volume..oversold on solid ER! $spex $ASTI

  18. If $CLNT breaks above $4 today with volume then we could see a mini run .. WL $VGGL $JASO $SPEX $RGLS $VA $OMER

  19. $SPWR $SCON $CSIQ $YGE $CLNT $ASTI $RCON $SCTY $YGE $HSOL $JKS $JASO ...Time to move $$$ & $RGSE ..$)

  20. Watch low floater $CLNT as it could run with $CADC as revenue and profit rises http://www.nasdaq.com/article/cleantech-solutions-q3-profit-rises--quick-facts-20141114-00318

  21. $CLNT I don t think it ll do much for a few weeks. We ll see if investor day has any impact.

  22. If volume comes in $CLNT today , it will even surpass $CADC price today.... come on lets get the SQUEEZE ON $CLNT !!!!!

  23. $CLNT is a better buy now than $CADC .. Could run today as ER is better and way oversold

  24. $CLNT Needs to go up!!!!$$$$$

  25. China shares to rally next few days.. $baba $litb $vips $clnt $jrjc $wbai $renn $stv $ej $jks $leju $jmei http://www.straitstimes.com/news/business/markets/story/china-and-hong-kong-shares-jump-open-hk-shanghai-stock-link-debuts-20141