1. $CLNT looks like some good buying pressure, good earnings http://y.ahoo.it/GK7LLFBk

  2. $CLNT ridiculous over selling should climb up, cc was great company still progressing well and setting up for explosion in the next few qrts

  3. $CLNT Positive CC. should begin a slow run to mid 5s.

  4. $CLNT Cleantech Solutions International, Inc., files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarterly Rep.. http://y.ahoo.it/5qDJGWEz

  5. Cleantech Solutions International Reports Second Quarter 2014 Results http://y.ahoo.it/lASOQAck $CLNT

  6. Worth checking out reasons presented as to $CLNT earnings transcript http://y.ahoo.it/xRT3MBHP

  7. $CLNT well if it sells off enough I might re enter. Setting price at $4.30 though otherwise I don t want to touch this for a while.

  8. $CLNT any news from the cc?

  9. http://y.ahoo.it/OuzhNJid New trades in! Technical analysis on $KZ, $AMCF, and sold $CLNT after a delayed earnings CC disaster =P. Live & learn

  10. $CLNT falling off a cliff... if it breaks 5 it may nosedive tomorrow

  11. $CLNT Cleantech Solutions International Reschedules Conference Call to Discuss Second Quarter 2014 Fin.. http://y.ahoo.it/RIb935u6

  12. $clnt go time

  13. $CLNT disappointing ER but hopefully CC is more positive

  14. $CLNT Out for small loss. Didn t get the earnings pop I was looking for. Trade your plan! GL2A...

  15. $CLNT Sold at 5.40 on 5.60 basis, took loss. They need expansion in a hurry. I may get back in, in about 6 months or a year.

  16. $CLNT Lackluster. Sell. Better names out there, like IFON

  17. $CLNT thank you for the dip this morning. my favorite dance move...

  18. $CLNT steal of a price right now

  19. $CLNT conference call tomorrow..

  20. $CLNT Where can I hear the conference call at??

  21. $CLNT Cleantech Solutions International Reports Second Quarter 2014 Results.. http://y.ahoo.it/2xHI9kmf

  22. $CLNT Going up today ...

  23. $CLNT http://y.ahoo.it/krXgLW3U

  24. Cleantech Solutions Int. announces earnings. $0.61 EPS. $17.53m revenue. $CLNT http://y.ahoo.it/XTV11q3u

  25. $CLNT ER should be good , Lets see what what tomorrow brings .. This thing has to do a parabolic move at some point again