1. Some low risk plays for new money: $HILL $SBOTF $CLNT $VTUS $CX $PTN $YOD $MCP $BALT $EXTR use 3 day low as stops. some will work some wont

  2. $CLNT Wretched pump and dump chart at the moment. . . 5.00 would have been good entry.

  3. Best #Sentiment 8Apr #NASDAQ $TXN , $SAVE , $CLNT , $SGEN , $NTRS , $QCOM , $BMC , $IDIX , $CPSI , $LOGI , $CCRN http://y.ahoo.it/H2rQaZYl

  4. Cleantech Solutions International just filed its Report of proposed sale of securities http://y.ahoo.it/jEd0tMkf $CLNT

  5. +1062 closed DTs $CLNT $P $CSIQ Not post +88 $FEYE from other acct which is a box on a crap long http://y.ahoo.it/VuMV9Q8Y

  6. $CLNT Sold at 6.40, made 20%. I don t like how the market is not reacting to this company anymore.

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  10. $CLNT long. Tremendously undervalued.

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  15. $CLNT Ouch...no bouncy, bounce after that fade. New bagholders created daily...

  16. $$$ 4/1 CHART watchlist: $BWEN $CLNT $CECO $JASO $UPIP $MEET $HK $$$

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  18. $CLNT New trader, help! I just by 500 shares today. Are those shares qualifies for dividends?

  19. Alert results: $ARTX +2% $BIOF +82% $CLNT +4% $GNK +1% $ICLD +2% $OCLS +4% $OXBT +4% $PRAN +4%

  20. Cleantech Solutions International Reports Fourth Quarter And Full Year 2013 Results http://y.ahoo.it/8Y9wvnRm $CLNT

  21. $CLNT Any chance of a break out before close?

  22. Alert updates: $BIOF +70% $CLNT +4% $OCLS +4% $OXBT +4% $PRAN +4% $VTNR +4%

  23. $CLNT still has open space till 7.95 so expect new hod over current 7.20 at some point

  24. $CLNT still has open space till 7.95 soexpect new hod iver currnt 7.20 at some point

  25. $CLNT nice done today...but now its plugpower time..is break out now...and no shorts ..only up.....is a tip frome me