1. $CLNT I like the way it is slow rising .. keep an upward trend the spike on hopefully some more good news

  2. $CLNT Looking a bit better on the volume ,,, PPS increasing slow , good sign . still need more volume to make this thing run big ..

  3. $CLNT Earnings date 30 th. ?? Anybody got definite info ?

  4. $CLNT Moving towards that $4.00 mark. . . $4.50 will be in play soon then $6.00. Have at least half a position bought here.

  5. $CLNT Signs of life

  6. $CLNT Otherwise - double down on any pullback as support is here and a few dimes underneath.

  7. $CLNT Make sure you have half of your position in now. . . see what happens could spike to $7 in an instant with low volume.

  8. $CLNT Past SEC Filings -- http://www.cleantechsolutionsinternational.com/sec.php

  9. $CLNT Cleantech Solutions International Ryanhua@cleantechsolutionsinternational.com AdamW@cleantechsolutionsinternational.com

  10. $CLNT Investor Relations contact Elaine Ketchmere, CFA Compass Investor Relations 310-528-3031 eketchmere@compass-ir.com

  11. $CLNT http://www.cleantechsolutionsinternational.com/news.phparticles on their site .. ER is unknown at this time , Anyone ????

  12. $CLNT Earnings ?

  13. $CLNT Without big volume manipulation easy .. Come on volume squash the BS !

  14. $CLNT If this thing get the volume it should rise dramatically as it should considering all the good things that have happened w the company

  15. $CLNT long way to go , but it s a start

  16. $CLNT need to do better than that .. volume needed

  17. $CLNT Another day , lets see if it can get the volume !

  18. $CLNT it s creeping up$$$$

  19. New Positions in $CLNT $CDTI $HTM $KNDI. Play wisely when you play these names.

  20. $CLNT WOOOOOOW ! up .16 on zero volume :( what is with this thing

  21. $CLNT The company should be very active trying to PR this thing .. Anyone every get any replies from Wasserman IR GUY ?

  22. $CLNT Needs a hell of a lot more volume to move up big ,, seems like 1 person trading back and forth !

  23. $CLNT Slow crawl up ... volume needed big time !

  24. $CLNT Is going to pop very soon!!

  25. $CLNT Is looking very good to me$$$