1. @eonkid: short 4960 7t stop $CL_F 1st try 7t stop out, the winners R/R covers the cost of doing business

  2. WTF was #WTI $CL_F doing back near yest. $49.71 Hod reversal level???

  3. @eonkid: short 4961 7t stop $CL_F exit 1/2 4921 +40t stop to BE

  4. $CL_F dbl top pullback expected ....enough fear porn for now.....consolidate and let bears pass the hopium pipe

  5. @eonkid: short 4961 7t stop $CL_F looking for a pull back to ~4900

  6. $CL_F I told all you shorts to cover....

  7. short 4961 7t stop $CL_F

  8. short 4960 7t stop $CL_F

  9. $CL_F now all we need is a russian missile in the wrong place and putin gets $60 oil in a heartbeat

  10. $CL_F ... out of the last contract here at $49.60

  11. $CL_F and the talking heads saying the oil sector will lift SP500 as oil prices rise is just hogwash

  12. $CL_F i must say ES and equity traders r the last to understand market moves...cl rise is NOT economy related at all..its FEAR

  13. $CL_F 4920.stop.bottomed-out + going.vertical-up

  14. $CL_F and $ES_F correlation near 90% today. #HFT

  15. $CL_F $USO BWAHAHAHA... another nice call by the idiots at Goldman Sachs!! you can fade every call they make on oil.... they are BANK

  16. $CL_F $USO Hmmm, thinking they raise rates, this will keep going, it s got a life of its own now :O

  17. no volume reversal = had to bail. B/E overall $CL_F short

  18. Massive buying into 49.50 failed $CL_F. S 49.32

  19. The Anatomy of a Trade Set-Up ... $CL_F $USO http://tradingwithleafwest.net/?p=2653

  20. $CL_F Well folks, there s 49.50! Calling it a day/week. Good luck to all! Remember, this move started yesterday, it s in the charts.

  21. $CL_F Head and left shoulder with divergence created.

  22. Will $CL_F hit $50.00 b4 or after lunch?

  23. $CL_F I keep hearing that 50.00 is a psychological level, does it spike or pull back if we hit it?

  24. $SPY $CL_F If any tanker blows up or the strait of Hormuz is impacted in any way oil will squeeze. Won t take much.

  25. ICEBERG sell order at 49.20-offer in $CL_F just melted