1. $CL_F #CL_F Higher time frames looking bullish. Breakout of balance on the daily 92% above average volume

  2. 08Oct: Buying Interest At Key Support, Price Discovery To Daily 1st Std Dev High. http://www.sdfanalytics.com/2015/10/wti-crude-daily-08oct.html $CL_F $USO

  3. @RipTideTC: $CL_F $ES_F $GC_F $6E_F READY TO ROLL


  5. $OIL $USO Not exactly rocket science here. See $SCO! (chart recently posted) http://www.livetradepro.com/free-stock-charts?catID=114 $UWTI $OAS $GASL $RIG $XLE $XOM $CL_F

  6. $CL_F it s been a great week for bulls, I would not be surprised to see profit taking when pit opens

  7. $CL_F although it was pretty obvious yesterday, too

  8. $CL_F the level is pretty obvious

  9. @seeitmarket great post - Did Crude Oil Just Bottom? (Aug 28) seeitmarket.com/did-crude-o... by @TradingOnTheMark $USO $OIL $CL_F

  10. Did oil just send up a warning! Topping Tail? $CL_F $USO $UCO $SCO after hitting golden level

  11. $CL_F posted this yday, but didn t populate. 51 is the next level of resistance.

  12. $CL_F $USO Oil extends gains, set for biggest weekly rise since 2009 http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/10/09/us-markets-oil-idUSKCN0S303G20151009 $CHK $BTE $NOG $OAS $EMES

  13. $UWTI $USO $CL_F might be an idea to jump of the train as i think its about to stall & reverse #elliottwave buy $SCO

  14. $CL_F 5010.going.vertical-down + 5035.stop.bottomed-out

  15. bakbo Oct. 8 at 6:32 PM $CL_F 4920.stop.bottomed-out + going.vertical-up Bullish

  16. $CL_F 5035.stop.toppy

  17. In $CL_F short (1 of 2 entries) 50.63 pop

  18. $CL_F 53 coming soon

  19. This was a great post - Did Crude Oil Just Bottom? (Aug 28) http://www.seeitmarket.com/did-crude-oil-prices-just-bottom-lows-target-14703/ by @TradingOnTheMark $USO $OIL $CL_F

  20. $CL_F Sh 50.15

  21. If I miss a short on $CL_F I will cry. Made $5700 on the last trade, but my personal signals aren t there to short yet. Sometimes I fail :(

  22. We had a clear target up on Range Long break. I wasn t exactly convinced at first but tgt hit $CL_F $USO @NTEcosystem

  23. Thursday Oct 8, 2015 $CL_F TS TradePlan Oil Chart $USO Review how the plan played out today.

  24. Oil into Thursday s HOS FTU target of Range Short break and hold. Chart on deck along with the trade plan for Friday. $CL_F $USO

  25. $CL_F futures looking good :-)