1. OUt $CLWT @ 5.40 from 5.63 for 230bux loss. Lessening risk here with RUssian falderal in the air. No faith in them to keep things stable.

  2. After-Hour Losers 2/26 $UNXL -9%, $HK -8%, $FTEK -8%, $INO -7%, $STAA -7%, $NDLS -7%, $SNSS -6%, $BV -5%, $RNDY -4%, $CLWT -4%,

  3. CHina s Come to Jesus pollution moment: $CLWT $MY barely suitable for life http://y.ahoo.it/9CpWtOLZ

  4. Because they cannot effin BREATHE in China: $CLWT $MY

  5. back in $CLWT -- made a mistake but got back in. Short term blush but long term gain I reckon. China tracking issues. Could be next $RCON

  6. stopped out of $CLWT @ 5.14 for 168loss. Phoeey. Set my stops to be conditional on a 5.02 low bid . Error. hmmm.

  7. $CLWT 4 potential catalysts: 1)air pollution, 2)water pollution, 3)frackwater reclamation,4)ballast water treatment<---this is the biggie

  8. long 1000 $CLWT @ 5.30

  9. $YOD $CLWT $ ONVO swinging these 3, hopefully I can hold as long as possible n let Em grow $CDTI on watch

  10. Industrial Goods Decliners: Arotech Corporation $ARTX, Euro Tech Holdings $CLWT, Astrotech $ASTC, Tenaris $TS http://y.ahoo.it/Og2pHxHz

  11. $CLWT nice pop

  12. @MadMarsupial @DMXJ $CLWT too bad so damn thin

  13. $CDTI $CLWT nice

  14. out of swings $CLWT $4.9 and $LODE $2.06

  15. $clwt adding low float fracking play// only 900k float w $5m cash

  16. $CLWT in $5.06


  18. $CLWT Buying in here....

  19. $CLWT a lot of movement out of nowhere. loooking good

  20. $CLWT China getting closer to funding $CLWT for clean up. http://y.ahoo.it/1VsRkUne

  21. $CLWT climbing out of the red. could go green really soon. Went from 4.76 - 4.95 in 1 hour. Volume also picking up

  22. $CLWT sold remaining $4.8

  23. Out. $KNDI took profits to buy more $CLWT while its at its low. $CLWT will double by end of Jan.

  24. $CAMT took small profit @4.12 to buy some $CLWT at its low. LONG on both for January.

  25. Euro Tech Holdings Company Limited Reports Interim Results For The Six Months Ended June 30, 2013 http://y.ahoo.it/XV965V0y $CLWT