1. Daily Commodity Chart Wrap: http://energyandgold.com/2015/03/03/daily-commodity-chart-wrap-4/ $CL_F $GC_F $GLD $SPY $USO $MACRO

  2. $CL_F Are the strikes in the refineries over?

  3. Crude Pit Closed: H: 50.78 L: 49.45 Close: 50.44 Open: 49.84 $CL_F $GC_F $NG_F $SI_F $ES_F $SPX www.truesquawk.com

  4. $ES_F $cl_F ralying into close of pit

  5. $CL_F S@0.60 no stop...will add to my short

  6. $CL_F not the 5m print i wanted for short into close. will not short into 50.25

  7. SMOKE SCREEN | Options Trading with Option Addict http://ibankcoin.com/option_addict/2015/03/03/smoke-screen/ $NQ_F $CL_F $FEYE

  8. $CL_F long at 50.04 for a run up into 50.24.. tight stops http://stocktwits.com/message/33461269

  9. Im still short on $CL_F and soybeans. Waiting a failure break to kill the positions in case dont work

  10. $CL_F no clue but would not be surprised if regardless of what happens in the next 27 mins, price settles here 50.12

  11. $CL_F #CL_F liquidation is not the same thing as a pull back. A liquidation is traders abandoning ship

  12. $CL_F ah, not in this last push lower. oh well

  13. $CL_F 50.28-30 key level here into the close . I still think 49.25-30 very possible into close or o/n

  14. We Got Movement! http://evilspeculator.com/we-got-movement/ $GC_F $CL_F $NQ_F #crude #gold #futures http://stocktwits.com/message/33460370

  15. $CL_F not convinced it pulls back much more than 50.10 at the moment. flat & waiting. fine w/ whatever

  16. $CL_F what do you expect in a 48-54 range . 51 is mid point so it s choppy > see DX range also high correlation to this

  17. $CL_F know the market you are in and adapt accordingly! it s whipping between zones get in get out. $48-$54 range 51 is mid point

  18. $CL_F this thing pisses me off - had short at .60 - stop set at .75 - hits my stop perfectly and then the liquidation starts....UGH

  19. $CL_F impossible to get any feel for this at the moment even with pinpoint accuracy at l;evels it s difficult

  20. $CL_F Lets get in 49 s

  21. $CL_F boom...

  22. $CL_F short .37

  23. I think the wti brent spread is messing up with $CL_F action

  24. $CL_F Bearish...Not

  25. $CL_F Waiting S@0.66 this time...1:17pm feels like a possible breakout into the closing...