1. Nightly Newsletter Video $CL_F $6C_F http://y.ahoo.it/UMRLHB3u

  2. $ES_F $CL_F Trade Idea http://y.ahoo.it/gxuHMVoi

  3. $CL_F $QM_F ... and now short (3) QMM4 at 101.750 theo avg - this includes the 1.06 premium collected for the CLK4 103C-98P strangle

  4. $CL_F $QM_F took care of roll tonight - BTO (1) CLK4 103.85 to offset 103C assignment - BTC (1) QMK4 103.850 - STO (3) QMM4 103.050 (cont)

  5. My View on $ES_F $CL_F http://y.ahoo.it/joPy8pIe

  6. $CL_F $QM_F hourly with daily pivots for Wed-Thu - now charting June contract (CLM4) http://y.ahoo.it/wUf8azNS

  7. $CL_F $USO continues to ping 104.82 resistance w/ 108 above, support 102/100/98 http://y.ahoo.it/8ms9JalE

  8. Trading alert: #Crude #oil bulls win for now, but will it last? $CL_F http://y.ahoo.it/tSPkVeMY

  9. $CL_F strong uptrend, long position with stop-loss at 102.

  10. Midweek News, 16Apr. http://y.ahoo.it/0eaElfCW $CL_F $MACRO $STUDY #WTI #CrudeOil #data

  11. Daily Structure & Price, 16Apr. http://y.ahoo.it/xhjU1Voz $CL_F $STUDY #WTI #CrudeOil #marketprofile #dataviz #infographic

  12. $CL_F unbalanced may put spreads did not pay beyond credit recv d at entry. excellent job to whoever been writing 103p, 105c & 106c this wk

  13. June Crude pit session just closed--24hr levels HOD 10410 LOD 10243 Last 10298 -0.02% $CL_F $ES_F $TLT $TBT

  14. Crude headed into pit session close in 5 minutes will have numbers on close $CL_F $ES_F $SPY $TLT $TBT

  15. Forecast: #Oil $CL_F settle at 104.01 from Community on Apr 16, 2014 #DailyDelphi http://y.ahoo.it/OCpdB2BJ

  16. $UWTI New ticker symbol available those following $CL_F $DWTI $USO $SCO $DBO $OIL $DTO $UCO $USL $CRUD $OLEM $SZO $TWTI $OLO $OILZ $DNO

  17. IDK why I keep thinking FOMC minutes...obviously meant beige book. $CL_F $USO $YM_F $DIA $DJIA $STUDY

  18. $CL_F exited long @ 103.72

  19. $CL_F $QM_F could be building bear flag ATM ahead of more downside - but who knows... OPEX today 8-)

  20. $CL_F $QM_F invalidated H&S may morph into DT - need y day low break to trigger - tgt ~100.8 (CLK4) http://y.ahoo.it/LCPN7MOE

  21. $CL_F 1200 est 30 i break lower fake & fail

  22. exit last 103.58 + 43t $CL_F

  23. $CL_F were right on the 20ema of the 5 here

  24. $CL_F will pass .52 long over 5m consolidation

  25. $CL_F Spending too much time here. Pop already so I can short you into the close....