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  8. $CMCSA My jan55 calls sure look good at 90% gains

  9. $CMCSA looking for a run to 58 next week

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  11. $CMCSA will this baby go up and above $57.5 by May 2015? If so, that would be a sweet payday!

  12. @Wincreaseteam @zendog $ABT & $CMCSA

  13. @Wincreaseteam that s the problem. When I put on $ABT & $CMCSA they looked very bullish. Then they turned red during sell off and now up

  14. @Wincreaseteam This time I skipped $SPX and am only in $ABT & $CMCSA april 2015 bull call spread. If markets rally I should make nice cash

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  16. $CMCSA Forcing subs to watch embedded commercials within on demand TV shows. The more popular the show the more commercials embedded.

  17. $CMCSA: Fox Business: NBC wants you to watch its content on TV and off http://stockcomments.com/cmcsa-fox-business-nbc-wants-you-to-watch-its-content-on-tv-and-off/

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  20. Insider Transaction: $CMCSA Sale at $55 per share of 3000 shares by Director Bacon Kenneth J on 2014-12-15.

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