1. $CMG: what happens when the law of larger numbers hit and growth rates contract? Will this momo bubble pop?

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  8. $ZOES remember this isn t a mo mo deal yet. It is a L.T. chain type investment and they take time to develop. $CMG didn t to 12fold in a yr.

  9. $CMG So much room to grow. 2000 restaurants now, 4000 soon. They need a stock split for value perception.

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  11. $ZOES Recent price action reminds me of $CMG right after its IPO years ago

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  13. $CMG Also management at store said people are starving around the world so they can t throw out food. So just eat it and like it. Only a cus

  14. $CMG Called corporate they called store. Store said they threw chips out. Problem is I seen them served. Of course I did not eat.

  15. $CMG Went to chipotle for lunch. Chip maker behind counter flat out sneezed into the chips. Management did not care. Snot chips anyone ?

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  18. When it s 1:20 & you realize you re not checking $CMG ticker for any particular reason, you know it s time to get lunch. #lowbloodsugar

  19. Inside Chipotle’s quest to be the fastest fast-casual restaurant http://y.ahoo.it/UUMwqqQ9 $CMG

  20. $CMG short working nicely since $679.5

  21. $CMG: this one has gotten way oversold and will not fall lower than $650 unless the wheels come off the entire market

  22. $spy $bac $gld $uvxy $fb $cmg $aapl 7/7 wins

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