1. nice bounce in $CMG. now back to its comfy level from Friday (b4 the weak close) http://stocktwits.com/message/29583385

  2. $CMG Damn what a reversal

  3. Out $CMG spread at 0.2 (see previous post)

  4. $CMG: horrible relative strength today, but why?

  5. $CMG Currently finding support @ 50dma. Like to see this hold. MACD and Stoch showing sell signal. .. http://stocktwits.com/message/29578410

  6. $SPY - $DOW $CMG $ATK $GEO are SCREAMING buy right here.

  7. $SPY We continue to like $HD $MPC $DOW $HON $WFM $TASR $LEN $MAS $ATK $GEO $KMI $UA $CMG. $ATK is opportunity for entry today. Don t be lame

  8. $CMG 630 635 Weekly Bull put at 0.45. I am not sure which direction it will move but 640 support will hold i think. Trade with caution!

  9. $AAPL $BABA $CMG Always leave a little cash behind for tissues

  10. $CMG broke 50dma

  11. $HABT Got Patrami grilled sandwich & Coffee shake. Yay! All the Babes got the memo. Place to be like $CMG WAS a while back. Yoga pants.

  12. $HABT Went to dinner. At $HABT SRO. Standing Room Only. 75 peeps. Across St. $LOCO 12 peeps 2 Mex families. $CMG Only 10 peeps. 5 couples.

  13. $CMG high open interest range is 635.00 to 650.00 for option expiration 11/22/2014.

  14. $HABT average meal 7.63. $CMG burrito and drink 12 last time I was there, cmg likes to increase prices and continues to dominate because

  15. $HABT Now I ve lost respect for $CMG & $JACK Q doba. Food has just been sitting there! Teenage flunkies assemble it sullenly. Bad service!

  16. @christianbalmaceda @bamman $CMG & $JACK Q dobas are just point-points. Not GRILLED to Order! They give a pager like Outback, Chiles s etc

  17. @bamman sorry, in-n-out, five guys, elevation burger plus many more all simliar to habit. $CMG has little comp - maybe qdoba, baja fresh

  18. $CMG Signal still LONG at 649.03, Profit: 1.36% issued by Yamasuta.com - Free algorithmic software http://stocktwits.com/message/29552877

  19. @bamman Those are not in same realm. $HABT was better than $CMG No point-point over old food. They grilled my Albacore tuna steak to order.

  20. Remind me again what makes $HABT unique & worth 160 times earnings? $CMG was unique fresh innovative option. Burger joints are dime a dozen

  21. $JACK Q doba Q doba. Q doba Mucho mejor de $LOCO ! Q doba is pure $CMG Play. Sorry $HABT. You don t know $JACK !

  22. Link for that $CMG Article is: http://huzlers.com/breaking-chipotle-exposed-using-dog-cat-meat-dishes-will-close-soon/

  23. Is that article about Chipotle ( $CMG ) being investigated for using dog and cat meat true!?!?

  24. $PCLN $NFLX $TSLA $TWTR $CMG $GOOGL not sure why folks so surprised about the fade! spy at overbought level fade was EXPECTED!

  25. @bamman oh i get it fine. they sold you on the 2,000 units thing and you bought it hook line and sinker, for a valuation 4X of $CMG at IPO