1. @compasscapital, $habt investors read this n stay long n strong amigos, little $cmg history lesson for u http://www.thestreet.com/story/10264505/1/chipotle-ipo-is-a-fiesta.html

  2. Well, there are a lot of companies that benefit from low $USO. To name a few good ones - $BITA, $FDX, $CMG,

  3. Major Opportunity In Restaurant Stocks $CMG $NDLS $MCD $DENN http://etfdailynews.com/2014/11/28/major-opportunity-in-restaurant-stocks/

  4. out of $cmg for a loss

  5. $CMG about to break out duh!!!

  6. testing out a few $CMG Dec 20 14 $677.50 Call

  7. $AMZN $cmg NAILED nice Friday trade- goodnight

  8. So many missed $cmg cuz PE just too high, granted $habt margins much lower, but habit much earlier in growth cycle than cmg was

  9. $CMG: A restaurant stock with a forward multiple north of 40? That s insanity at its best.

  10. RT @seeitmarket Lots of new research, insights, and charts posted: http://www.seeitmarket.com $SPY $QQQ $GLD $CL_F $F $TSLA $CMG

  11. Lots of new research, insights, and charts posted: http://www.seeitmarket.com $SPY $QQQ $GLD $GDX $SLV $CL_F $F $TSLA $CMG

  12. $CMG Potential continuation Uptrend on a Weekly-Daily-Hourly charts http://stocktwits.com/message/29682699

  13. @contrarianspeculator $CMG has been posting calorie counts here in CA for years - still packed

  14. $ZOES Fat people seen at ZOES! It s becoming like $CMG! So, I will buy at $29

  15. Our weekly show is up... @illianamike and I talk about $CMG $DSW $BABA and a few others. http://investingorgambling.com/investing-or-gambling-058-markets-are-going-higher/ Thanks for listening.

  16. $CMG wow, someone seems to be pushing hard to keep this price up EoD

  17. $CMG LOD doesnt look like low oil prices are helping here lol

  18. $CMG pathetic price action

  19. $CMG Pretty disappointing performance today given yesterday s sharp reversal at mid-day ...

  20. $CMG At the memorial mall in houston and there s a good size line for chipotle. I m waiting for a pull back in price :)

  21. $CMG:FDA requiring calorie counts on Menu boards.Not good -will scare customers off when they see how many calories a burrito possesses.

  22. $CMG: CEO Steve Ells unloads $50 million worth of shares in last week...Why is he dumping?

  23. Ms. Pham multi-baggers pick, proud of her as she s more accurate than me $CMG https://www.retailinvestor360.com/stocks/91-chipotle-a-stellar-player-for-long-investors.html

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  25. Premium Pick: $CMG http://topflighttrades.com/premium-chipotle-mexican-grill-cmg/ http://stocktwits.com/message/29601420