1. still holding $RNN $MSTX $NEPT $SNWV $CBLI ~ 40k $CMXI ~90k $BHRT 300k $AMBS ~ not ready to increase holdings yet

  2. Added $ljpc sold $cmxi +25% looking to add $rnn

  3. $RNN $CMXI looking good today, started a position at .60 this morning! Might wanna do some DD and check it out.

  4. @russdorff ~ still hold 90k $BHRT 200k $AMBS ~reduced positions i$CBLI $CMXI $RNN $MSTX $NEPT $SNWV ~bios need to bottom before adding ~ imo

  5. $RNN $MSTX $CMXI $CTSO $SYN $CBLI $SNWV $AMBS $BHRT $INO $PPHM $ATHX ~imo be careful on adding~not sure we ve seen the major sell yet (JMO)

  6. $RNN $MSTX $CMXI $CTSO $ACST $CBLI $SNWV $AMBS $BHRT ~comfortable w/holdings~reduced allocation further in a few~currently 40%cash~cautious

  7. 3 Trades Today: $DEJ $PLUG $CMXI http://y.ahoo.it/nHC9ipyO

  8. @Keynesonomics Thanks for your post on $BPTH yest. bought 10k @ 2.43, hoping it runs, will sell and put it back in $CMXI

  9. Holdings (Acct #2): $AMBS $ATHX $CMXI $CYTR $INO $NVAX $PEII $SGYP $SYN http://y.ahoo.it/XgNNG0lT

  10. $RNN $RNN $MSTX $CMXI $CTSO $ACST $CBLI $SNWV $AMBS $BHRT ~ comfortable with holdings ~ reduced allocation in a few ~ currently 32% cash

  11. @Keynesonomics just wondering if you still hold positions in the following: $AMBS, $MELA, $PEII, $CMXI?

  12. Holdings (Acct #2): $ATHX $CMXI $CYTR $GTAT $IBIO $INO $NVAX $PEII $SGYP $SYN http://y.ahoo.it/Gg4k5DYp

  13. $RNN $MSTX $CMXI $CTSO $ACST $CBLI $SNWV $AMBS $BHRT ~be comfortable with your holdings,use stops~if u are not comfortable u shouldn t be in

  14. Holdings (Acct#2): $ATHX $CMXI $CYTR $FB $GTAT $IBIO $ILMN $INO $NVAX $PEII $SGYP $SYN http://y.ahoo.it/e1R9mdmP

  15. $baxs $rnn $mstx nice to see market weakness doesn t affect all...$cmxi on a tear

  16. $SGYP $CMXI adding on these red days. If $IBB can hold up, we should see nice price increase into data.

  17. Trade Holdings (Acct#2): $ATHX $CMXI $CYTR $FB $GIG $IBIO $ILMN $INO $NAVB $NVAX $PEII $SGYP $SYN http://y.ahoo.it/wsZfcNmS

  18. $MSTX $RNN $MNKD check out $CMXI: http://y.ahoo.it/cSV297hp

  19. $MSTX you guys should check out $CMXI; nice news on stroke treatment patents today

  20. $RNN $MNKD check $CMXI, big news today on stroke treatment

  21. $RNN $MSTX $AMBS $BHRT $CMXI $ACST $CBLI $SNWV $NEPT $CTSO $SYN - at 19% cash ~ staying a little liquid here

  22. Holdings (Acct #2): $ATHX $CSIQ $CMXI $CYTR $GIG $IBIO $INO $NAVB $NVAX $PTN $PEII $SGYP $SYN http://y.ahoo.it/Lh4kbxc8

  23. 4 Trades Today: $NAVB calls, $PEII .ob, $CMXI .ob http://y.ahoo.it/nh7J6mzB

  24. Relatively new positions in $PTN $PRAN $AMRN $BPTH. Added to $ANTH $LJPC $CTSO $CMXI $PEII $AMBS. LT bullish on $RNN $PPHM $DVAX & others

  25. $RNN $MSTX $CMXI $ACST $CBLI $OPXA $SNWV $BHRT $AMBS $SYN ~ looking for solid rebound as $IBB recovers from selloff