1. $CNAT will drop a little more. won t be hitting 6 s for a few days. Then will pickup tha pace. wait before getting in.

  2. @barna: Receive free trade alerts via Twitter @barna_bio $ZGNX $CANF $CNAT $ICPT

  3. Receive free trade alerts via Twitter @barna_bio $ZGNX $CANF $CNAT $ICPT

  4. $CNAT ..trying ATHX for another bio play..phase II going on right now..results by end of first qtr

  5. $FXCM and $CNAT offsetting the last 2 days - net gain: zero.

  6. @BiotechMoney18 $CNAT has big results announcement in March, $CLDN in April

  7. $CNAT 2 days ago added to Cost average down, finally avg in at 8.20 from 11.00 over a year long here. looking for great Nash results!

  8. $CNAT Added more

  9. Will say it again, you should pound on the opportunity when the fundamentals are solid yet price heads south $CNAT https://www.retailinvestor360.com/biotech/755-conatus-to-report-top-line-results-from-aclf-and-organ-impairment-clinical-trials-of-emricasan.html

  10. $CNAT If this dips below 6 tomorrow I ll buy more! Sold 30% of my initial 5.28 buy in.

  11. $CNAT tomorrow in the 1090899837678638763

  12. $CNAT tomorrow back in the 7 s

  13. $CNAT tomorrow back in the 5 s

  14. $CNAT ..since there is a gap up then a gap down that s a lot of MT space that needs to b filled

  15. $CNAT tomorrow s target = $6.86

  16. $CNAT Will be running $10-$11 before NASH results. Just look what it was prior to last results.

  17. Took first profits at 6.09, +.78. Still own $CNAT in 3 accounts. Next bit of profit-taking when its over 7.

  18. $CNAT time to drop!!

  19. $CNAT ..pharmas r HOTT...ICPT is up 9 points

  20. $CNAT will be well above $7 before NASH results

  21. $CNAT give me my money back

  22. $CNAT added to position, next week 7$

  23. $CNAT this board is too funny...

  24. $CNAT ..boom shaka laka boom shaka laka boom!

  25. $CNAT most of u weren t even here when this stock was down. Now everybody is a fan of CNAT.........Jokers!