1. @MarketplaceSvcs $CNDO I sense a bull trap. Price stalled today it could be the beginning of reversal!. Let see

  2. $CNDO its getting a bit risky here. TSO last trials failed and no roadmap. Can this hold on to the gains? Should we sell?

  3. $CNDO Nice

  4. $CNDO need vol

  5. $CNDO nhod, something is up

  6. $CNDO now up 16% from the time I called it out at 1.79

  7. $UQM $XXII $PVCT $ARGS $CAMT and $CNDO are just a few of my many winners.. 39 out of my last 44 picks have been successful!

  8. $CNDO chart via http://y.ahoo.it/g1y4TRDR Those little worms are up to something!

  9. $CNDO now up 9% since I called it out to my followers last week.. One of my many winners.. Follow me and I can help you be successful!

  10. $CNDO selling side is heavy

  11. @Alpha2014 $CNDO s 10Qs say something like, we may never make sh*t, but we hope to before running out of money. pretty straightforward.

  12. $CNDO gets real interesting over $2

  13. Keep and eye on $CNDO as well.. I really like this setup

  14. Great start to the week for Breakout Street .. $PVCT(21%) $MEET(14%) $ARGS(14%) $UQM(8%) $CNDO (6%) .. Follow me!

  15. Sold $CNDO at $1.88 (-30%)

  16. $CNDO How is CNDO looking?

  17. $CNDO sold :)

  18. Time to stop out of $OBY.. Not looking good.. $CNDO $ARGS $AERI and $CAMT but are still in play. still keep an eye on them

  19. $CNDO 4 mln restricted shares for promotors geez. I guess it s ok to give that much considering under 2dollars. Not shorting but speculating

  20. $CNDO I guess the people that are promoting their stocks isn t so bad... http://y.ahoo.it/kV4XVq3X

  21. $CNDO Does anyone else find this company to be super sketchy like I do? I want to buy, but only with the right catalyst. Website says it all

  22. $CNDO .. Made a good move today and breaking some resistance .. Has a lot of bullish indicators as well.. Radar it.. http://y.ahoo.it/RzNRxbjl

  23. Daily Biotech Spotlight $PIP $GOVX $EPZM $RGRX $CNDO & 220 more http://y.ahoo.it/2HALNP0W http://y.ahoo.it/u41J5zst

  24. Gainers-2 8/14 $OVTI 14%, $BPTH 13%, $NFEC 13%, $EPZM 13%, $CNDO 11%, $WLDN 11%, $LINC 11%, $RDCM 11%, $AMRN 11%,

  25. @swingtrades99 $CNDO True! they don t seem to have new updates for a while with slowdown in TSO progress. I ll hold/Wait