1. $CNET highest volume on the week breakout above the downtrendline now it need to clear the consolidation area to move back above 1$

  2. $CNET How does fy guidance go from $48.75m (SA transcript) in Aug to $35m (per recent 8K)? Mgt looking pretty shady.....

  3. $CNET you have to get this as cheap as possible and just hold it, always something out of nowhere blasts it

  4. $CNET I m thinking that the coming days going to be hard on cnet. I have been waiting forever for this to go up :(

  5. $CNET Anyone know what the Notice of Effectiveness issued by SEC on 10/29 is all about - more shares to come.....?!

  6. $CNET CEO had projected total fy revs of $48m on last cc (per SA transcript) -wonder what # he has thrown out today..... 😏

  7. Attached as Exhibit http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary/?id=2196347 $CNET

  8. $CNET how come the cc is a day after? Taking advantage of sellers on the numbers?

  9. $CNET No comments on the disasterous quarter? Anyhow out of this for good....

  10. $CLVS $CNET style!!!

  11. $CNET Chart starting to look like crap. Broke the 50MA .. MACD and RSI not looking healthy either

  12. ChinaNet Online Holdings to Host Third Quarter 2015 Conference Call on Wednesday, November 18th at 8:30 a.m. ET $CNET

  13. $CNET Graph looks absolutely primed for a run... low volume tho....Perhaps into ER...

  14. $CNET is this thing ready to fly ?

  15. $CNET finally over a dollar!!! $BABA singles day helps out! Whats everyone thoughts from here? $BIDU deal? Any good news sends it to 1.30?

  16. $CNET This wants to run but can t seem to find any volume.. at all!

  17. $CNET one dolla holla! Lol

  18. $CNET Might be start of an earnings run - report in about a week....?

  19. $CNET What is the news?

  20. $IFON wow nice pop! $CNET

  21. $CNET Hoping mgt surprises soon with results just like w/ IFON..... ; D

  22. $CNET News.. Look for Increased Volume.. Chart is ready for a run http://finance.yahoo.com/news/chinanet-online-holdings-exhibits-core-123000624.html

  23. $CNET news is out. Hopefully the mentioning of Baidu lets us fly!!!

  24. $CNET with postive news regarding China we should surge today.

  25. $CNET Volume is back