1. Best stocks under $10 (Mar 02): $EGHT, $CNET, $VGZ, $NRO, $RVLT, $ROKA http://www.stock1010.com/quote.php?symbol=EGHT

  2. Gainers $MVNR 16%, $KBIO 16%, $LGND 15%, $CCCL 14%, $BORN 14%, $CREG 14%, $CYCC 14%, $ANY 12%, $FSL 12%, $CNET 11%, $NBY 11%, $APRI 10%

  3. $CNET My guess is that short interest dropped so people are buying. Keep an eye on the short, if that goes up expect this to head backsdown.

  4. $CNET http://errors.stablehost.com/406.php

  5. $CNET Any idea why this is up 10% on light volume? There was no news today.


  7. $CNET Would like to see a break above 2.07. Technical strong buy http://www.stoxline.com/quote.php?symbol=CNET

  8. $CNET Had some crazy breakouts on leading span B ,after 4red weeks,in the past.Daily resistance 1.62.Jason Bond picks http://stocktwits.com/message/33367841


  10. $CNET $1 soon

  11. $CNET gap closed.. so maybe we are going in the other direction

  12. $CNET time for $2 it s coming today maybe even $3 end of week

  13. $CNET Hmmm... Needs some good news

  14. $CNET $JRJC $BABA $DANG - will be on my radar on 2/17 for some swing trades

  15. $CNET Any thoughts on this? Like the chart...but is it a dog with fleas? Thanks in advance for any insight.

  16. $CNET Setting up to clear next resistance area at $2.01. http://www.allchinastocks.com/quote.php?s=CNET&r=cn

  17. $CNET ------- SQUEEZE EM ------------ ALL 572k of em -----

  18. $CNET if we close 7 percent up this gaps up huge 2morroe. Buy signals

  19. $JRJC -- $VISN -- $NQ --- $CNET -- off the bottom

  20. $CNET Any minute this thing could explode

  21. $CNET long 1.61

  22. $CNET On major rise ! If this gets 6% lift in the am we will see s large gap up

  23. $CNET $ibio will explode tomorrow.

  24. $CNET $HPJ Look good GL

  25. $CNET Added more