1. $CNET Continued selling pressure here... Chinamen & IR totally silent, @MZGroup @MZgroupglobal

  2. $CNET can we run to a $1 again?

  3. $CNET about time to make a run above 1.00

  4. $CNET CEO owns 9.5 Million shares. He ain t gonna do reverse split. He will put this back to $1.50 before April for sure

  5. $CNET Has to trade above $1 for 10 consecutive days to be compliant - worse comes to worse they have to do a r/s..... ; p

  6. $CNET Up in this market. Go figure. I know there will be a big push here over the next 60days to get NASDAQ compliant. Big issue for Chinese

  7. $NXTD A few other CEO s might wana take this guys lead... Outstanding! $CNET $AMDA $WGBS Just sayin......

  8. $CNET That s quite a bit of vol today - has news of the offering hit the wires.....?

  9. $CNET Holding up well in this turmoil


  11. Hey who s ready for today! 🔥🔥🔥 $ASHR $CCME $JRJC $CNET $CHL $HGSH

  12. $CNET put your profits in HERB. just finalized asset swap. Sitting on $2.4bil in net assets $140mil cash. Just matter of time for pr.

  13. $CNET Somebody is playing a weird game with this one.

  14. $CNIT Up 10% PM bucking the China Market today.... Watch $CNET as well.....

  15. $CNET what exactly does this stock do?

  16. $CNIT $CNET

  17. $CNIT $CNET both rolling! Nice

  18. $CNET come on baby lets roll!

  19. $CNIT 4 Mill volume up 30% $CNET up 9% with 40K volume.... watch out when CNET volume picks up

  20. $CNET Up 9% with $CNIT It could bounce hard over $1... Watch it

  21. $CNIT my call from yesterday flying... Watch $CNET as well. Starting to get some eyes...

  22. Watch $CNET in sympathy play.. Very oversold

  23. $CNIT - $CNET Its all Chinese to me....

  24. $CNIT Flying.. There is hope for $CNET yet

  25. $CNET set up to open with a pop tomorrow, 69 pcnt chance