1. $CNET downside is 52 week low, way more upside, I have to buy down here

  2. $CNET Vastly undervalued compared to it s peers - reason you see heavy buying w today s dip

  3. $CNET Trading below BV = 1.19

  4. $CNET Once China settles, and it will, this will bounce

  5. $IBIO first off this is not a falling knife. Last year it was but not right now. $cnet come buy some $ibio before it s to late

  6. $CNET Just averaged down to $1.09 with more shares added today. Perfect time to buy with this overreaction and soon to be correction

  7. $CNET Hope no one here sold at .81 (!)

  8. $CNET damm I put all my eggs in one basket

  9. $CNET Tough call on this one - could drift downward until after Labor Day wkend....

  10. $CNET added 4000 shares, only way is up

  11. $CNET What was the trigger last year in Aug/September that made it jump from $0.88 to $3.48 ?

  12. $CNET Well at least gap finally closed....

  13. $CNET what this stock is waiting for?

  14. $CNET I love it when this keeps coming back to 1

  15. $CNET bought 8782 @ 1.06

  16. $CNET won t move till they close those stragetic partnerships signed in May and received $5M cash

  17. $CNET My avg is about $1.7. Will this ever go up? Chinese market is doing good last couple of days but no effect on this !

  18. $CNET Really no reason not to see a 1.10+ close w Asian mkts rocking overnite and BIDU powering ahead....

  19. $AMDA $STUDY $CNET So, would you buy this stock? Or would you wait? Train your mind and your eye to see the future.

  20. $CNET getting some of my lost Money oh this crap and I keep lowering my average

  21. $CNET on the run X

  22. $CNET Showing a pulse at least - let s gets some volume now.....

  23. $CNET hmm time to buy for easy 20% gains wish I had more money

  24. $CNET no news is coming. Its been a while!!!