1. @ravice70 Hahahaha $CNET go below $1 take from 80 cents if you can :)

  2. @Alohaman1056 because it s easier to make money fast... look for pump and dumps and easy money all day long....$CNET, $IBIO, etc....

  3. $CNET In and holding. Next year will be big for China Online

  4. $CNET ,Hold,In or Out ?

  5. $CNET Any bit of news and this baby can be over 3 dollars easy..no worries

  6. $CNET will add you at 90 cents

  7. $CNET might open position when it goes below $1

  8. $CNET Sub dollar tomorrow

  9. @srini88 @seanraven by EOW or sooner $CNET will below $1 get ready

  10. $CNET The only green on my list !!

  11. $CNET

  12. $CNET expecting increasing of new customers to do business with this company in 2015.

  13. 90 DAYS - TOP 5 STOCKS STOCKTWITS VS PERFORMANCE $IBIO $APT $CNET $VIMC $NLNK $STUDY http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2014/12/90-days-top-5-stocks-stocktwits-vs.html

  14. $CNET look at the bright side. Stock goes up and down. Retail investors lose fast because of impatient and nervous. Institution always win.

  15. $CNET received an award given by Baidu(Chinese Laregest searching engine). It creates brand in business world.

  16. $CNET they are working on projects and setting up online business targeting the kids clientele dated back in July of 2014 in a Chinese blog

  17. $CNET I believe this is a healthy company. Be patient should rise up next year.

  18. $CNET @beautifulla doomed here, aren t we. I think this won t go into 2s in the next six months. what do u think?

  19. $CNET sellers still pressing their sell buttons.

  20. $CNET Technical sellers are doing their things need to rise and close above 200-day MA

  21. $CNET don t fight the current when the sellers are pushing down the price.

  22. $IBIO $OIBR $CNET WTF? Going on?? Don t tell me to shut up !!Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  23. $CNET award will be a bonus to this Company when it come into negotiate business with other potential customers in the future.

  24. $CNET waiting a good entry to SVXY and UVXY.

  25. $CNET it breakthrough the resistant point in the middle of October. Means going downhill more.