1. Earnings announcement: $COMM is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Wed, Apr 30 2014

  2. $COMM Trading towards 26.00 next market day...no resistance...raging and no one knows. Love it.

  3. $COMM Raging like a bull AGAIN.

  4. $COMM The day this hit the ATH - started at 24.65...Look at it...What market pullback. Almost at that point again.... Like a BULL.

  5. $COMM Market pull backed and this dropped a few dimes...Makes a lot of it up in a day or two...Watch for a run.

  6. $COMM Charts looking good again for a move up. . . Look at those fish tails.

  7. $COMM Markets staying Bi-Polar. . . COMM doing its thing...nice.

  8. $COMM Market tanks - COMM holds like a rock...actually looking to add possibly this week.

  9. gonna try a little $COMM here... been somewhat strong and guide up on last Report.

  10. Commscope Holding Company s PT raised by Evercore Partners to $27.00. http://y.ahoo.it/6xAkYL4F $COMM

  11. $COMM Been saying it for awhile - some heavy hitters are keeping this price up while other stocks fall...This is not even a pullback in PPS.

  12. $COMM From a little over 26 to still over 23. . . look at AMZN, NFLX and some other high flyers...this is nothing...buy the strength here.

  13. $COMM Trying to add right here at 23.90

  14. $COMM Ball buster today, Nasdaq down 120.

  15. $COMM Look at the chart. 24 holds, breaks 26 - 28.00 in sight. Read the ER look at the guidance. There is a reason heavy hitter play here.

  16. $COMM Last time it held around 22.00 for a few days...then went to 26+. . . this time under $24 and not going lower...$28.00+ next bump.

  17. $COMM I wouldn t be able to sleep at night if I shorted this.

  18. $COMM Adding here...24.00 looks like good support.

  19. $COMM I traded this stock for years before the company went private. Buy on dips, sell on spikes. Good stock to trade! Good luck!

  20. $COMM Before the private placement the stock (CTV) traded between $35- $45 for years and even got up to mid 50 s at one time.

  21. $COMM Finished green and did a nice reversal. . . 28+ before ER.

  22. $COMM Earnings May 15th. Best quarter in years, will beat estimates! Should be $28-$30 then.

  23. $COMM And now green. . . big players here do not want to see this drop. Absolute buy levels at 23.50-24.50 if you believe in this stock.

  24. $COMM Wow, may even turn green with lollipop candles. . . nice.

  25. $COMM Hovering around 24.00 like it did with 22.00...next leg up after consolidation.