1. $SN for this stock to be up on a down oil day tells you something, was way oversold this week, $OAS $RIG $ECA $COS.CA $WLL

  2. $SN Brent is up but crude is down, $RIG $OAS $COS.CA $ECA http://www.bloomberg.com/energy/

  3. $COS-CA staying strong and long go cos go! $SN and $RIG will follow

  4. $COS.CA staying strong above $12.80, another stock that will take off tomorrow $RIG $OAS $ECA $SN

  5. $RIG there are no winners today...$WLL $COS.CA $S$OAS

  6. $RIG $OAS $ECA $COS.CA $CJES $WLL $CRZO http://www.thestreet.com/story/13113628/1/dan-dicker-and-jim-cramer-prices-on-a-tear-but-dont-buy-oil-stocks-yet.html

  7. $COS.CA finding resistance at 13.03

  8. $COS-CA damn..

  9. $OAS I have $RIG $COS.CA $ECA today can t complain..ride the wave all day long

  10. Canadian stocks up,$COS,$CEU,$BIR,$PWT: http://www.wsnews4investors.com/canadian-stocks-growing-up-today/

  11. $COS-CA

  12. Energy stocks on both sides of the border were notable on the list of stocks breaking resistance: $CAM,$DVN,$NBL,$SU.CA,$COS.CA,$OIH

  13. $COS.CA nice jump this morning, keeping an eye on the Middle east news.

  14. $COS-CA what a beast, buyout candidate as well. Should of held tight

  15. $COS-CA nice gains, sucks I sold too early. Congrats to the rest thou!

  16. $COS.CA {Cup&Handle} setup and breakout in this $USO stock. $XLE

  17. $COS.CA happy days, anyone have inside on buyout potential for COS?

  18. $COS.CA quick %4 I m guessing oil will maintain this week end.

  19. $COS.CA couldn t help it, I bought 10.78

  20. $COS.CA if below 10 today I will buy...

  21. @kash2222 $COS.CA $12 by EOW

  22. $COS.CA $12 by EOW

  23. $COS.CA what the hell, check it out

  24. $COS.CA nice move today

  25. $COS.CA by week end....$12