1. $CPB $HRL $INGR my defense basket on FIRE


  3. $CPB meanwhile, there s a bull market in soup

  4. $SPY $CPB from the weekend video watchinghttp://www.theclosingprint.com/CV_Blog/monday-game-plan-2/ people gotta eat

  5. $HRL $TSN $CPB fit the defense theme

  6. Alberta Investment Management Corp appears to have added to its $CPB position in the most recent quarter http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryh/?id=2398575

  7. $CPB: New SEC Filing for CPB: Form 4 http://insideri.com/1568181_000001673216000093_0000016732-16-000093

  8. Campbell Soup Company s Senior Vice President just disposed of 5,791 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary2/?id=2393886 $CPB

  9. $DG continues to perform http://www.theclosingprint.com/CV_Blog/back-and-fill-bull-or-bear/ another #IBD50 stock we re trading RS $CRI $CPB

  10. $CPB continues to perform well. Flag now or pullback to add http://www.theclosingprint.com/CV_Blog/back-and-fill-bull-or-bear/ 10ema stop #IBD50 for > 3 weeks

  11. These Technical Standouts Have Held Up Well in a Bad Market: $DF, $CPB, $CLX, $DPS, $IIVI, $ICE,$NDAQ,$PM, $RAI, $TSN, $T, $SYY, $ROST, $NOC

  12. Staples continue to soar, relatively speaking-3rd Best performer this yr-$XLP/SPX..See $CPB,$CLX, $DPS, $PM, $RAI

  13. $CPB an insane amount of debt

  14. $CPB Great call David !!! great call @crosshairtrader

  15. $CPB from 1/25 http://stocktwits.com/crosshairtrader/message/48632059 All time highs.

  16. Eating $CPB and watching that all timers

  17. $CLX $STX $DPS $K $CPB $HRL same ole stodgy market leaders.

  18. Another interesting comment on my Campbell Soup $CPB analysis: http://seekingalpha.com/article/3797166-food-fight-part-3-campbell-soup-is-a-super-business-but-currently-still-overvalued. Still an attractive company, but expensive.

  19. $CPB gotta be the superbowl of soups

  20. Strongest Con. Goods Technically Left to right $STz $SJM $RAI $CPB $DF $MO $PG $K $KMB $HRL $COH $CLX $DPS $PM $BMS

  21. Best Con. Goods for the last Month $HAS $COH $RAI $CPB $STZ, our analytics are free http://www.iviewmarkets.com/overview

  22. $CPB End of Day Scan: 52 Week High

  23. Strongest Ratings for Con. Goods $CPB $DF $RAI $SJM $STZ

  24. 15 Strongest names in $SPY $T $ATO $CPB $CMS $VZ $GAS $MCD $ISRG $FSLR $STZ $ED $TE $MAA $O http://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-15-strongest-names-in-the-sp-500-2016-01-28?link=MW_TD

  25. $CPB End of Day Scan: 52 Week High