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  2. General Mills Q4 Earnings Top, Sales Lag; Margins Improve $GIS Also $CALM $CPB $MKC http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/general-mills-q4-earnings-top-sales-lag-margins-improve?post=68063

  3. Flash: General Mills CEO on new lower prices http://www.thestreet.com/story/13204853/1/general-mills-lowering-prices-on-some-staples-to-offset-weak-cereal-sales.html $GIS $CPB $HAIN $WWAV $KRFT $WMT $TGT $WFM $$

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  5. $CPB 3Q15 10-Q: Had $1.232Bil of short-term borrowings due within one year, of which $1.212Bil was comprised of commercial paper borrowings.

  6. $CPB 3Q15 10-Q: Fair value of long-term debt, including current portion of long-term debt in short-term borrowings $2,661MM at May 3, 2015.

  7. $CPB 3Q15 10-Q: On June 9, 2015, announced the entry into an agreement to acquire assets of the Garden Fresh Gourmet, for approx. $230MM.

  8. $CPB 3Q15 10-Q: 2015 effective tax rate 29.9%. Recognized a tax benefit of $7MM on $18MM of restructuring charges & implementation costs.

  9. $CPB 3Q15 10-Q: In March 2015, CPB issued $300MM of 3.30% notes which mature on March 19, 2025. Dividend payments were $297MM in 2015.

  10. $CPB 3Q15 10-Q: In Jan. 29, 2015, CPB announced plans to implement a new enterprise design focused mainly on product categories.

  11. $CPB 3Q15 10-Q: During 3Q15, CPB repurchased 4MM shares at a cost of $192MM. Approx. $600MM remained available as of May 3, 2015.

  12. $CPB 3Q15 10-Q: Sales: US Simple Meals $630MM. Global Baking $555MM. Intl. Simple Meals $175MM. US Beverages $187MM.

  13. $CPB 3Q15 10-Q: As of May 3, 2015, cash and cash equivalents were $230MM vs. $222MM as of April 27, 2014.

  14. $CPB 3Q15 10-Q: At 3Q15-end, total assets were $7.76Bil vs. $7.96Bil at 3Q14-end. Total liabilities were $6.17Bil.

  15. So Mills may be doing a bit better than others, but they are in a hole as consumers start reading what s on the labels $GIS $K $CPB

  16. Another typically ugly US food Q. General Mills beats due to lower ad spend & taxes; Q4 volume down 3%+. $GIS $K $CPB

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