1. Top Buy Stocks for Jan.26: $CPN, $DOW, $HPQ, $MIK, $NFX, $VLO http://www.stoxline.com/quote.php?symbol=cpn

  2. $CPN ER on 2/13 Before Open. SP were UP 12 times out of last 20 qtrs (60%) in Earnings reactions http://stocksearning.com/q.aspx?Sys=CPN

  3. $CPN Nice fall today...Next target $20...

  4. New Top short candidates: $BGC $MAS Others: $ACAS $AIT $CPN $EBF $FOX $KEP $RMBS $SNOW $STKL $TAXI $TCRD $UTI

  5. 3-star analyst Shelby Tucker from RBC Capital upgraded rating on $CPN to BUY. Shelby has a 81% success rate https://www.tipranks.com/experts/shelby-tucker

  6. Upgrades 1/9: $ACM, $WYNN, $PIR, $YELP, $CPN, $NE, $ENR, $BAH, $EXC, $AEIS, $EIX, $GLPI, $SCHN, $HTA http://stocktwits.com/message/31120018

  7. Setups for Friday http://www.ac-investor.blogspot.pt/2015/01/6-stocks-to-keep-eye-on-january-9-2015.html other stocks to watch $AAPL $ARNA $WDC $STX $AEIS $CPN $EDAP $CRM $WYNN $AEO $CUDA $SBUX $SNSS $C

  8. $CPN performs not well today and does not show strength. https://www.marketmemory.com/indicators/performance-indicator/cpn

  9. Earnings announcement: $CPN is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Fri, Feb 13 2015

  10. $CPN Calpine to Announce Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2014 Results on February 13, 2015 http://www.finances.com/company-news/50549-calpine-to-announce-fourth-quarter-and-full-year-2014-results-on-february-13-2015.htm

  11. Get ready for next week: Longs: $ACIW, $ARIA, $CPN, $LMCA, $RKUS, $SNN Shorts: $BLMN, $BMS

  12. Scan results - Crossed Above 50 DMA today: $PWRD $AMTG $AEM $SIMO $ARPI $CPN $IBM $DSKY $SNH $IBN ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/1/equities?selected_date=2015-01-02

  13. $CPN technical alerts: Stochastic Sell Signal, 200 DMA Resistance, and 50 DMA Resistance http://swingtradebot.com/equities/CPN

  14. Scan results - 50 DMA Resistance today: $TKMR $CSLT $SNI $RMBS $TNGO $NVGS $MTDR $CBSH $QGEN $CPN ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/19/equities?selected_date=2014-12-31

  15. Some of my call options trying to rally today on the long side $mdxg $onnn $apo $etfc My puts trying to rally? only -> $nly $stkl $cpn $cva

  16. $CPN technical alerts: NR7-2, Downside 200 DMA Break, NR7, Golden Cross, and Fell Below 50 DMA http://swingtradebot.com/equities/CPN

  17. $CPN technical alerts: Upside 200 DMA Break, NR7, and Crossed Above 50 DMA http://swingtradebot.com/equities/CPN

  18. CPN - Main supports and resistances (Day Update) $CPN http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2014/12/cpn-main-supports-and-resistances-day.html

  19. Calpine Corporation s President & Chief Oper.Officer just disposed of 10,351 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1346429 $CPN

  20. EVP of Calpine Corporation just disposed of 14,763 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1346428 $CPN

  21. Calpine Corporation insider just declared ownership of no shares of Calpine Corporation http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1346356 $CPN

  22. Scan results - Bearish Engulfing today: $SFL $HLSS $HRB $NBIX $HIG $MLM $RY $VRTX $TS $CPN ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/14/equities?selected_date=2014-12-22

  23. Algorithmic trading CLOSING Dec/18 $TMO(-0.7 %) $KO(-4.8 %) $NXPI(3.3 %) $PAYX(0.8 %) $POT(-1.5 %) $RVBD(1.0 %) $COV(5.9 %) $CPN(-10.2 %)

  24. Took profits in $DRE & $VLY. Sill in $BEE, $BRCD, $CPN, $DRE, $EOX, $FMSA, $FULT, $GPRE, $HLX, $NFX, $SCHW, $SLCA, $UPL & $WPX.

  25. Algorithmic trading: OPEN Dec/17 SELL: $LUK $EXK $CCJ $BBG $CRR $VNET $BBL $PDCE $CNO $ORI $NOG $HP $TD $DANG $CPN $SLCA $NSC $IBIO $RRC