2. $CPRX added some more. My pt within August 31th is $3.50

  3. $CPRX gatching....gling gling gling...

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  10. $CPRX clear uptrend, just refinanced, great potential. LONG http://y.ahoo.it/qRXMLaly

  11. @Blakej01: Current holdings $PLUG $MNKD $BBRY $SGYP $SWIR $CPRX $VHC $CYTR and very small $NBG lol forgot to list $BBRY. GL all

  12. Current holdings $PLUG $MNKD $BBRY $SGYP $SWIR $CPRX $VHC $CYTR and very small $NBG

  13. $CPRX anyone else load up last week when this was trading in the $1.80 s

  14. My $EVOK $CYCC $PGNX $MSTX $SGYP $MACK $AGEN $MELA $CYTK $VSTM $CPRX $ABIO $CBMX running hard over +4%

  15. $CPRX sold + .15...look to re-enter

  16. $CPRX Nice but can be better

  17. $CPRX This stock won t surprise me until it hits $3


  19. $sgyp $cprx $pacb oh oh oh...Merry Christmas coming.

  20. $NVAX $CNAT $ACRX $XOMA $ANTH $ETRM $CPRX are few if u follow &nibbling some shares w/ me since last tues, u be dancing in the $ rain today

  21. @micheleciani Also with that in mind $IBB looks to be rebounding. $CPRX is well positioned to take better advantage of move higher in $IBB

  22. @micheleciani I got $CPRX for that very reason. It held its 200 & financing over. Its well below the offering price. Just needs volume.

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  25. $CPRX hello, where did everyone go?