1. Is $CPRX a BUY? Roth Capital Partners LLC thinks so:http://y.ahoo.it/rMezsqyD

  2. $CPRX Roth Capital stated that Data should be released anytime in the last days of September. If this holds true we still got time.

  3. Down 1.7% on the portfolio today as $VHC continues to fall. Up $MNKD $INVN $NLNK $STEM Down $YHOO $VHC $BONE $CYTR $GTAT $CPRX Flat $SGYP

  4. @BiotechOrNothin I could see a Friday sell off if no news. $CPRX

  5. $CPRX Don t confuse P3 primary data with FDA approval. At this point, at least 90% chance to have positive P3 data, and PPS $4 minimum.

  6. $CPRX everyone asking higher pps, so when the news come it d start falling. It s better to have a stable price, and 30-50% jump on news.

  7. $CPRX Waiting to get in at 3.05 still waiting =]

  8. $CPRX Go In after hours or wait?

  9. @gumibear go consult the psycho buddah on the $CPRX board regarding your bunny habbits.

  10. Share an idea (use $ before ticker: e.g. $SYMBL) $CPRX Sep. 16 at 9:27 PM PhamSterAX today was red. You said u would delete account. BYE

  11. $CPRX has 2 analyst ratings in the last 7 days and 100% are positive. Median target: $9 (186% upside). View here: http://y.ahoo.it/ddviNpCi

  12. $CPRX Hopefully stays put so I can add with new funds

  13. $CPRX why no movement??

  14. $CPRX nice landing..back to 3.15.....

  15. $CPRX buy znga if u still have money...looney tunes will be out..this stock will go up..znga, orex or halo...insiderssupported orex and halo

  16. $CPRX back in at 3.16 with 1110 shares for some more profits.

  17. $CPRX ASPX went downhill before skyrocket. MACK went downhill before skyrocket. ....3.50 ALL THE WAY down to 3.15/share..Next week will b...

  18. $CPRX The market is hella good but CPRX is not up? Why? it s b/c CPRX is forming a stable base before skyrocket....Got it, team??

  19. $CPRX Buy OREX or HALO if you still have money. Every stock goes up after FDA approval. Insiders bought them.

  20. $CPRX CPRX won t go up until phase 3...they re forming the base before skyrocket...just buy and hold....

  21. $CPRX What would be a good entry point? Anyone think it will dip a bit?

  22. $CPRX $3 is the bottom, get in while you still can

  23. $CPRX anyone else notice that Yahoo updated their PT from 4.5 to 7.00 ??

  24. $CPRX when are these phase results suppose to come out? what are your price targets AFTER news?

  25. $CPRX would like for it to hit 6.40