1. $CPRX and history repeat itself very well ud83d ude33


  3. $CPRX I learnt whenever there is a bash from MR AF, investors should long on these dips.. believe me He may be one of them...

  4. $CPRX so what can we expect when/if positive results of 109 and 115 come out this quarter?

  5. $CPRX if I had money on sidelines would ve bouught that dip bth hand. stock manipulation . How many BS bash articles can this guy write?

  6. $CPRX nice dip

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  9. $CPRX i seee a buyout on the horizon.

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  11. $CPRX

  12. $CPRX I almost bought this morning at plus 4$.... then the gift from above and bought 4000 at 3.30$ merci beaucoup

  13. $CPRX Thanks for the discount today!!

  14. $CPRX this same asshole writes a new article bashing stock every six months then no doubt buys dips. don t be fulled. major bull

  15. $CPRX Adam is still here? I hate that guy, he works hard against cprx.

  16. $CPRX why the big drop!?

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  18. $CPRX long since 1.77 buying on this crazy dip

  19. Insider Transaction: $CPRX Purchase at $3.80 per share of 5000 shares by Director O&Apos;Keeffe Charles B on 2015-04-24.

  20. $CPRX $ZGNX made big bets and getting burned hard! Oh well still long till June 2016

  21. $CPRX another drop from Adam F.?

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  24. $cprx bought at 3.20 sold at 3.80 bought again 3.50 will sell this trading lot at 4.15 Monday morning; have plenty long term shares

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