1. $CPRX CPRX gives you guys the last chance to buy at 3.19 AH. Next week will go up high. Good News -----> next week

  2. $CPRX Not a chance for u guys to buy back. Will go up to 3.50/share next week

  3. $CPRX Time to break that tight range

  4. $CPRX 50K ASK !

  5. $IMMU $INO $MNKD $OPK $CPRX hold em!

  6. $CPRX Can someone link me to when estimated phase 3 results will be publicized?

  7. $CPRX Out of gas.....

  8. $CPRX Order in for $3.15

  9. @fullobullz Definitely! Have said $CPRX doesn t feel like a bio stock, probably one of the least speculative in the sector.

  10. $CPRX 3.30 close. Watch for it. Big bids

  11. $CPRX Hmm. Nice action on the Bid.

  12. $CPRX I think we re out of gas today. Maybe it will go more next week.

  13. $CPRX firdapse approval is about as close as you can get to a sure thing.

  14. $CPRX Lets walk it up to 3.30 area

  15. $CPRX looks like this ones not stopping

  16. $CPRX CPRX is moving up. I can hear the noise...BEEP BEEP!!

  17. $CPRX Remember...Filapse approved in Europe. It does not matter what price you buy..u still win.

  18. $CPRX Ready for th move

  19. Starting today I will keep track of all Adam F s hit pieces and keep a tally of every time he s wrong. $ino $cprx

  20. Couldn t resist. If google won t do it I ll start doing it myself. $ino $cprx http://y.ahoo.it/nFx2yPgS

  21. $CPRX Just added 3K shares

  22. $CPRX WATCH for possible breakout above $3.19 is all I have to say for this to send us to $3.59. Good luck all CPRX holders!

  23. been in $cprx for a few days and I want to keep riding it higher but the higher we go the more likely Adam F. is to write a hit piece...

  24. $CPRX Remarkably strong. Refuses to give back recent gains.

  25. $CPRX Market is green..cprx does not want to move up..umm...maybe cprx wants to save gas to jump big next week.