1. Biotechs to $study for 2015 $AGEN $SNSS $CPRX $XOMA $IMMU $CERS

  2. $CPRX when is the next catalyst?

  3. $CPRX still waiting to buy this last week of december. I do not expect cpp115 till next year

  4. $CPRX gonna test $3.14 again soon

  5. $CPRX yeah @PhamsSterZzZ your 40k really makes a difference with a 54 mil float. lol #hero

  6. $CPRX Be patient. The odds are stacked in LONGS favor. 4-6 per share 12 months from now is a conservative estimate.

  7. @PhamSterZzZ $cprx is pretty slow though, isn t it? Or are we expecting something?

  8. $CPRX I filled another $17,000 After hour http://s17.postimg.org/4aib6vram/Untitled.jpg

  9. $CPRX i tried to fill 40k at 2.88 but it did not fill. It filled only 389 shares..can I support u guys only $1,000 ? http://s16.postimg.org/l8nmdqpl0/Untitled.jpg

  10. $CPRX u guys want me to buy back CPRX?? lol..okay..i am going to buy back with u guys...LOL..40k...good enough??

  11. $CPRX this stock is going to give us a nice Christmas present

  12. $CPRX if it gets to 2.95 i will buy back in sold 10k shares

  13. $CPRX holding strong

  14. $CPRX Ugghhhhh

  15. @NOHe $CPRX on the opposite side of the spectrum. I think we break $3... Place your bets and let s see who s right

  16. $IBIO One day I will see that .77. $SNSS Great $ROX Drunk $SPEX Comfort $YOD Slow $CPRX OMG lawyers folks leaving? $ZQK OK $NETE Please move

  17. $CPRX Folks are selling in here? Awwwww. I will buy some of your cheap shares then, after that flip for $2.95 maybe breakout flip for $3

  18. $CPRX I SOLD CPRX......good luck ....

  19. $CPRX @Nohe how do ya figure that?

  20. $CPRX Pay no attention to this NOHe character.

  21. $CPRX looks lower retest 2.40-2.50

  22. $CPRX another one red on a record breaking day in market. BEARISH

  23. Potential multi baggers $CERS $CPRX $IMMU $OPK $MNKD $AGEN

  24. $CPRX the 2.92 - 2.95 area is a slid wall... Hit that wall every single trading sessions for the past 2 weeks... Come on, break it!

  25. $CPRX i hope we can move up to 3....they keep making the price so stable up and down...shix.....i think they re wating for something