1. $ACRX take the ride till there. Then back to $ACRX. Don t like stock bag. With $CPRX, $BABA and $OREX could be a nice play end of summer.

  2. @hardfinance Breakeven @ 9.80 but will take the big tsunami on Monday.Anyway fully loaded on $CpRX $mstx and $baxs.Will ger some shares for

  3. Gave back the rest of the gains from this week and last. Ouch. Down .7% today. Up on $PLUG $CPRX Down $POWR $MNKD $VHC $CYTR $STEM

  4. @McWhale: $UVXY Common putin, get real. http://y.ahoo.it/8xY96amZ $APP $CPRX

  5. $CPRX Monday is a lot closer.

  6. $CPRX August is almost around the corner

  7. @jungle79 $CPRX...

  8. $CPRX Get ready

  9. $CPRX Tgt 2.60. MACDX

  10. $CPRX Somebody know any news today?

  11. $ZGNX Oct 2014 sNDA Zohydro ER Extended-Release Capsules, $ADXS Huge Potential! $SPHS on sale again, $NVAX, $MACK $CPRX with news coming

  12. $CPRX 2.40s today?!...why not

  13. #biotech #buy #stocks $CLDX $ADXS $CPRX $LPDX $ARWR $NVAX $OXGN $TKMR $SPHS $ADXS $PGNX $ZGNX and others http://y.ahoo.it/AhXQgbPe

  14. $CPRX bounced over SMA50 with a long candle. BULLISH


  16. $CPRX $FOLD love both charts. Both stocks setting up really nice for breakouts$

  17. Only up .35% today even with $POWR kicking it so hard. $VHC $MNKD $SGYP $BONE $STEM down and $PLUG $POWR $CPRX up $CYTR even

  18. $CPRX Like I said yesterday, $3+ coming soon.

  19. $CPRX nice I think this is one of those 2.50 - 2.60 runs....

  20. $CPRX Should move up to $2.50 quickly.

  21. $CPRX Good...

  22. $CPRX nice volume

  23. $cprx shes moving

  24. $CPRX Good to see you at GREEN again my friend.

  25. $CPRX if it breaks $2.34 we will see $2.50 soon.