1. Insider Transaction: $CPRX Purchase at $2.02 per share of 5000 shares by Director O&Apos;Keeffe Charles B on 2014-04-16.

  2. $CPRX QMG and SGI for endpoints ... hm. Will revisit after market crash

  3. $CPRX http://y.ahoo.it/6xpHVMF8

  4. O Keefee Charles director of $CPRX bought shares 04/16/2014. BULLISH. LONG

  5. $CPRX dookie volume

  6. $CPRX no pulse. Is it dead?

  7. $CPRX in at 1.98

  8. $CPRX added more!

  9. $CPRX got more

  10. $CPRX at $2 or even below is a gift price for this stock but may be awhile before breaks out. longgggggg

  11. long setups: $GEL, $CLX, $ROSE, $CPRX, $DXCM

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  15. $CPRX Biotech bounce back time.

  16. $CPRX good time to add more is now :)

  17. $IBB held prior support & closed above 200d May get bio bounce tomorrow I got $CPRX & $SQNM, should have got $CUR maybe tomorrow

  18. $CPRX love to see this move up this week

  19. $CPRX Should be a good week for this guy, maybe next week will be in a good shape again

  20. $CPRX Who sold yesterday? I almost did out of desparation. This stock has been giving me nightmares in the past

  21. $SGYP $PACB $CPRX rocking !

  22. $CPRX Need to see $3 in the next 8 months

  23. $CPRX all right on my way. Now I m in now I stay. I made my green and I do feel better.

  24. $CPRX impressive move +6%. MM coming. LONG

  25. $CPRX Still 10% below last week s successfully completed offering.