1. $KWK Lol... Still down for the week. 1 step forward, 2 steps back. Looks over at $ONCY,$GALE,$CPRX,$UGAZ and see what an uptrend looks like!

  2. $CPRX Wow the result is very good! I think this will fly next week. Nice!

  3. $CPRX I m no scientist but the presentation results look very good

  4. $CPRX 10/31 presentation slides are up http://ir.catalystpharma.com/events.cfm

  5. $CPRX Sitting right at the uptrend line...

  6. $CPRX man when news hits about cpp-115 we will see $10 imo

  7. $CPRX Baby Pham don t change the oil get a new car!

  8. $CPRX long until ++ $4 pps for me

  9. $CPRX waiting to go down so I can load up...lubed lol

  10. $CPRX What is the date for the next news for this?

  11. $CPRX Hold or sell? Anyone?

  12. $CPRX Maybe he should stay away

  13. $CPRX That dude that went to sears is gonna freak out

  14. $CPRX Pham went to get lubed? lol

  15. $CPRX $3.08 Are there are there ha? LOL

  16. $CPRX And the IBB is even down for the day. Interesting

  17. $CPRX took a surf trip to come back to this!!, glad i didnt sell.

  18. $CPRX entering beast mode

  19. $CPRX Looks like it wants to break out of the channel on the weekly chart. Hope it s permanent this time...

  20. $CPRX $3.03! Pham is going to flip when he gets back from Sears...I wonder if it will hold.

  21. $CPRX getting the respect it deserves

  22. $CPRX lol. You guys crack me up

  23. $CPRX Ok, while Pham is at Sears automotive, I will say this..come on cprx, let s see 3.05. I told you guys not to sell.Should have listened

  24. $CPRX over $3

  25. $CPRX wants to close above 3