1. $CPRX Fridays are BULLI$H! Any PT predictions for the day?

  2. $CPRX Nice bottom, Looks like a pop is coming. RSI is showing signs, as well as the MACD. May want to wait until MACD levels a bit.

  3. $CPRX hang in there longs. This stock is way oversold and underrated. Your time will come :http://www.benzinga.com/general/biotech/16/04/7899411/biotech-boom-may-continue-through-earnings-season

  4. $CPRX

  5. $CPRX

  6. $CPRX so regarding the additional streamlined short-term study, what timeline are we thinking? short duration (24 weeks) ? Anyone know?

  7. $CPRX bid wall at 0.63, very suspicious, looks fake to me. Today s close should tell if MM is manipulating a wall at 0.63 to unload big time

  8. $CPRX looking forward to a Friday push to get this stock off the ground. We need volume!

  9. $CPRX I m not interested in the ER the guy I was talking to was...but thanks for the info

  10. $CPRX nice buyrs need to cross 0.68 to RUN gap open i jump in. look $prgn

  11. $CPRX ER for biotech stocks usually are a nonevent. Investors only care about the drug and timeline, etc

  12. $CPRX Starting to move. Higher highs, higher volume. Imo going to hit at least .67

  13. $CPRX breaking through

  14. $CPRX

  15. $CPRX at this point earnings mean nothing at all, investors want to know how will catalyst resubmit drug app.

  16. $CPRX I was not talking about ER, other than that they will have a conference call with updates (hopefully some details) about future trials

  17. $CPRX obviously never saw previous ERs?last 4 or 5 that get exactly wall Street expectations.. and it s a non event

  18. $CPRX Finally someone thinking wisely. Good.

  19. $CPRX this will likely drop when they release ER on May 10 judging by the previous ER s. I ll buy then

  20. $CPRX my avg down target .40, .22 if it rch there. No brainier

  21. $CPRX percking up

  22. $CPRX suggest everyone holds on till then

  23. $CPRX may 10 is the new pr

  24. $CPRX this thing can pop any minute

  25. $CPRX If she isn t green today, I m dropping this!