1. $CPRX surprised this isn t going higher. I thought news expected in June?

  2. $CPRX coiled up nicely

  3. $CPRX come on break already

  4. $ISR all these law firms tried to do the same to $CPRX because of AF. Now it s up 400% from that time. 3.79 wasn t a fluke

  5. $CPRX $ GGB accumulating shares at these prices

  6. $CPRX we will get to the fourth floor anytime

  7. $CPRX see if can push through 4

  8. $CPRX sell order in for 4.07. Just don t see this having the momo yet to get over that.

  9. $CPRX Anyone buying CPRX at 3.94 long?

  10. look at $cprx on 4/24 last bash piece by Adam Feurstein. $isr will be back just like $cprx. We are still up 70% in two days.

  11. $CPRX accumulation again . Be ready !!

  12. $CPRX 2 up 1 down normal trend for this stock

  13. $CPRX pausing... will form some nice stairs... watch it

  14. $CPRX Support $3.71 resist. $4.17 oh hell with these numbers aim high $4.54 LoL

  15. $CPRX $TTNP move that money to $ISR

  16. $CPRX going again as said. Holding Long. $RPRX $OPXA $SNTA will be the next

  17. $CPRX imo - we close at $4.25 tomorrow eod barring any news

  18. $CPRX EOD games for tomorrows gains.

  19. $CPRX I will watch to add at $3.71 support & see you guys at $4.54, again $4.17 key driver baby

  20. $CPRX Be happy where it ended today. Try that $4.17 resistance tomorrow . Hold your cheapies at $3.35 watch

  21. $PBMD Whoa love this to happen to $cprx

  22. $CPRX We might be just on schedule with less than 3 hours to go

  23. $CPRX Watch that $4.17

  24. $CPRX holding up nicely..after sell off

  25. $CPRX no sellers , they made a mistake this morning