1. @PhamSterAX: $CPRX looking goodddd.. What is the use in gaining a bit if by the end od the day loses that and a bit more ?POS stock

  2. $CPRX MACK took 14 days to go back up after PHASE 3. FOLD took 20 days. CPRX is 19 days now. NEXT WEEK WILL SKYROCKET....this is it.......

  3. $CPRX If this stock can t pass 2.80/share next week, then I won t post anything on this board again. PERIOD.

  4. $CPRX Long since $1.77. Adding.

  5. $CPRX Today is the last day to buy...add more if you still have $$$$$$

  6. $CPRX The market is red today...Wait for next week....hopefully it will be above 3.

  7. $CPRX What did i say? Did I tell you guys that I expect cprx to move up this week???

  8. $CPRX looking goodddd..

  9. $CPRX bad day today - gl

  10. $CPRX red market today..i hope cprx is ok

  11. #biotech #buy #stocks $CYTR $ADXS $CPRX $CLDX $SPPI $IPCI $OCRX $CYCC $IMMU $ALXA $NVAX $ABIO and others http://www.michele-ciani.com/StockTrader/Stocks.html

  12. $CPRX long green candle yesterday, seems a last September days like move, resistance at $2.8 by SMA200. Holding LONG

  13. My favorite bios for next week $MNKD $CPRX $IMMU $CERS $AGEN $INO $NLNK


  15. $CPRX Biomarin Firdapse European sale 11% growth. Bullish outlook for $CPRX US revenue.

  16. $CPRX VTAE is up 40% AH on phase 1

  17. $CPRX 2.64 AH.. but only 300 shares... Dont worry..

  18. $CPRX MACK went up to 60% within 3 months after phase 3. FOLD went up 200% within 4 months. How about CPRX?

  19. $CPRX That s the PhamSter we all know.

  20. $CPRX BID 2.67...ask 2.73...iT S TELLING me that we will go up more tomorrow and next week. Incubation period is over. It s time to move up

  21. $CPRX Would the shorts be covering now if they thought the price was going up soon?

  22. $CPRX why would shorts be covering now?

  23. $CPRX No news, no plan to sell any time soon, but always pleasant to see a GREEN day. I expect many more, just thought it may be a bit

  24. $CPRX Looks like shorts are covering and hence the low volume uptrend.

  25. $CPRX markets strong today, needa break through resistance!