1. $CPRX mini cup and handle I see there??

  2. @SaltydogTrader @RiffRaff698 Those 3 positions make up 85% of my portfolio. Have a double in $CPRX and $IDRA, have held since 13, will hold

  3. $CPRX cup on chart suggests a move to $4.45-4.75

  4. $CPRX boring day

  5. @QueenBioinvestor Well done! We ve traded $CPRX a few times over the past years on insider buying data! :-)

  6. @stockspikes I am long $CPRX since last year. Good news ver y soon

  7. @QueenBioinvestor $CPRX was alerted to our subscribers on Jan 22nd (+40%!!). Stay tuned btw, we will soon launch a biocap insider tool!

  8. @stockspikes $CPRX too

  9. $CPRX nice insider buy!!! Vote of confidence? ????

  10. $CPRX http://www.investorsguru.com/DetailedQuote.html?qm_page=87411&symbol=CPRX

  11. $CPRX 7 dollar price target (Robinson Humphrey) Strong insider buying (297,265 shares).

  12. $CPRX tomorrow presenting at conference. stay tuned!!!

  13. $CPRX What s zup ... TTNP is another good buy this year. Dont miss it. If u like cprx, zgnx then you should not miss TTNP.

  14. $CPRX: New Insider Transaction on CPRX by President and CEO MCENANY PATRICK J: http://insideri.com/1369568_000116169715000101_0001161697-15-000101

  15. Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners s President and CEO just picked up 297,265 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/4/summary/?id=1498642 $CPRX

  16. $CPRX Clearly bracing itself for a move higher imo. Less selling pressure than last couple days. Buyers stepping up on dips below support.

  17. $CPRX cp109 and cp115 can be blockbuster or inhibitor???


  19. $CPRX Pull up all time chart. This really needs to brace itself to break these crucial lvls. Story is bullish so dips could be amazing buys

  20. $JCP $IDRA and $CPRX make up 85% of portfolio, so watching them like a hawk. Keep eyes out for good dips. Tons of room to run, 5yr timeframe

  21. $CPRX We are getting warmer to $5 for sure! Needs to stay above $3.79 with vol. $4.12 cont.

  22. $CPRX I bet this is 5$ in march

  23. $CPRX sold at $3.80 20+% profit. Bought CUR GL

  24. $cprx another rejection at 4$ is not a good sign. http://stocktwits.com/message/33206207

  25. $CPRX any thoughts for tomorrow?