1. Bought $CSIQ a bit too soon at 23. Hoping for better times ahead! (Based on the understanding this stock is undervalued)

  2. $CSIQ this year, has traded between the Yr1 & Ys1 pivot points. The biggest reversals happen @ Yearly Pivots.

  3. $CSIQ Last 5 days GREEN: Very Bullish ahead of Nov/30 Climate Change Summit http://www.ibtimes.com/world-bank-unveils-16b-climate-change-plan-africa-2199675

  4. $CSIQ I evaluate a company based on leadership not US Canada label - Qu and Potter are rock stars.

  5. $CSIQ there is no problem - the stock appears to be basing via consolidation in the 20-24 range -the move above 24 could be parabolic up

  6. $CSIQ the problem here is it is the best and it is not based in us

  7. $CSIQ don t care bout IWM.

  8. $CSIQ With Climate Change Summit starting next Monday and YieldCo Spinoff every day closer , $30 by EOY is very possible.

  9. $CSIQ Climate Change Preview: World Bank to Finance 16B to Solars only in Africa:http://www.ibtimes.com/world-bank-unveils-16b-climate-change-plan-africa-2199675

  10. $CSIQ Preparing for blastoff.. 23.6 next refuel

  11. $CSIQ Ahhhh....No love again, Maybe Tomorrow. :-|

  12. $CSIQ waiting for global summit.i am hopefull for solar in genral.may be positive news on us tariffs cheer us up

  13. Solar Stocks Regaining Interest on New Policy: $ASTI $TSL $CSIQ http://streetwisereport.com/solar-stocks-regaining-interest-on-new-policy-ascent-solar-technologies-inc-nasdaqasti-trina-solar-limited-nysetsl-canadian-solar-inc-nasdaqcsiq/138020/

  14. I am long: $CSIQ $M $WAB and $WB

  15. $CSIQ China whacked over night, probing brokerage firms, nothing to do with solar, looking at a buying opp here

  16. Is Now The Right Time To Consider Canadian Solar? $CSIQ http://seekingalpha.com/article/3716266

  17. $CSIQ Happy Thanksgiving to all longs ,shorts ,investors,sideliners everyone

  18. $CSIQ I m hoping to see some very positive gains this quarter. Company is doing everything it can to prove to investors they are worth it.

  19. $CSIQ wishing all American long investors in CSIQ a very blessed, relaxing joyous and enjoyable TURKEY DAY!

  20. $CSIQ besides $SUNE this solar company is a joke don t waste your time/$

  21. $CSIQ this will start climbing only after yieldco.let c how mkt responds to ipo,couple of more months

  22. $CSIQ EOY target 27

  23. $CSIQ World Bank 16B approved for Financing Solar in Africa: http://www.ibtimes.com/world-bank-unveils-16b-climate-change-plan-africa-2199675

  24. $CSIQ Last 3 Days: Very BULLISH ahead of Climate Change Summit due to start Nov/30; Next Week will be MORE BULLISH

  25. $CSIQ This is the CSIQ retail investor logic...