1. $SCTY This must be the hard drop money managers were looking for, most high fliers hit hard today. $CSIQ $AMBA $AGNC

  2. $CSIQ If anyone took my advise to investing DUK a couple weeks ago congratulations. You are in one of the only solid runs in this market.

  3. $CSIQ i have an idea for a solar powered BBQ

  4. $CSIQ Just short everything, I mean everything. we are about to go in to free fall next week. expect 1000 point drop at the open on monday

  5. Whole solar sector got smacked down with market and oil $sune $fslr $sedg $csiq $jks $terp $VSLR $spwr -/// $scty solid all day solar long

  6. $SPX Bottoming out? Hit 3 time plus today. $SCTY $CSIQ $AMBA $FSLR need oil to trend up now...

  7. $CSIQ I m curious if this will go up to 25 by ER with all that market gloom.

  8. $CSIQ All that hot money that flooded into the commodities and eventually to equities is now flowing back into dollars. Surprised?

  9. $CSIQ I m being sarcastic

  10. $CSIQ Invest in FAZ, BIS, etc and you will be fine.

  11. $CSIQ I ve decided to join the bears, we are all going to die

  12. $CSIQ SPY still has a long way to the bottom if you look at the monthly RSI

  13. $CSIQ keep your eye on the range on the dow for a break either way.

  14. $CSIQ only green in the sector today is SCTY, their ER is next Tues.

  15. $CSIQ Yep... http://www.cnbc.com/2016/02/05/citi-world-economy-trapped-in-death-spiral.html

  16. $CSIQ rig count down, 467

  17. $CSIQ Down 1% whilst the market is decimated1 nuff said

  18. $CSIQ I would hold this over the weekend, yes way! Exactly no info from this post.

  19. $CSIQ I wouldn t hold this over the weekend. No sir, no way !

  20. $CSIQ Obama sick to fkn death of dirty energy! Solar?

  21. $CSIQ Obama, solar ,solar , solar

  22. $CSIQ low volume action - staying close to 20 to satisfy options.

  23. $CSIQ A couple of weeks ago when I saw the bounce and said we would be consolidating around 20, I didn t think we would still be.

  24. $SCTY SPX should mov higher & take SCTY $CSIQ up with it pending oil doesn t flop...

  25. $CSIQ if rates rise too fast, the market will crash. Question is, how fast ? is too fast ? Best to hedge.