1. $CSIQ NASDAQ Analysts Consensus : STRONG BUY , P/E = 7.5 (!!!),meaning very undervalued, PT=$ 45.00 , http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/csiq/analyst-research

  2. $CSIQ $CYBR $YELP $MBLY Sell-off or run up into close today? I guess run the way things are going.

  3. $CSIQ Break 32 and explode!!!!!

  4. $CSIQ all the kids oops investor line up for treat

  5. $JASO $sol watch $csiq $jks weak solar will follow strong solar watch for monday. because smaller one can make bigger gain the day after.

  6. $CSIQ Lets wait and see where this is by the end of Feb

  7. $CSIQ These are good days. It s worth waiting through those small drops during the week.

  8. $CSIQ I m in: 777 shares at 31.84

  9. $CSIQ pre-earnings run up...

  10. $CSIQ cuz im happpyyyyy

  11. $CSIQ Target price EOY is 45. Let s hope 45

  12. $CSIQ 32.50 eod

  13. $CSIQ Yep

  14. $CSIQ - I missed my queue. Anyone thinks that I can still buy in from here? Please give genuine advise.

  15. $CSIQ

  16. Any of my portfolio closing red today on a super green mkt day is getting sold. $kndi $nq $csiq as better relative returns in $Dust & $cure

  17. Fri ALL BUY ORDERS already bot $RMBS $RTEC $CSIQ $UNXL $BITA $EXPE $LVLT $AMBA $ANAC http://stocktwits.com/message/28677969

  18. @LotusAngel: $CSIQ What a great Trick or Treat here 💗 TREAT for us! Big time!

  19. $CSIQ Happy Friday :):)

  20. $CSIQ What a great Trick or Treat here 💗

  21. $CSIQ Japan stimulus news is very bullish for this stck.

  22. $CSIQ good Halloween treat for entire solar sector..man give them break from downturn move and let them go..

  23. $CSIQ strong and steady today. ⬆️⬆️⬆️👍

  24. $CSIQ best of the solars

  25. @Contrarian_Indicator: $CSIQ I think we hold $30 after today... Wouldn t that be nice for a change.