1. $CSIQ - JKS is reporting on March 2, hopefully it will have a positive ER.

  2. $CSIQ too much speculation. March 5 is close. Not that long to wait. Q4 will have some currency effect, was well controlled in Q3.

  3. $CSIQ Lots of excitement on this board, stuff it in the waistband until the 5th please!

  4. $CSIQ. Anyone know how much debt there is

  5. Although $CSIQ ended virtually unchanged, the good news is that net money flow was very positive! Continues +ve trend! http://stocktwits.com/message/33335607

  6. Long $JKS $TSL $CSIQ $JASO $VSLR through earnings. Hoping ERs prove to investors that low oil doesn t affect solar profits.

  7. $CSIQ So far all American solars have jumped after earnings, good signs so far, JKS will tell story on Chinese solars.

  8. $CSIQ Still no announcement on a yieldco... wondering if I should liquidate half of my position, this will drop hard if no +ve news on it.

  9. $CSIQ Presses the NO DEAL button and will hold 1125 shares at 24.36 into Monday! IMO BIG VOLUME MONDAY PM! GL TO ALL!

  10. $CSIQ Reuters: What to Watch in the Week Ahead and on Monday, Mar. 2 https://eresearch.fidelity.com/eresearch/evaluate/news/basicNewsStory.jhtml?symbols=CSIQ&pageno=&storyid=201502271535RTRSNEWSCOMBINED_L4N0W15EG_1&provider=RTRSNEWS&product=COMBINED&sb=1&sc=1&san=1

  11. $CSIQ gas price jump by $1 at pump but future inside $50..tells me upward movement..summer time..hope everything reach at 80 tp/st/fu

  12. $CSIQ For the love of the late SPOCK! - CRACK 29.75 ALREADY!

  13. $CSIQ Very close to breaking resistance at 30

  14. $CSIQ I know that Mr Spock would have been an advocate of the green energy revolution. He will be missed. Live long and proper.

  15. $CSIQ the final hour will be very interesting - we all know this is either going to pop to 31 or possibly drop sub 29 on Monday based on JKS

  16. $CSIQ just close over 30 already - DARNIT!

  17. $CSIQ My Amazing father, who is blind, turns 80 on Saturday! HOPING the trajectory of the stock price reaches HALF that age this year!

  18. $CSIQ first monthly gain in crude since June - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. $CSIQ FSLR now at 60 - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. $CSIQ $JASO $MY What are the best plays in renewable space period?

  21. $CSIQ Any price below $30 is cheap, you won t see these price anymore after today.

  22. $CSIQ Alright - this is beyond boring. Let s hear your CLOSE PT projections, bullish or bearish for Thursday March 5. IMO we close at 32.

  23. $CSIQ we fight, we make up, we fight...

  24. $CSIQ have projected similar financial trends In revenue and net income throughout 2014 as FSLR and SPWR. Prediciting a nice 4Q ER here.

  25. $CSIQ any opinion on the companies prospects for long term like 3-5 years..anyone in for that long.bought at 21last month for short term but