1. 4Q ER basket: $TRN $CSIQ $UBNT ... Got some more room here

  2. @bsmooth: $GTAT here is a video on how $GTAT is a game changer for the solar industry $FSLR $SCTY $CSIQ $SUNE http://y.ahoo.it/pvHQCbT9

  3. Trade Analysis & Opportunities $DE $BRK.B $CHK $CSIQ $FSLR $GRMN $LLY $LNKD $ORCL $PEP $SCTY $TGT $SODA $SEE http://y.ahoo.it/66C48gff

  4. $GTAT here is a video on how $GTAT is a game changer for the solar industry $FSLR $SCTY $CSIQ $SUNE http://y.ahoo.it/MIXteq03

  5. $CSIQ A year ago $CSIQ took off like a rocket. Will history repeat itself? Sept 3,2013 13.22. Dec 31,2013 29.82. Jus sayin

  6. $csiq $jks buy if breakout of flags or when hit support. pretty straightforward. patience will be rewarded

  7. $CSIQ $JKS is also cheap

  8. $CSIQ Stubborn 35.36

  9. $CSIQ is nearly half P/E of $SPWR (38). Puzzled why folks wouldn t put their investment in $CSIQ (35) as it s WAY more profitable n cheap.

  10. Solar Stocks Confuse on Cost Increase- $CSIQ, $FSLR, $SCTY http://y.ahoo.it/cQwxwpwM

  11. Aug Monthly act: KNDI did 12%, CSIQ 26%, NQ 0% (no 20F yet). Next month fcst? KNDI 15%, $CSIQ 10%, $NQ 10%. $JCP 10%, JRJC 15% $ECYT 10%

  12. $TSL $CSIQ Ukraine news might provide lower entry point tomorrow. LT

  13. $CSIQ stay long until $50 at least, might take until next summer. Short term doesn t matter.

  14. Took small loss on $HTZ at close, -1%. Bought $CSIQ.

  15. $CSIQ not short, but still expect better entry in coming weeks.

  16. $CSIQ Long at 35.30

  17. $CSIQ possible the market will award csiq with a PE of 20 someday?

  18. @TBI $dgly & $gpro hehe, $fang reliable off 82 $CSIQ good, $svxy again $tkmr got frisky

  19. $CSIQ + $$ = $$$$$

  20. @TBI @Sliver SSYS 119 fade BITA workd $CSIQ workd i hope

  21. Solar Stocks in Analytic Views- $CSIQ, $SPWR, $FSLR http://y.ahoo.it/xQAGY2jk

  22. Scaling In: $CAR, $CSIQ, $GTAT, $SLXP, $X, $PCRX, $AKS, $CENX http://y.ahoo.it/PuRn9ziL

  23. [VIDEO] $STUDY Monthly Momentum $LUV $ODFL $PTSI $SAFM $TRCP $UAL $UHS $UNP $VIPS $WAB $WLFC $SLCA $PCCC $CSIQ http://y.ahoo.it/rH2Me98e

  24. trade management, art and science: http://y.ahoo.it/3iuojoom $vgk, $eurusd, $zs_f, $tsla, $study, $csiq, $spy, $vips, $adm, $fnsr

  25. $CSIQ c mon collapse already