1. Sun is rising - awake the Solars $SCTY $SFUN $TSL $FSLR $CSIQ

  2. $SCTY This solar stock is in a class all it s own. $FSLR $SPWR $CSIQ $JKS $TAN $TSL $SPWR $SUNE http://y.ahoo.it/IwM6ytw5

  3. $CSIQ Trying to remain patient.... But this position tests it that s for sure

  4. @Bluechip123 US tariff on China solar has been going on for a while; US govt hasn t really put on penalty on $CSIQ though

  5. @Bluechip123 the article doesn t have $CSIQ

  6. @Wallstsearch I m holding $PG, $TSM, $FB, $BBRY, $CSIQ, $GPRO in my trading account.

  7. $CSIQ this constant repeat of short and cover is brutal

  8. @change4change $CSIQ http://y.ahoo.it/MNmtxZjK

  9. $JKS past 4 weeks has been a consolidation period. will be followed by a breakout $CSIQ $TAN $YGE $JASO $SOL

  10. @GrowthStocks decided to sell a small amount of $sltd for a 45% gain - still holding majority for long term $scty $csiq

  11. Also, the WTO is staunchly against the BS US tariffs. $CSIQ is Canadian tax paying company, like APPLE, produces in both Canada and China.

  12. $CSIQ just a reminder to every1 - CSIQ PRODUCES IN CANADA, and therefore will avoid US tariffs imposed on China. Do your %@^! homework!!

  13. $CSIQ another biggie - one of the largest single utility scale projects in North America http://y.ahoo.it/vZX1K43k

  14. $CSIQ another biggie - one of the largest single utility scale projects in North America

  15. $SLTD Solar3D surging 62% trading at .094 cents going higher!!! $RGSE, $SCTY, $FSLR, $WEST, $SUNE, $SPWR, $CSIQ, $PLUG

  16. $CSIQ SLTD ? 48% Gain today

  17. $CSIQ - http://y.ahoo.it/Cg7K5fWv - Social Trending - Crossed below support, 27.908. Time: 2 days 23 hours. Volume: 5,245,185.

  18. $CSIQ Just down with $QQQ. Buy the dip, folks!

  19. $SLTD Solar3D surging 33% trading at .094 cents going higher!!! $RGSE, $SCTY, $FSLR, $WEST, $SUNE, $SPWR, $CSIQ

  20. @derekp $scty $csiq $sltd now up 30% with close to 200% adv in first 15 minutes!!!!

  21. $SCTY $csiq check out $sltd up 20% with 100% of adv first 7 minutes of trading! yay! btw I m long $sltd :)

  22. $CSIQ major BULL for Q3 following ER. Who knows in three years time this green energy bad boy could be paying out nice dividends...

  23. $csiq $fslr $spwr $scty $jaso $tsl .... news $sltd completes 3rd gen prototype and reports 7.5 mill in 2nd qrtr rev http://y.ahoo.it/gKv0oUVR

  24. @GrowthStocks wonder what sort of pop we ll have this AM? Do you have near and long term target prices for $sltd ? $scty $csiq

  25. $SLTD Solar3D Completes Third Generation Working 3D light trapping Solar cell Prototype! $RGSE, $SCTY, $FSLR, $WEST, $SUNE, $SPWR, $CSIQ