1. $CSIQ like checking in here, probably one of my favorite streams - always positive and respectful comments

  2. $CSIQ wishing you all a relaxing weekend - and if you are of the faith - wishing you a happy Passion Sunday! See YA Monday!


  4. $CSIQ woo was in the meeting whole day and came back and saw my limit order of 3k filled at 33.95 so where we go from here!!!

  5. $SLTD told you guys it was Game Time with $SLTD the past 2 days! Hope you listened! ;) $SCTY $SPWR $CSIQ $FSLR $VSLR $RGSE $JASO

  6. $CSIQ Lots of focus in other areas but this guy is holding on! Stock and company still in good shape for future!

  7. $CSIQ options bullshit, let s see 35+ at close

  8. $CSIQ God help me if Ted Cruz is running for president.GOP goofy, idiocratic & sophomoric ideas..solar nope oil solve all problems.go figure

  9. @DjB916: @apkingsbury http://microcapresearch.com/solar3d/ $SLTD Acquisition/consolidation strategy keeps looking better and better! $CSIQ $SUNE $SCTY

  10. $CSIQ this stock isn t even close to being overvalued what can be oversold (18.6)can be overvalued - hence 50+++++++++++++. Patience is key!

  11. $CSIQ too much excitement keeping me in the game - RECURRENT - YIELDCO - potential other big deals and projects - holding for 50+!

  12. $CSIQ price channel 34,30-34,36 smbd accumulating position

  13. $CSIQ This company was and still is a goldmine of opportunity. I m confidently holding to $50. Plus I m gonna add to my position as well :)

  14. $CSIQ not a bad trading day at all - no concerns here - hopefully the company releases news next week before the EASTER BUNNY comes!

  15. $CSIQ forming another bull flag. $SEDG up 3% and CSIQ down? adding CISQ here, cheap solar stk, $FSLR way cheap too

  16. $CSIQ reminder next week we should hear about Q1 sales (releasing plant sale) + recurrent purchase finalize + China news details etc

  17. Crabtree Asset Mgmt holds an allocation of 2.7% in $CSIQ in his Crabtree Technology Investment Portfolio

  18. $CSIQ Got another 2k to invest, should I add to my long term hold? :)

  19. $CSIQ Do not following the market today, interesting, probably somebody acumulates pos at 34

  20. $CSIQ Also there s another site that shows short interest on a chart that I ve been dying to find as well.

  21. $CSIQ Hey guys can you help me find a site? I m looking for one that builds charts showing revenue, net income, etc. Can t think of the name

  22. $CSIQ the weakest among solars today, friday :(

  23. $CSIQ heading lower, will look to buy 32-33 area

  24. $CSIQ here is the short volume + stop orders, need to hold the support level on 34+

  25. $CSIQ I don t understand the incentive to sell this right now? Hopefully SLTD will bring postive news to the industry next week.