1. $CSIQ Fingers crossed

  2. $CSIQ +3% in a SUPER Red Day , means rally coming as soon we have a green day ... $22 by EOW easily ...

  3. $CSIQ was strongly manipulated to pick your shares below 20.0 $. Never set your stop loss around strategic value. First ruke

  4. $CSIQ come on buddy lets get all the way to 25!!

  5. $CSIQ push breathe - push breathe - wash repeat

  6. $CSIQ look at that chart, such a beauty man and decent volumes too.

  7. $CSIQ Ask getting slapped hard

  8. $CSIQ higher high

  9. $CSIQ before no matter what happened we went down - not it works the other way - no matter what we head to $40 imo

  10. $SCTY $TAN $JKS $SPWR $SUNE $CSIQ Is the solar space bottoming? Today s enormous relative strength is a very nice sign on my charts.

  11. @TFSACAD He s losing 50 cents since his yesterday shorting, $CSIQ is now up 2.5%.

  12. $CSIQ all we needed like most energy stocks is a nice 400 point down dow day! nice start to move north happening here

  13. $CSIQ 20.42! Calls are in!

  14. $CSIQ $40 s coming within 6 weeks folks - turning hard - https://www.tradingview.com/e/?symbol=NASDAQ%3ACSIQ

  15. $CSIQ Usually the volume dies down after 11 AM and doesn t come back until the afternoon.

  16. $CSIQ If this can chop thru the 20.5-21.25 area and move above last week s hi, it will be a very good sign.

  17. $CSIQ here we go now

  18. @AndyCheong We still have a few solar companies reporting earnings before $CSIQ. Some as soon as next week! But I am optimistic regardless!!

  19. $CSIQ will we break through 20.40 this time?

  20. $CSIQ Outstanding... The sell off is over. Hopefully the rally will continue until ER.

  21. $CSIQ can you say accumulation mode here?

  22. $CSIQ Wowwww!! Good thing $CSIQ isn t following the broad markets! The Dow and Nasdaq are each down 2% right now!

  23. $CSIQ I started spouting about a bottom @ $18 several weeks ago. Blind squirrel found a nut? ^^

  24. $CSIQ at ~19.5 I won t be able to stay away. Still very tempting now

  25. $CSIQ Current price action IMO reflects panic overselling - hopefully optimistic for a close over 20, today.