1. following up with this short selling position. $UCO $UWTI $HOD.CA . We also shorted $CSIQ (covered), $CYBR (covered)

  2. $CSIQ much of canada has a holiday on Monday - FYI! Wishing all of you a great weekend!

  3. $CSIQ the question I don t want to ask is - is CSIQ being strong today to close at a certain option strike value? Could it sell off mon?

  4. $CSIQ I am so sick of the MFing dumb Arse articles written by idiots. NO ANTI- Dumping will not even effect them that much. Jesus Christ!

  5. The $27 was an Important level to hold the next support is $26.64 or bye, bye. $CSIQ

  6. Solars seem to be trading w/ oil-gas again. $SUNE $SPWR $FSLR $SCTY $CSIQ.

  7. $CSIQ oil and China down and CSIQ up - incredible strength from CSIQ today!

  8. $CSIQ SUNE has had a far worse sell off than CSIQ and in a much shorter time frame! SUNE not liked by WS. Gee I wonder why!

  9. $CSIQ $27.50 seems to be a hard barrier to break, let s see if it can break on this approach!! Be nice to move up to 50 DMA @ $29.00.

  10. $CSIQ the market has retagged $SPWR and CSIQ - UNREAL!

  11. Well,Well,Well.....I see the PUMPER is going nuts talking about his Psychology, posting 20 times, must be time for the FADE. hehehe $CSIQ

  12. $CSIQ Qu and his team are not aggressive and do not overpay for assets. Will play well for their yield co.

  13. $CSIQ finally the Bears can t say CSIQ is hated by WS - on the contrary SUNE is in the dog house!

  14. $CSIQ ask yourselves - why would the recurrent buyers who bought in January sell this stock? That s the psychology here IMO.

  15. $CSIQ please help me to understand when the bearish PT of 19 will be reached! Thanks!

  16. $CSIQ bottom is in until earnings. ER is low risk with this stock.

  17. $CSIQ looking good, no position, no free money atm. I give a sympathy

  18. $CSIQ now up $10,100.00 unrealized Canadian on this investment - gotta love a low loonie!

  19. $CSIQ please close over 27.00 :-)!

  20. $CSIQ Good to see this go up, great company. I still own 1000 shares at 34 from months ago...IKR. I m looooong.

  21. $CSIQ really hoping the SUNE money flows into CSIQ.

  22. $CSIQ $SPWR $SUNE - CSIQ and SPWR are IMO higher in share price than SUNE because CSIQ and SPWR are profitable solar companies.

  23. That s better Ugly Dog $CSIQ

  24. This ugly DOG better not fall below $27 or I short the FADE $CSIQ

  25. $CSIQ 27! Now stay above it!