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  15. Halted China stocks $CHNG and $CSKI to reopen on pink sheets tomorrow.

  16. @missyaubaby $CSKI got in big trouble. The company is Halted and CEO and 26 to employees quit.

  17. $CSKI Reiterates CEO Sick Leave and Announces Significant Middle Management Resignations

  18. $cski might be ready

  19. Nice follor thry $CSKI http://y.ahoo.it/BIP5c5Vn

  20. My New Year s resolution is to not buy any more small cap Chinese stocks. $GURE $CSKI $TSTC #assburn

  21. Isn t that like 106 in RTO years? RT @ericjackson He was 30 years old RT @Benzinga: $CSKI CFO Resigns

  22. good riddance. RT @Benzinga $CSKI CFO Resigns

  23. $CSKI CFO Resigns...thats never never never a good sign...$study

  24. $CSKI CFO Resigns

  25. Insider Transaction: $CSKI Sale at $1.43 per share of 1662 shares by Director Song Chun Fang on 2011-11-22.